Updated Personal Correspondence

Near the end of March Stephenie graced the lexicon with her presence. She joined a philosophical discussion led by our own Tennyo and responded to many of the questions posed by Tennyo and the other lexicon members taking part in the discussion. A transcript of her responses has been put together by SillyBella and can now be found on the personal correspondence page.

Personal Correspondence #12

Also, for those of you interested in answering Stephenie’s question about your age and whether you are pro- or anit-bite (as in Bella being bitten), Tennyo started a thread in which you can post your answer: Age-Change?

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  1. Holy Goodness! I had no idea the thread would be that important! Thank you for going through all the trouble to transcribe, now I don’t have to go through her old posts all the time anymore!

    ~Haha! It’s ’cause you rock! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Oh my gosh… That must have been such a job! I’m still at page 25, totally regretting that I didn’t join in right as it started. It takes forever to get through seeing as there pretty much are _no_ useless and short posts there. SB, you did a great job at putting that together!

  3. Oh wow, that must have been such a job! I’m only at page 25 right now, totally regretting that I didn’t join in as it started. That thread takes so long to get through, because there are pretty much _no_ short or useless posts in there. Great job, SB!

  4. ashley G. says

    very long!
    but wow- i understand a lot more now! thanks!

  5. this is to answer stephenie’s question about our opinions on bella being bitten or not being bitten, and our age. i’m all for bella being turned into a vampire, and i’m sixteen.

  6. OK that was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! That explains soooooo much. Thanks everyone for making it so convinent to read ur awesome!

  7. ashley G. says

    o, i’m for bella being bitten. and reasons why if you ask. also, i’m 12 turning 13

    • TeamEdward4ever! says

      ME 2!! Thank god………i am not on my own! lots of people seem to be in like thier 20’s!!!!!!!!!
      I WANT BELLA TO BE BITTEN!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. yay im soo happy! for my b’day today my brother got me NMSE! i finally got to read the 1st chapter! im 14 now yay lol

  9. There’s now a thread on the forum in Quench Your Thirst called “Age-Change” where you can say how old you are and whether your pro- or anti-bite.
    And I can’t log in again. I’m gonna give it a few hours, but then I think I’ll have to start the process again…

  10. i cant find that thread anywhere can u tell me where to go and im new how do u post something?

  11. It’s amazing that if you write a word cullen somewhere in your text – I just HAVE TO read the whole thing! So I don’t miss anything ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. WOw that was really long! lol
    Interesting though and it definitley cleared some things up for me! THough my eyes kinda hurt from staring at the computer so long to read it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • TeamEdward4ever! says

      Mine too! OMG! I am never going 2 b able 2 recover hahaha! Steph always goes on about how she can’t answer questions with out a long answer. i am the same. i totally get you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. KaseyHeartEdward says

    Wow that was a lot of thinking for me this morning! Ok i am awake. But yes that was aweosome. Because the subjects that were talked about i didn’t relly think about. But now that i read it i was like wow that is so true and hmmm very intresting. vey insitful. I loved it. Oh and read the whole thing. Echco! lol
    I am 20 Pro Bella Gets Bit lol.

    lots of love

  14. vivi cullen says

    thanks 4 going to all this trouble 4 us.
    u rock! ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. that was very interesting… confusing at parts but it made a lot of scence by the end!!

  16. lil_alice says

    wow, always so amazing to hear Stephenie’s point of view… I’ve been away a few weeks and look what I miss?

  17. you guys are gay. I dont like you. Go away.

  18. That was very insightful. Thank you for going through all that trouble just for us. =)

    And just in case anyone is wondering. I’m VERY pro biting.
    Why? Because it’ll give Jacob a chance to move on…

  19. I really like the way Stephenie thinks. It’s really interesting. Thanks for letting us inside it(as much as you have). I’m both pro and anti Bella turning into a vampire. The reasons won’t matter to anyone so I won’t bore anyone. I’m 17 by the way.
    Yara (from Lebanon!!!)

  20. Twilightluvaz says

    i love the books. they are so amazing i wonder how stephenie comes up with these long awesome books

  21. Twilightluvaz says


  22. TeamEdward4ever! says

    Hi I am only 12!!!!! HAHAHA!!!!! iread ALL the books over the last 4 weeks! i now……my friends thing I am a totally obsessive twilight fan becasue they ahven’t finished twilight yet in 4 weeks….
    I just wanted to say that i am really happy Bella was bitten because….well it just seemed right. imagine if edward had to live with Bella very day and always feel the urge to kill her. and also a big thank you to stephnie meyer. i had no electricity for christmas…with no wii twilight SO amde my christmas! I love you and your charecters…..also i was wondering. Are you ever going to right a book about about how Jacob and rennessmee’s (Prob spelt compleatly wrong!)realationship turned out?!

  23. lion_lamb_love_forever says

    Wow. That was amazing. Stephenie has put in so much detail and effort into her answers! It really made me think. There are so many underlying issues that are never truly discussed in the saga. I feel like I can understand Edward much better now. I’ve been a fan since 2007 and I wish I had found this site sooner! Thank you Lexicon for talking to Stephenie! I am glad that Bella got bitten, even now that I can fully comprehend why Edward wanted her to remain human. It makes more sense that they are equals. And Edward deserves to love her with his entire whole being, the way he so desperately wants to, and now he can because she is a vampire too. As much as it hurt Jacob at the beginning, it was better for him too. I really do love Renesmee. And Edward of course. I run with the vampires.

  24. That was a lot of information to process. I’m sorry it took me so long to explore this site… Pro biting and 28 going on 29.

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