The ABC World Weekly Report Eclipse Coverage

Thanks to the tech savvy Matt (can I just say I want your equipment!) we have YouTube coverage of Stephenie and Eclipse being featured on the ABC World Weekly Report. Alphie and I both screamed out loud when we saw the Lexicon Picture featured prominently in the coverage.:


  1. I screamed for you guys as well. Was really cool they featured that picture of Edward and Bella. It’s definitely the best illustration of the two I’ve seen around the web, anyway. πŸ™‚

  2. OMG!!!!!! THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! If i was Stephenie i would have been just staring at the camera awestruck not knowing what to do! haha.

  3. crazy.for.TWILIGHT! says

    ya i saw it i was like

    thanks for lettin me know bout it.

  4. Immortal Love says

    OMG! thats amazing! i cant believe all the coverage its getting. way to go Stephenie!

  5. Wheeeeeeee, I am again feeling the Proud Mother thing… Stephenie featured on the national news, and the Lex right there with her! I also shrieked when I saw the oh-so-familiar pic! I am so feeling like Stephenie is pretty much becoming a rock star.

  6. Edward_Girl says

    i think that they’re right, eclipse is on the virge of beating harry potter. i’m not sure if it’s really gonna happen, but it sure looks promising!

  7. My complete girlie reaction and not sophisticated reaction is that Stephenie’s hair looks fantastic. I am totally jealous!

    I think content wise for a brief clip the piece wasn’t bad. It was brief and informative without including bad vampire jokes which would make me want to hurl.

    The play on words with Eclipse eclipsing Harry Potter wasn’t too groan worthy either.

  8. that was so great thanks so much for putting it up. i totally would have missed it, that was great and, stephenie’s hair did look great i’m jelouse too. i think it was much better than the good morning america one(it was good morning america rigth??) too and the lex picture that was great

  9. oh. my. god. they used the lexicon picture.
    All the siging footage is from the Phoenix signing yesterday!

  10. Beth-Cullen says

    I’m so happy for the site! I’m obssesed with that picture! That’s almost exactly how I pictures Edward!

  11. I agree with these people! Sure, Harry Potter is good, but these books are at least 10 times better! I read this book in like, 14 hours! Without sleeping or going potty!

  12. chunkchops says

    That was great! Stephenie Meyer rocks!!!!!!!!!! And I am also very pleased they didn’t have any vampire jokes. Go Stephenie!

  13. that was pretty awesomee (:
    haha “vampires need love too”

  14. i agree i think it will beat harry potter…hp is good and all that…but stephenie writes way better….the only problem is that the story won’t last for 7 books the way hp lasted…but these books are still way better!!

  15. I was totally caught off gaurd when the lex pic popped up on the tv! I practically swallowed my tongue I was so excited. Yay for Stephenie and Eclipse… and her hair did look awesome.

  16. oh, i saw the lexicon pic on t.V and i was like ‘alphie and pel are gunna go nuts when they see it’ lol

  17. 2 more books?

  18. OMG….I totally started flippin’ out when it came on and my roomie gave me the strangest look I have ever seen!!! it was hilarious if i do say so myself…

  19. 2 more.. Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun, right ?

    ~~Breaking Dawn and The Host.  Midnight Sun hasn’t been contracted yet.


  20. WOW….
    Pel, doesn’t Stephenie always looks great, and aren’t we all always jealous that she a mother of three looks better than me a student with NO children gr….
    anyway!!!!that was amazing!! but I hate short clip interviews I would love to see like a full hour long interview special thing with lots of fan-mail questions etc. but i’m sure those are painful to shoot and also expensive so : ( tears but it was amazing

  21. Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech! Ah! I so flipped when I saw this on TV. My ma thought I was nuts! Now she’s reading the first chapter of Twilight, lawl!

    Oh, I thought the two books were The Host and Breaking Dawn, since there’s no contract on Midnight Sun yet, right?

  22. hehe, the same thing happened to me. I screamed: “CHANGE IT TO CHANNEL 7! NOW!. SHE’S ON TV! It’s the lex, it’s the lex!” XD
    I got some eye rolling. But I think my family is used to me now.
    Yup, her hair was amazing =]

    I thought there was a contract for Midnight Sun…no?

  23. i cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. ToastyCrow says

    Aww… vampires need love too. It’s so corny- I love it! I’m so tired of the Harry Potter comparisons though. Totally different realm buckaroos.

    I hope all of this mass publicity will lure the perfect Edward out of the woodwork for the Twilight movie. Mmmm… perfect Edward….

  25. “Sweet, smart, and popular”

    Did anyone else crack up? I don’t know if those are the right adjectives to describe Bella, or “bloodthirsty vampire” for Edward

  26. chunkchops says

    Tehehe! I know when they described Bella I laughed my head off. I guess she’s popular in Forks. Oh well that statement did bother me much. I just thought it was funny.


  28. Hellish Red Devil says

    “Did anyone else crack up? I donΓƒΒ’Γ’β€šΒ¬Γ’β€žΒ’t know if those are the right adjectives to describe Bella, or ‘bloodthirsty vampire’ for Edward.”

    Hah, yeah, those are totally not the first adjectives that come to mind when I think of Bella or Edward either, but that’s mainstream media for ya.

