Eclipse Prom

Further details on the Eclipse Prom along with some vintage pictures of Stephenie and her family at proms can be found here.


  1. “A note to boys: there are going to be scads of gorgeous single girls all prettied up and thinking romantic thoughts at the prom. Introduce yourself as “Edward” and you are going to get a fantastic reception.”

    Oh. I snorted at that one. =P

    And I plan to buy the New Moon special edition. I want to pre-order it though…

  2. RosalieWannabe says

    I called to get my tickets at 6ish yesterday and they were sold out!! I was crying so hard cus i was going to it for my b-day thats april 26th. Rumar has it though that there will be 2 proms one from 2-6 and another from 6-9 with the exact same stuff, so if you want a ticket put your name on the waiting list cus they said theyd call those first.