Stephenie in Italy ~ the early report

I have just heard from Cullen of Twilighters, the Italian version of the Lexicon. Stephenie has just begun her Italian tour. 

One Italian media website talks about how Internet fans have really brought Twilight success in Italy because there was no real promotional campaign. It was all due to web interaction. The same article also mentions the Twilight Lexicon and Twilighters as quality sites that provide real information to fans as well as being a fun place for people to meet up who share the same interest. If you don;t speak Italian, you can translate the page using babelfish; it’s not a perfect translation, but it gives you a rough idea.

According to Cullen( who I am ever so grateful speaks English, because I can read Italian, but I can’t write it.):

"I would like to update you on Stephenie’s visit to Italy. Yesterday she had a lot of interviews with Italian journalists from the most important newspapers.

This afternoon she presented New Moon on the national radio, channel 3. They picked New Moon as "the book of the day" and she read the first page in English, then answered the questions.  You can hear and download the podcast from the radio website (perhaps it will be available from tomorrow, as they just finished recording right now

Tomorrow we’ll meet her in Volterra, and the Italian editor has allowed us an interview right before the presentation of New Moon, which will take place in a wonderful theatre downtown Volterra. We’re so looking forward to tomorrow!!!"

Cullen will give us continued reports of what is going on including pictures, and then when Stephenie moves on to Spain, our friends over at Crepúsculo will continue coverage


  1. Isabella Cullen says:

    That’s so amazing, I hope Stephenie is having fun! Its mind boggling to believe that there hasn’t been much publicity for Twilight and New Moon in Italy. I’m positive that after Stephenie’s tour there more will pop up. ^_^
    It must be so cool to see the places she described in her book come alive. I wonder, is she going to see Edward under the clock tower?

  2. I bet she’s having the best time ever. It must be so exciting! Other than that, Isabella Cullen really said all there is to say here, so… I can’t wait for pictures to come up on various sites! 🙂

  3. *whines* I want to go to Italy! *whines*

  4. ashley G. says:

    argh- i tryed to get my mom to let me go to italy and volterra- since we have family just south of rome and all.
    but nooo, “it cost to much money. we will go next year.” she said.
    “but stephenie won’t be in italy next year!”

    she still dosn’t buy it though. sigh. o well. i will meet her sooner or later- either way i will find a way.

  5. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Ah, man, Italy. That’s just too flippin’ rad for words. Can’t wait for pictures! I live vicariously through pictures. 😉

  6. well hope it will be funny…..i’m soooo sad that i can’t go…i could go but then i remember i had something that i HAD to do and so….boohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!i’m sad…i can’t wait to know haw it went!!!!!!!!!!!!:P

  7. Courtney_Cullen says:

    Ive noticed something in chapter thirteen that is a mistake… well its not really a mistake in information. but one of the links is wrong…. characters involved. bella and edward. bellas, as well as edwards make are linked to edwards page. im assuming bellas should be linked to hers haha. thats really it… Thanks for reading. keep up the good work on the lexicon!! C. Cullen

    ~Thanks for the heads up. It should be all good now. 🙂


  8. Amchizz6116 says:

    CAN’T WAIT UNTIL ECLISPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. quazzie girl says:

    why can’t they put the 1st chapter on the internet?

  10. I just came back from Volterra! 😀
    It was just soooooo amazing… I am still there, at least in thought…
    Everyone was so nice, since I don’t speak the language, that was a big help!
    Thank you, Stephenie, for being there!!

  11. Avril84 says:

    Hi! i’m italian girl and…yesterday they have been to Volterra!!!
    it was Amazing!!! Stephenie is beautiful and very Kind!! i’m still happy!! From Milan to Volterra for Stephenie!!! oh she’s a great and sweet woman!!!
    Thank you so much Stephenie!!

  12. Hi, I’m italian too. yesterday i was at Volterra!! Wow! Stephenie is a beautiful, nice, sweet ehm.. yes, a super-woman!! It was amazing, i’m very happy! Volterra is very very beautiful but… Edward wasn’t in the square!! *sigh*
    -I came from Rome and you wasn’t there, you’re so bad man!-
    Thanks Stephenie!! You are great!!

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