    But you know what they say, no publicity is bad publicity–today, TV spots…tomorrow, world domination! πŸ˜†

  29. cullen_potter says

    hmmm…again with the harry potter comparisons *shakes head*

  30. Harry who indeed! That was so exciting.

  31. wheresmyedward2011 says

    super sadd but i could’nt find it when i turned on the tv…but i watched it and i was screaming the entire time! i’m sure i wasn’t the only girl who was about to die from screaming hysterically! :))
    i think its going to be against the law for ppl to watch the movie when it comes out they’ll consider it homicide or massacre! hehe πŸ™‚

  32. wheresmyedward2011 says

    omg! i didn’t see the full thing at first! but i just saw the rest! it was AH-MA-ZA-ZING!!!! stephenie looked georgeous and yess..her hair did rock! …and really there is not comparison between hp and twl..they’re both two sets of veryyyyy diff. stories, different plots, and different characters..but they both equally rock! and leave every1 begging for more. its no competition..everyone loves both of them! : )

  33. Aoi Sakura says

    That was one of the better TV reviews of any of these books that I’ve seen. But Bella’s and Edward’s descriptions did make me laugh, too. And I don’t know why there are so many HP comparisons…they’re really nothing alike, aside from the whole YA thing. But interest-wise they did okay, and the summary wasn’t too bad, either. And the Lex pictures? That was wonderful!

    No, unfortunately, Midnight Sun does not have a contract (unless there’s something Stephenie’s not telling us), so we’re all crossing our fingers for someone to publish them. Of course, they’d have to be quite dumb not to, since all of us want it so badly (ka-ching!).

    Thanks to Pel for putting this up here! And thanks to Matt for recording it and putting it on YouTube! I completely forgot that it was going to be on tonight! That was quite exciting! πŸ™‚

  34. AWWW YAY! I was furious with myself when it completely slipped my mind that this was on. I thought I’d never get to see it.

    Yay Stephenie! Yay Alphie & Pel & the Lex!

  35. lil_voice1 says

    YAY more publicity for stephenie meyer!!!!! thanks for recording it!!!!! that was a fantastic report on it too!!!!!

  36. That was awesome! The Lex picture was such a pleasant surprise to see…

  37. Yay for Lexicon cover art, yay for any moment including Stephenie’s unique so-much-better-than-Cinderella-perception, and big NAY to ABC’s SNIDE HARRY POTTER COMMENTING. Is that ALL they can do? I think I’m understanding just how Bella felt after denying Mike and Eric–then Tyler to! I’m just beginning to lose my patience now.

    But of course, the journalism biz relies on making such correlations–talking about the “next Harry Potter” grabs more heads compared to “most beautiful, emotion-filled love story, that makes you live in a whole new world that feels just like home”. They care more about quantity–amount of viewers–than quality–the people actually caring about Twilight, or could potentially care about it if they didn’t make Twilight sound so much like a vapid book.

    On the other hand, this will draw more interest to Twilight…and as much as I like it being a smaller fandom, where everyone knows everyone (kind of like the charm of a small town ;)), converting more fans to Twilight has greater benefits. Bring on Stephenie’s army!

  38. So, the only thing I was TOTALLY pissed about was the fact that the guy said SM had NO WRITING EXPERIENCE. Excuse me, but wasn’t she an English major? Wouldn’t she have written a million more pages than THAT GUY? PUH-LEEZE! He should have qualified it by saying “no professional writing experience.” Yeesh.

  39. Wow, that really was just. . .AWESOME! Oh I TOTALLY shrieked almost during the entire video, and I had to silent clap vigorously so as not to wake my sleeping mummy.

    But MAN, just GREAT! I got chills man, chills. -peacesign-

  40. It was on channel 9 new this afternoon in Australia, it made my day that it came on while I was waiting to see the Doctor. GO STEPHENIE!!

  41. Dangit… I was planning on watching that… but I forgot. I am so glad that it got posted though. Thanks!

  42. Nice!! i giggle like a maniac every time do the HP compairing… πŸ˜€ cos it just sounds sooo cool!!!

  43. me again— Sydney, SBS 9:30 p.m. news is i THINK showing the same clip on the news :D:D:D:D but i do know they are showing something on Eclipse XD

  44. I laughed at the “sweet, smart, and popular” part too. Popular? Uh, sure. πŸ˜€

    It’s awesome for Stephenie and the fandom that Eclipse is getting all this attention! The lexicon cover art looked good on TV.

  45. i love u stephenie! says

    im so happy for stephenie!!! yay!
    and stephenies hair looked amazing!!!!
    you rock!!!!!!!!!

  46. i love u stephenie! says


  47. What a great piece! Thank you for putting this on this site for everyone to enjoy. I really liked this because it captured the story line without just saying that the books are about vampires. I was also thrilled to see the lexicon woven into the piece a very positive way. I am so happy that I found out about this great series of books!! Congrats, Stephenie!!
    (And You Tube is the greatest thing since sliced bread too!! Just downloading Sesame Street videos for my kids has kept my sanity this summer!)

  48. i love u stephenie! says

    ARGH!! my smileys doesnt work….

  49. Oh, I was so happy when I saw the lex background! You all totally deserve it since this is amazing. But I didn’t like how they said the werewolves were thrown in: I think they are party of the central story line, not an addition. maybe I’m biased because I love Jake! But still, it was a wonderful piece!

  50. “Vampires need love too…” Love that!