Appropriate comments 101

Folks, I just deleted a full out arguement from the comment section of the main page of the lexicon that had nothing to do with Twilight aside from the fact that the people involved had read the book.  It was over 40 comments long!  That is not the approproate way to comment and use the lexicon.  This front page is NOT a message board.  It is for important announcements that we feel everyone needs to hear.  The only reason I am posting THIS comment here is so that I can make sure to get everyone’s attention.  If you have an issue with a user, take care of it in private and don’t flood our site with your pointless bickering. 

Now, to answer a genuine question that one of the users had in the comment section.  The first chapter of Eclipse will not be out on the web until sometime after May 5th.  It is told from Bella’s PoV – trust me on that one.  If your are looking for something from Edward’s PoV then you want to read the first chapter of Midnight Sun which is posted at Stephenie’s website.  We also have a thread with all the little bits of Midnight Sun that Stephenie has shared with us over the last year on various website, but I don’t have time to go and hunt it down.  It would be in the Quench Your Thirst section.  Hope that helps.



  1. Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! hjtwmntsfz

  2. I really want to read the second chapter of midnight sun!!! I can’t wait!!! Stephenie Meyer should have posted the chapters in her website!!! why did she change her mind???

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