TiVo alert! Set your recording devices.

I thought you’d all like to know that I just got an e-mail from Stephenie infroming me that she will appear on ABC Weekly World Report on Sunday night at 6:30.  To be on the safe side check your local listings for more information, and check if there is a sporting event beforehand. If so you might want to extend your recording time.  

Also, for those of you who have asked, we will start updating the rest of the Lexicon with Eclipse related information starting next week sometime. 


Also just out today are the New York TImes Best Seller rankings.  The Twilight Saga, as it is being referred to, is in second place to Harry Potter.  Just for some clarity, now that this is a series book count. This means all seven Harry Potter Books sales give it the number one ranking and all three Twilight books give it the number two.

Based on sales of Deathly Hallows and Eclipse alone,  Eclipse is number 1 on both the Barnes and Noble Hourly Top 100, Wallstreet Journal and USA Today lists. It should also be noted that their lists lump all fiction together, so two YA books taking the top two spots is fantastic.





  1. Awesome! I have to find out what tv station that’s on. Thanks ^^

  2. Stephenie says:

    It’s actually ABC. World News Tonight Weekend Edition. It airs at 6:30 eastern time. I don’t think the segment with me will be super long.

    ~~Thanks Stephenie!  I feel really dumb now!  LOL!


  3. Love listening to Stephenie talk! Thanks for the update.

  4. Congrats on getting onto another show Stephenie, lol. Good luck! We’ll all be watching!

    And I was wondering what ABC Weekly World Report was, lol.

  5. PS Looks like it’s showing at 5pm on ABC in the MST area. Or maybe that’s just for Boise!

    ~~That’s why we say to check your local listings!


  6. And, I know I posted, but I just saw the edit on the main page! WOOHOO!!! Congrats Stephenie Meyer!! Twilight series right behind HP series!! This is awesome!!

  7. That is so great ! I will be watching Sunday night ! WooHOO !
    Happy interviewing Stephenie ! I don’t know how you do it ! I would be SOOO nervous, doing interviews in front of the cameras!! You are awesome ! See ya in SF next week !
    Yay ! Go “Twilight Saga” !

  8. Congrats Stephenie!!
    I am definitely watching this! Can’t wait! I have to remember! 6:30… 6:30.
    Is Stephenie’s website not working for anyone else? Everytime I try to get into it, it says the page cannot be displayed. Arg! Internet.

  9. YAY!!!
    I can’t wait to see Stephenie on tv again. This is so awesome. I am glad to see I am not the only crazy over the Twilight Saga.

    Britty I am also having problems accessing her site.

  10. Edwards Angel says:

    cool Eclipse updates awesome!!!

  11. I’m happy for the great sales of Eclipse and the other books.
    I’m not happy about the name “Twilight Saga”. That name reminds me the most of average fantasy series, and isn’t really worthy the books. I hope that Stephenie can give them a better name, once she’s finished her roadtrip.

  12. I’m so excited to watch!! That’s awesome that Eclipse and the other two books are doing so well!

  13. Yes, Skumring you have a point. The “Saga” seems a bit too …dramatic..problematic…I don’t know… I am not particularly fond of the reference either. What’s wrong with the “Twilight Series “?…Hmmm

  14. It’s actually a connotation thing I think. For example there is the Forsythe Saga which is an English Lit classic, and then there is what saga has come to mean which is a drawn out dramatic tale. So I do see your point.

    I will say this however, I like it a whole lot better than how they describe Harry Potter which is Harry Potter: Trouble at Hogwarts. I mean is that the understatement of the year or what?

  15. chunkchops says:

    I’m so happy she’s gonna be on TV again. I love hearing what Stephenie has to say. So of course I’ll be watching! Once again congrats Stephenie!

  16. Yay! Is it gonna be on at 6:30 on the East Coast tho?

  17. Don’t worry for those who wont be able to see it, I’ll be home and I’ll be able to record it, just like GMA, and should have it up a little while after it airs.

    Once again Matt you rock! Thanks for being willing to do this. We’ll link and give you the credit of course!

  18. Its my pleasure Pel. I love to help out as much as I can, so anytime theres a segment with Stephenie or the Twilight Series, and I know about it, I’ll put it up.

