Hi all –

I recieved e-mails from both Stephenie and her publicist asking me to close down our message boards until the 7th due in part to a shipping error from a major book chain.  I’ve also been asked to spread this to other message boards and ask them, on behalf of Stephenie who just doesn’t have the time to go and e-mail each and every single message board, to lock down their boards as well.  Many of the main message baords in the HP fandom did this before the release, such as Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron. 

So until Eclispe is released on Aug. 7th the message boards here at the Lex will be off limits and closed to all discussion.  The Eclipse Midnight party thread will remain open for two more days so that you can make final arrangements.  We will lock that thread on Friday of this week.  The thread is only to be used for contact or meet up information.  All posts pertaining to discussion of the books in any way in that forum will be deleted.  We will happily reopen all the boards around midnight eastern time on August 7th at which time Eclipse will be discussed in the Eclipse forum.  The message from Stephenie herself follows this post. 

Thanks so much for understanding.  We will see you on the flip side.


As you may be aware, some copies of Eclipse were accidentally shipped early.  As we all just saw with Harry Potter, the shipping of books is an imperfect system and despite the painstaking efforts of many, copies can get out early.  The on-sale date of Eclipse is August 7th, and technically nobody should receive a copy of the book until then.   

I have a big favor to ask of you lucky early readers.  First, I hope you enjoy Eclipse.  When you’re done, I know you’re going to want to talk about with your friends, but please remember how you felt reading it for the first time.  Do you want to ruin that experience for someone else?  I hope not.  Please, for me, and for the other readers, don’t post spoilers on the internet.  Don’t destroy the fun for everybody.  Be kind to each other and my sanity. 

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and devotion to my characters.  Just a few more days, and then we’ll all be discussing Eclipse together.  Hold on!  You can do it! 



EDITED BY PEL:  In oder to avoid a stray comment spoiling you on MySpace here is a suggestions courtesy of Elisabeth, "I would lock your MySpace comments so that they have to be approved before they can be posted."