The Eprom Report part 3, the pre & post prom events

Before I start, I just want to say thank you to Twix, Roo, Candyland, and Seraphyn because I am using their pictures as well as my own in various parts of this post.

So, here’s info on the other events outside of the Prom itself.

I arrived on Thursday morning and after picking up Seraphyn and the future Mr. Seraphyn in my bright orange Chevy (details to follow on car in a podcast) we went to lunch at Rumbi’s with a bunch of other adult fans. Rumbi’s has this Hawaiian themed food that was amazing. Too bad that they only have restaurants in Utah, Arizona, Nevada and Colorado. I was starving since I had only had plane food and due to the time difference my body thought it was about 4:00pm. We also got lost getting there because Google maps and my AAA map frankly sucked. I bought a better map in Walgreens later.

Friday I caught up with someone I’ve known from my LiveJournal who actually has actually become a Twilight fan, and believe it or not I had nothing to do with hooking him. We had a great lunch and talked about all sorts of things Twilight and not Twilight related.

Later that day I met up with Ardent_Otaku a Changing Hands Bookstore to give her my extra ticket that she was then going to swap with Candyland so they could be at the right proms with their friends.  I didn’t get to the meadow gathering because I was doing this and then going to Target for sandals because I broke the heel on the pair I had been wearing. I’ll save the bookshop hilarity for a podcast.

That night I went to dinner with one Nim rah of MySpace fame and Tayls, one of her mods and a member here, and Seraphyn and Mr.S. We found this great Italian place and ate outside. Awesome food and a really funny waiter. The only thing that happened is that dinner took longer than I bargained for and I missed the Marriott party, which would have been really convenient since it was at my hotel.

The next day I went to IHOP for the "Breakfasttime for the Humans" get together. I also looked like death warmed over because I didn’t get any sleep the night before and I had no make-up on. Again I got there late because of a bad map and road construction. Now Eurka and Fenear pulled together a great event, and made it work when they were expecting like 20 and 50 showed up. I met Candyland and her group that came in a car covered in Edward items including pictures of them where their husbands had been photoshopped out and Henry Cavil had been photoshopped in. At this breakfast (again details to follow in a podcast or perhaps two) I was presented with a scepter of doom. The was made by Roo, Roo’s sister, and Forever Young. They made it after hearing that I did not have a real scepter.

Right after IHOP we traveled to Holiday Inn and I think to Isabella Cullen’s room. I was the first to have my hair done. About 20 people invaded and Roo went to work being a hairstylist. She did an amazing job in like 20 minutes. I only regret that I couldn’t have stayed longer, but the hotel was a bit away from my hotel and with my make-up still to be done, road construction, and getting dressed I had to take off.

After prom was the amazing I Love Jacob Black Pajama Party (scroll down). Twix and Elisabeth did a fabulous job of putting together goody bags like you wouldn’t believe. We had a quiz where we earned Stephenie bucks that we would later use to bid on Jacob themed items. We played Twilight Cranium with three teams (vampire, werewolf, and human). There were also contests for best fan art, best Jacob themed 500 word fan fic, best Twilight Barbie, and best PJ’s. The party was wonderful, but I was so do tired (pardon the pun) I was barely aware of what was happening around me by the end. If I seemed aloof to anyone, I apologize but I was quite literally falling asleep on my feet and I nearly got into what could have been a serious accident on the way back to my hotel.

Sorry it took so long to get this posted, but I landed back in NJ at around midnight on Sunday and was home at 1:30am and had to work the next day.



  1. I love the picture of the car! Eclipse or Bust 🙂 And the I Love Jacob PJ Party looked like a lot of fun too. Good job Roo, Roo’s sister, and Forever Young on the Scepter. It looks great!

  2. Man, that would have been *so* much fun! I wish I’d kept up on the Twilight parties going on, so I could have come while I was in town for the prom. I totally need to be more active on the boards.

  3. BombshellBAP says:

    Pel I love you. I wish that I had been braver and introduced myself to more lexiconers…well I’m sure we’ll have other times to meet up formally. I remember seeing you at the first prom and thinking…”OMG it’s Pel.” I was born and raised in Los Angeles so I never get “star struck” but when it comes to Twilight related folk that is another story….

  4. lil_voice1 says:

    that awesome it looks like everyone had sooo much fun!!!! im soo jealous!!! the pictures are awesome too!!! (i’m saying awesome alot today!) thanks for putting them up…im soo sad i didnt get to go to any prom parties or anything… 😥

  5. Isabella Cullen says:

    Last weekend was simply beyond awesome. ^_^ I wish we could all go back and live it over again!
    It was so cool getting to meet you in person Pel! I know I kind of acted like an idiot, “omg, you’re Pel?! O_O;” XD; But it was fun nevertheless. XD Roo did an amazing job too! Ten updos in under four hours! That should be made into a Lexicon record. ^_^
    Thank you for coming to our party! It was so much fun andwe had such a huge turnout too! (You wouldn’t believe the mess we had to clean up after prom. ^_^;;; )

    Thank you for posting the photos! They came out great! I hope you had fun!

  6. I loved the pictures, especially the one of the car. So creative!! And I absolutely adore your’s and Seraphyn’s shirts! I’m so glad they’re on sale in the shop!

    Thanks for putting up pictures and writing about it, it actually compensates a whole lot for not being able to go! 😀

  7. looked amazingly fun!

  8. Seraphyn says:


    I don’t have any pictures of that… Can someone e-mail some to me????

  9. KaseyHeartEdward says:

    Hey Pel i just thought i would get somting striaght lol. Yea the pic that you say is of eurka and Fenar is actully a pic of Me and Fenar i was the one who helped her with the event. lol but yes just thought i would point that out.

    lots of love
    ~kasey aka KaseyHeartEdward

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