Hi all –

I recieved e-mails from both Stephenie and her publicist asking me to close down our message boards until the 7th due in part to a shipping error from a major book chain.  I’ve also been asked to spread this to other message boards and ask them, on behalf of Stephenie who just doesn’t have the time to go and e-mail each and every single message board, to lock down their boards as well.  Many of the main message baords in the HP fandom did this before the release, such as Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron. 

So until Eclispe is released on Aug. 7th the message boards here at the Lex will be off limits and closed to all discussion.  The Eclipse Midnight party thread will remain open for two more days so that you can make final arrangements.  We will lock that thread on Friday of this week.  The thread is only to be used for contact or meet up information.  All posts pertaining to discussion of the books in any way in that forum will be deleted.  We will happily reopen all the boards around midnight eastern time on August 7th at which time Eclipse will be discussed in the Eclipse forum.  The message from Stephenie herself follows this post. 

Thanks so much for understanding.  We will see you on the flip side.


As you may be aware, some copies of Eclipse were accidentally shipped early.  As we all just saw with Harry Potter, the shipping of books is an imperfect system and despite the painstaking efforts of many, copies can get out early.  The on-sale date of Eclipse is August 7th, and technically nobody should receive a copy of the book until then.   

I have a big favor to ask of you lucky early readers.  First, I hope you enjoy Eclipse.  When you’re done, I know you’re going to want to talk about with your friends, but please remember how you felt reading it for the first time.  Do you want to ruin that experience for someone else?  I hope not.  Please, for me, and for the other readers, don’t post spoilers on the internet.  Don’t destroy the fun for everybody.  Be kind to each other and my sanity. 

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and devotion to my characters.  Just a few more days, and then we’ll all be discussing Eclipse together.  Hold on!  You can do it! 



EDITED BY PEL:  In oder to avoid a stray comment spoiling you on MySpace here is a suggestions courtesy of Elisabeth, "I would lock your MySpace comments so that they have to be approved before they can be posted."


  1. Oh my goodness…I am so sorry to Stephenie that that happened. No problem with the forums being shut down. It is probably safer that way anyway. I was so afraid something like this would happen…

  2. O_O wow, thats… drastic

  3. Oh my, i am already going into withdrawal, eek!!!! I’ll be lucking to get eclipse on the 23rd of august (shipped all the way from the U.S) let alone getting it early like some, where am i to go now? its like two and half weeks away and no one to speculate with.

    sniff i’m already getting the shakes…..

  4. Cocoa_blush says

    Oh thats so bad dont know how we’ll survive though. Hmm well it’ll probably be worth it though!

  5. klutzy_albino says

    Wow, I am glad that you guys are so on top of this. Thanks for keeping this site spoiler free. I am going to miss you all though…for the next 13 loooooong days.

  6. dolphindog says

    that sucks. poor stephenie. i hope no one posts the chapters online…. that would ruin the whole book. hopefully my friends gets it early so i can finally recieve my copy.

  7. Yes, kudo’s to the mod’s for doing this. It isn’t drastic, it’s the smart thing to do to avoid the disasters that happened with New Moon last year. I swear, if anyone posts a spoiler on the web, I will personally hunt them down.

  8. oh my gosh?!??!

    soo when will eclipse be released in the uk and ireland?!??!

  9. Cocoa_blush says

    most likely on october the 4th if you want it in august then you’ll have to order from

  10. Awww, i’m gonna miss the Lex! Especially since i’ve been on vacation all this summer, so i’ve rarely got to go on!

    But it is also a really good thing to do this, because of the spoilers. And I really dont want to know ANYTHING, until i read it myself.

    So thanks for doing this!

  11. What shall we with all of our suddenly massive amount of spare time? Well, this is definitely a better solution than getting Eclipse ruined by spoilers.

  12. re- read Twilight and new moon with your spare time.

    Or you could memorize the first chapter of Eclipse by heart!

  13. The right decision, just annoyingly early thanks to these books being sent out. Two weeks of closure would in normal circumstances be a little excessive, especially without warning.

