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Stephenie updated the news section of her site tonight with loads of pictures from prom – not just in Phoenix, but also from around the world.  And I do mean the WHOLE world.  It’s amazing what we can pull off as a fandom!  There is also some news on the movie, her tour schedule, and general misconseption on some of the ways she has been misunderstood recently.  Lots of great stuff to chew on.



  1. WOW! That was wonderful! I feel bad for speculating now…ahh…how are minds run amuck when we’re so obsessed!

    Thanks Stephenie for that wonderful update!

  2. All those pictures were awesome. I even made it onto the website. Everyone from around the world looked awesome

  3. lil_voice1 says:

    okay i just wen through the whole lot!!i feel very proud of myself (im pretty much a walking zombie at the moment i am sooo tired!!!) anyway i was wondering and i believe lil_phoenix and also alice_is_mine were wondering if it is too late to have an e-prom cos we live pretty much a 5 and 1/2 hour flight to Sydney and well we didn’t get there!!! and we all love twilight and new moon and we so would love to be able to have one???!!! please maybe??? someone tell me please….that Sydney prom looked like tonnes of fun by the way (im very jealous!!!!)

  4. Ah, I already read the update before this, but thanks for the heads up :D. The artistic pictures from the girls in Paris were lovely–I’m speaking purely from a amateur photographer’s point of view ;). I just loved the elegant draping of the vines…the serenity of the photos…but I DID get to see Stephenie’s blister. I’m going to see if I can improve it on Photoshop. I might be able to.

    I appreciated the explanation on Forever Dawn. I had never assumed that Stephenie wrote the stereotypical "adult" scene…hadn’t she already said she wasn’t the type? And to give that supposed type of book to her SISTER? Poor Stephenie! I hope I get to see her again on her Eclipse tour…especially if she comes to the DC area again :D.

    Am I the only one who noticed though that the "Edward" was the same guy from the news page, who had posed for his girlfriend (among other male Twilight fans), in the December 2nd update? Hmmm…I just checked again, and those lovely photos are gone. Pity :P.

    ~~~  YOU ARE A GENIUS!  OH MY GOSH!  I didn’t realize that that was the SAME GUY!  I met that guy!  He was the guy whose brother was video taping the confrence in Texas for his girlfriend.  the photos might be gone from Stephenie’s site, but they are still posted here at the lexicon because I took that picture!  LOL!  You can find it here.  It’s the very LAST photo.  And you’ll notice in the comments that it’s clearly pointed out that the second guy from the left is Josh.  Wow.  Just wow.  Good call!  You know… Pel and I had a conversation about how that guy reminded us of Edward.  Looks like we were right!


  5. bbbailey says:


    Stephenie updates are like Christmas.

  6. Jess (aka Elvensapphire) says:

    That was an all-around fantastic update and I applaud her (loudly!) for everything from the pictures to the well-put explanatory section.

  7. Ah, I finally finished the picture! Of course it isn’t perfect, but I did it as good as I can do it sleep-deprived at two in the morning. I present…Stephenie’s blister 😉 (alluded to in the prom detail; the source: signing so many books! Ah!)

    In the original photograph, you can see Walter in the background–but the focus is Stephenie’s blistered finger. People, I tried!:

    Then, I decided to go creative. Because of that, I clearly credited Seraphyn for the photo:

    I suppose that’s as good as it’s going to get; Stephenie was right in that the photo didn’t properly capture it. But this is better than nothing :P.

  8. Ah, that’s good to know Alphie! I wondered why she didn’t mention how she had found out her guys for Edward and Jacob how she had found them. I’m thinking she was probably pressed for time, and just was trying to post as much as possible…*LOL* I totally did the double take when I first saw his photo, so I can perfectly relate to your excitement :P. He does have the right jaw line for an Edward, and is handsome in any case :).


    *does happy dance* 😀
    Sydney pic’s up there!!!! XDDD

  10. Poor Stephenie, being misinterpreted like that must be very frustrating. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures, it sure looks like everyone had an amazing time!

  11. holy crap, paris????

    wow-thats amazing.

    unfortuinetly, the prom that i went to’s pics were not there- o well…………….

    yay, i love it when stephenie updates, especially long updates too.

  12. patienceisavirtue says:

    I’ve been waiting for Stephenie to post the prom stuff from her POV. It’s been fun seeing everyone elses but to see her’s really takes the cake. I love all the info she gave and wish I could have been there.

  13. Holy crap! It is the same guy!

    I oggled him before he was Edward??


  14. Oh crap, I realized the terrible redundancy in my last post. I only meant, “wondered why she didn’t mention how she had found out her guys for Edward and Jacob”, and not the repeated words after it. Gah!! I asked for it, posting when I was sleep-deprived :P.

  15. melissa says:

    same here. how did she find them?

  16. Oooo, pretty pictures….Wow, everyone looked like they had lots of fun, and now I can live vicariously through all those picture 🙂

  17. melissa says:

    still it would have been more fun if you had gone instead of staring at pictures

  18. melissa says:

    lol lots of pictures

  19. readingispassion says:

    its nice to hear from stephenie directly…i cant wait till her next update to hear about the movie and her tour!

  20. quazzie girl says:

    WOW! that looks like it was a blast! i wish i couldve gone but ohwell! (wait this is the prom pic. right? lets hope so) ANYWAY! i can’t wait until the next book come out! 🙂

  21. oh im so happy she didnt say anything about the tripping incident. it was right in front of her too, but i guess she was busy, which is a really really good thing haha. i had a blast. whoever wants to talk e mail me about it. 🙂

  22. paige bailey says:

    i really dont like danielle panabaker…shes to childish

  23. put james franco in the movie as edward and Alexis Bledel as Bella

  24. i’m one of the girls from Paris and this is just a little message to sara: thank you for your comment on our pictures! it means alot! we had soo much fun making them!
    all you girls who have met stephenie don’t know how lucky you are!!!:)

  25. they had an after party!? I can’t believe it!…..deppression….

  26. Um, apparently my comment didn’t go through, but here’s the photo I attempted to fix of Stephenie’s alluded-to blister:

  27. hola a todos
    es probable que no entiendan lo que escribo, porque soy argentina y por lo tanto, hablo y escribo en español (igualmente estoy estudiando ingles).
    Bueno, de todas maneras les pregunto (si alguno entiende español) ¿donde consigo el mail de Stephenie? la verdad me gustaria tenerlo.
    Les agradezco

  28. lil_phoenix says:

    going off what lil_voice1 was saying……. we were a 5 and a HALF hours flight from sydney so we couldnt go to the prom thingy! and none of the book stores have the special edition book of new moon! ahhhhhhhh! we 9 we being lil_voice1, alice_is_mine and myself) have probably about 30 people interested in having a mini e-prom! It sucks not to live in a capital city! So we were not sure who we would go to to ask for one. If anyone could possibly tell us how to go about having an e-prom please dont hesitate to PM me!!

    for those who went to the proms and dressed up…. you all looked fantastic!

  29. trine_321 says:

    Oh, I forgot to send her that picture… Not good. Oh, well.

    FYI: There was an Oslo prom, too. It was in the competition for the smallest prom, but lost. There were two participants (chica_chilena and myself) .There was no reading of the first chapter of Eclipse, though. We just spent the evening watching movies.

  30. :huh:







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