Happy Mother’s Day Stephenie

I know that we are all in love with Stephenie’s literary babies, but more importantly, Stephenie is the Mom to three boys.  Hats off to Stephenie and to all the Supermoms out out there, today is your day!

For personal experience, as a Mom, like Stephenie, who works outside the home (note I didn’t say working mom, because as any mom can tell you it’s work…period.), it’s hard to balance the "office work" and the "mom work" in a society the that is critical of you no matter what your choice. 

Kudos, to stay-at-home moms like Alphie, who has two children under six, and sacrifice all kinds of things to make sure they’re successful a their first dance recitals, put up with cranky after and before nap behavior, and run a household pretty much singlehandedly better than a corporate CEO with a fleet of paid support staff.

Moms of every type need to be cut a break, because let’s face it, without us none of you would be here! So, make your mom’s day and tell her "thanks", and if you really want to make it special tell her thanks next Sunday too.



  1. Happy Mommy’s Day to all Moms out there!!

  2. Bella Masen Cullen says:

    Happy Mother’s Day all moms out there!

  3. Have agreat Mother’s Day! All you deserve the best! Great job at being mother’s!

  4. Happy Mother’s Day Stephenie, Pel, and Alphie! And other moms!

  5. quazzie girl says:

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL! {mothers ofcorse}

  6. cullencraver says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! (Mom- thanks so much for all you do for me!!!!)

  7. drpepper says:

    happy mothers day to everyone and to stephenie and all her firends and all the mothers who r reading this!


    have a good mothers day to all the mom’s out there- cause today is your day!!
    (this includes pel, alphie, and stephenie!)

  9. Happy Mother’s Day to all of us Mommas!

    And VERY well said, Pel!

  10. Happy Mother’s Day all American Moms out there! I hope you have a great day where your kids and husbands does everything for you so you don’t have to do a thing..! 😉

  11. happy mothers day to all the moms out there!
    and stephenie of course! =D

  12. Veronica says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! Hope it’s your best yet!


    that goes to my mom, Stephenie, pel, alphie and all the other moms out there THANX FOR BEING SUCH GREAT MOMS!



  15. readingispassion says:

    where would we be without you??


    But then every day should be mother’s day…

  17. Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Stephenie, Pel, Alphie, other administrators,mods, and other writers, we sure do appreciate all the work you do to keep us happy in our reading and discussing on the Lexicon! Thank you!

  18. TransparencyxThroughxSong says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! even if you aren’t a mom, but a teacher of some kind or have people that are like your kids they should do something nice for you too!

  19. ~Delilah Rose~ says:

    Happy, happy mother’s day! You guys mean the world to us!

  20. Happy Mother’s Day to Stephenie, Alphie, Pel, and all the other “working” moms. 🙂

  21. Have a great Mother’s Day, everybody!

  22. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world! Your work is one of the most underappreciated, underestimated features of society.

    A very happy Mother’s Day to Stephenie especially! I can’t imagine how she handles having three kids and writing!

  23. HAPPY MOM’S DAY!!!!

    -P.S. My Mom says HI!

  24. HAPPY MOM’s DAY!!!

    -P.s. My mom says Hi!

  25. Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

  26. Happy Mother’s Day! Have tons of fun!

  27. Happy Mothers Day to all those awesome mom’s out there!!!

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