    I’m going to miss the forums, but I’ll survive. See you all soon.

  14. Julie,
    I’d say we’ll be lucky if its out in Ireland by october – if new moon is any indication of what will happen it won’t come out till march/april this year! that was just such a pain – everyone had read it and i kept going to easons asking ‘is new moon in?’ six months after the US got it. not this time.

  15. This is so sad!! I can’t believe we all have to go two weeks without the message boards! I hope Nimir-Ra doesn’t do anything to the myspace group. The discussion there isn’t half as good as the discussion here, but I’ll really die if I have no one at all for the next two weeks to obsess with!! I think I hate Barnes & Noble now. lol.

    ~In accordance with Stephenie’s wishes, myspace groups will probably be shut down too. We have messaged Nimir-Ra and Amanda who run two of the largest myspace groups on Stephenie’s behalf asking them to shut down discussion until August 7th. They probably will.

  16. can you even imagine how mad stephenie meyer is right now? i know i’m mad…

  17. GAH!!! I hate when this happens!!! x_x It’s not fair to the author or the fans!!

  18. *sigh* The entire message boards. I don’t know what I’ll do with my time now!

    But I respect you guys for being brave enough to do this.

  19. Thanks for the info, i first thought that something had happened on the Forums, but i’m glad this is being done in order to avoid any spoiler. Thanks!!

  20. Wow, I am actually surprised that this happened because with hp the place that shipped out the books was not a well known book site such as barnes and noble. I hope no one gets spoiled though, luckily I wasn’t for hp and I hope not to be for Eclipse!

  21. if you don’t want the book to be spoiled its just don’t look for them…we all know they are going to be out there so if you don’t want to know just don’t places where they will be.

  22. Heart Song says

    I’m so glad that the Lexicon is taking this seriously. I have the utmost respect for the action you have taken. Of course I’ll miss visiting the boards but the security of Eclips and following the law is far more important than any amusment I find here.

    See you on the 7th.

  23. Wow, that’s no bueno. I can’t believe they did that. :$

    I may have major lexicon withdrawls, but atleast this way it’ll be better for the people who do not want spoilers.

  24. Jenni_Elyse says

    Even though it will be sad not to talk to everyone for the next 12.5 days, I’m glad the Lex is respecting Stephenie’s wishes and trying to help not spoil anyone’s experience.

  25. Wow. Two weeks. That is a long time. Still, at least no one will be spoiled. *sigh*

  26. I’m still worried. They can shut down all the forums (and I hope they do,) but they can’t stop all the people on myspace, livejournal, etc. I really, really, hope people just respect Stephenie’s wishes on this.

  27. I actually ordered from B&N and i get my copy tomorrow. I thought I was just lucky, I didn’t know it was this whole big thing.
    Alphie and Pel,
    I’m so glad you guys are shutting down the forums, as, being the kind of person I am, I would probably leak something. And that’s the one thing i don’t want to do. Cause I know how much spoilers ruin everything.

    Thanks again guys!

  28. oh my gosh i cna’t belive it thanks for shuting down the forums spoilers do ruin it alot for me unless i ask for them so thanks so much you guys are great i still can’t belive it *plugs ears* now i will not hear any more spoilers yay hehe

  29. Lindsay K. says

    I am so glad you are locking the message boards. I would be tempted to look but would regret it later. Glad I ordered from Amazon and not B&N. They are losing my business with this one!

  30. Aw, what a shame that had to happen. I’m glad we won’t be getting spoilers; thank you! Lexicon discussion boards withdrawl starting now…Hope everyone has fun at their diff. midnight Eclipse parties, etc. and at GMA.

  31. Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Early releases?!?!?!?! If only I was so lucky… still, I hope no one spoils it! Smart move to lock the message boards! I’d hate to accidentally see a spoiler, after already spending months just trying to avoid the Harry Potter ones! Hope, no, I know the book’s good and I can’t wait to see the discussions!