  19. GO Steph on the NYT list no. 2 hit!!! πŸ˜€

  20. Whew. I am thoroughly pleased Matt will be putting it up for us. Just in case, because I cannot seem to find it yet in our local listings. Still searching ABC. I obviously don’t keep tabs on the Weekly World Report, too busy online~ LOL~

  21. i can’t find the right program to tivo…
    what’s the show name again?
    i keep searching the listing, but i’m not finding anything…

  22. Christine says:

    ooh. I gotta make sure to record that tomorrow ;]
    YAY stephenie! congrats again ~ for making the top =]

  23. AHHHH! I just checked this message and it’s the 19th…grrr! Why didn’t I just check it yesterday??? I could’ve set up my DVR and everything…if anybody finds a link pretty please tell me!

  24. i cant find it its not on………..it says its on at like 3 AM but im not sure about that

  25. Edwardluver says:

    I only saw it showing kike at three am and i have tivo!!!! Is this the same thing or not????? Dores any one care to guess??????

  26. wheresmyedward2011 says:

    awesomenesss..can’t wait to watch! : ))

  27. myfriendsthinkiamaddictedtoedward;*) says:

    yea i can’t wait only one more hour !!!

  28. Dancindiva12 says:

    I love watching Stephenie meyer on tv, and I know she’ll be great! πŸ˜€

    I’ll defenitely will be watching!!!!! πŸ˜€

  29. Does anyone know how long the segment is going to be?

    Hope Stwphenie gets to talk! πŸ˜€

  30. Sorry I meant Stephenie!! I can’t type!!

  31. AHH! I just saw the interview on ABC! It was good, but far too short! I love hearing about the books from Stephenie and what she has to say about the story.

  32. I just watched it, and it was short, but that’s okay. They didn’t make it sound deep enough, and they made Bella sound like a prep. “A pretty, smart, and popular girl.” “…with her vampire boyfriend…”
    But, other than that, congrats Stephenie! I loved how they said in the beginning…”Harry Potter defeated? Not by a wizard, but by a high school teenager.” Or…something like that. I don’t know. I think I got it wrong.

  33. I just saw it too =]
    She looked Gorgeous, as always ;]
    And, I agree it was really, really short.
    Agh =[

  34. I agree.. I didn’t really care for how they described Bella, but I guess that it’s hard to capture the personalities of the characters in so few words. Hopefully there will be more in depth interviews to come!

  35. I’m watching it now. Well, waiting really. It’s at the end and I can’t wait! I loved what they said in the beginning too about Harry being defeated by a high school girl and her vampire boyfriend.

  36. Lomesir22 says:

    Woo! I just watched the spot!

    “Harry who?”


  37. I watched it, and it was so good! I loved the last line that the news anchor said: “Even vampires need love.” Oh, that’s classic!

  38. yeah, he is so right, its true- ‘Harry who???’

    stephenie, you were awesome, and you looked lovely.

    (i made my whole family watch it, lol)

  39. whens it gonna be on youtube!

    it wasnt on here! or i missed it : (

  40. Don’t worry the YouTube link is coming, its in the middle of uploading right now.

  41. Just went live, here you go guys: http://youtube.com/watch?v=BzJO5MEpF6A

    Surprised it was even shorter then Good Morning America.

  42. loved it!!!look at all of those books!!!!yummy!!!yay stephenie and eclipse!!!!

  43. Thanks Matt !

  44. jennifer r. says:

    i just saw the video and it was impressive, i agree with matt it was even shorter then Good Morning America!!!

  45. cullengirl says:

    Again, the inevitable comparison to JK Rowling and Harry Potter. The report didn’t make the series deep enough. There’s so much more to the whole vampire boyfriend and human girl. Stephenie looked great. Did anyone catch a glimpse of the Lex photo? I was waiting for them to say something about the Lex, but they didn’t ;(

  46. …Too short. But a spot on the “Weekly World Report” , that’s getting noticed! And so lovin that it’s getting so much air time and acknowledgement! I loved the quick shot of the lexicon’s signature picture of Bella. Yay “Twilight”!

  47. dancindiva12 says:

    Thanks Matt for the link!!!! My tv didn’t catch it, so that was sooooooo helpful! πŸ˜€

    Thanks Again! STEPHENIE MEYER ROCKS!!!! πŸ˜€

  48. dancindiva12 says:


  49. Matt, Thank you so much for putting it up on youtube…I forgot to watch at 6:30, and am so glad to have the opportunity to see it! Congratulations Stephenie!

  50. This is totally off topic sorry. But i was just curious when do you think Stephenie will start talking about Eclipse? Faq, The Story, etc. Oh and Congrats Stephenie! I wish i could see your shows but whenever i get the message i’m always too late or i get the news so early i forget about it! But i promise i will watch one of your shows one way or another!!!!

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