  32. vampiregirl79 says

    Is the lexicon chat closed too? I hav been trying to register on it but it does not let me. The pop up box just comes up with a blank screen

  33. wow. i guess i understand it, but this is awful. that means… how many days till i have anything to do with my life? 13. wow. i had vowed not to reread T or NM until eclipse, thinking that i would have the Lex to keep me occupied. whatever shall i do now?

    well, i guess i have time to work on fanfiction now…

  34. Krissy_Loves_Edward says

    Can you atleast leaver the quotes on from stephenie’s website because im on vacation and cant see them everyday only every 3days or something like that PLEASE im DYING to see them even if you send them by e-mail to me everyday atleast considder it or ask stephenie if you can THANKS!!!

  35. cullengirl says

    Thanks for the heads up, Alphie. I’m so glad that the Lex is taking this very seriously, especially what happened with NM last year. Thanks for all of the hard work that you do! See you all on Aug 7th!

  36. 12 days without the lex??!?! what am i going to do?


  37. Two—two weeks? With no Lexicon…

    Now I really need Eclipse!

  38. Please PLEASE keep updating the quotes. Those are official spoilers!

  39. Elisabeth says

    I would lock your MySpace comments so that they have to be approved before they can be posted.

  40. oh no… no lexicon until August 7th!! Oh no, oh no… I don’t know if I can do this. It’s bad enough waiting out these last 13 days until Eclipse. Now, they shut off any communication that we have to discuss the torture. NOOOO!!!!
    And to top it all off, I’m in Spain while all of my friends are back in the states so I can’t even discuss it with them.
    I’m totally cut off…
    Well, if anyone wants to PM me at Always_in_my_dreams, I would be more than happy to talk about it there. I need SOMEONE to talk to!
    I think it’s good that they are being safe though. It’s awful to find out about something before you read it. It’s like knowing what your Christmas presents are (sorry to everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. It’s the only example I could think of.)
    But still, so LONG!!! I wonder what happened last year to make them do this.
    Oh and by the way, the European fans are completely awesome and incredible. I mean, you all had to wait so long to have Twilight and New Moon translated and you had to go to such extreme measures.. I really think you have endless reserves of patience. And you might have to wait for Eclipse (I heard October in Spain. I know, gasp!) You deserve a round of applause.
    So everybody, clap!
    *Clap clap clap*
    Miss you all bunches and bunches!

  41. That is such a shame :[
    *Sigh* I wish it was me. lol
    Now I have an even longer wait, knowing people are reading it! lol Roll on 24th of August!!! ๐Ÿ˜
    But yay! No spoilers! But poor Stephenie


  42. Lomesir22 says


    Just when I thought these last days couldn’t be any longer…

    Well, I guess this is sort of a good thing. Whenever I get stuck on my schoolwork, I just head over here and don’t do it.

  43. This sucks. I love this website and I’m going to miss it. So now we have to what for two things to come out on August the 7th. Eclipse and Twilight Lexicon. And thats like forever.No website for no spoilers. *Sigh*

    I wish people would just stop spoiling everthing for everbody else. I mean if you want to tell so one about the book just get a reading buddy or something that thinds like this would not have to happen. *sigh*

  44. LilLeigh says

    omg! i cant believe it so no more any of the extra quotes an stuff.. o well i guess i’ll last.

  45. WTF?????????????????????????
    THIS TOTTALLY SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  46. lizzylou says


    my life is over! jk.

    well, this is depressing! now how what am i going to do all day!?!?!?! maybe i could get a life, but i hear they can be expensive. *sigh*

  47. ForeignBelle says

    why? why? why? Well I understand your reasons? *starts shaking from withdrawl*

  48. whoa… I just got eclipse. That was so freaky!

  49. I miss the forums. =[

    Stupid Barnes & Noble. They messed up and sent some early- and they didn’t even send mine! -sigh-

  50. Christal says

    ….No lexicon for 2 weeks? :cries:
    There goes my daily sanity supplement…

    But thanks for trying so hard to keep the sight spoiler free.