Books five and six?

I’m posting this morning to nip a massive rumor in the bud.  I got two messages yesterday from fans I consider to be "in the know" about how Stephenie has already signed to publish books five and six.  Folks – this is NOT TRUE.  I e-mailed her right away to check this out and she told me it could be traced to a problem with the language translations.  She has a contract for book four – right now the title is Breaking Dawn – but that’s it.  As she has said in several Q&A sessions, she will wait until book four has been written before she decides to try for book five and six.  She wants to see how she feels and if the story is still "fresh" before she agrees to more books.  So please, pass this on to your friends that as of this moment Stephenie only has a contract for FOUR books. 


  1. that stinks! i hope she gets that problem fixed, and soon! tell her to get those books out FAST!

  2. Thanks for letting us know!

  3. Coolio–I’m happy with the series ending at four books anyway. XP Don’t want it to be like Harry Potter…

  4. Omg I so want another book, i eat them for breakfast, they are so good I’m reading twilight for the 7th time!!!!!! (i’m a loser who has no life)

  5. I really do hope that she does sign a contract for more books; I don’t think Stephenie will ever have a problem of the Twilight Series losing it’s “FRESHNESS”. The more Edward & Bella the better, that’s my opinion on the matter.

  6. I’d LOVE another Bella & Edward book, but if the story ends four I’ll be happy.

  7. I think I might die if she stops at 4! Anything to do with Edward Cullen will forever be “fresh”. I love him! =D

  8. Twilight will always be “FRESH”……SHE CAN’T JUST END IT WITH 4!!! If she does I will be oh so sad 🙁

  9. Any book that even MENTIONS Edward will be “FRESH” FOREVER ! I would die if Stephenie ended it at book four , But then I’d also be looking forwards to Twilight , New Moon , Eclipse and Breaking Dawn in Edwards POV .

  10. well jenny you better get in line loads of s (and weirdly guys) love him too

  11. OMG i swear i will die if she doesnt make more then 4 books i love them more them any other book i’ve evr read and if u new me u would know that i finish one book every day so SHE HAS TO MAKE BOOKS FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER

  12. awww.

  13. i love drpepper says:

    I agree with Maddie. I read one every day. I hope Eclipse has a lot of pages. She cant end the series with just four books!!! But not like the cirque du freak series either. I agree with everybody who said that its ALWAYS going to be fresh.

  14. I wish. Wish. WISH. that she would keep going.

    But what do I know? xD

    I’ve tried memorizing it. so far I’m on chapter 1… =_= loong prologue.

    Freshie Freshington.
    Fresh Freak.
    Fresh Nut.
    BD that’s how fresh it is.

  15. awww i hope she doesn’t stop at four… but oh wells four still roxx.


  16. I would looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove for stephenie to write more than 4 books!!!!!!!!!!!!!i would die if she did not!!! (if she did stop, i would probably write my own story for it! i am already making a third… its the name of theepilogue…treaty)

  17. Thanks, dears.

    I had an email from a journalist in Italy who told me she heard that so I was just checking.

  18. OMG She just HAS to write more than four books!!!!!!!!!!
    If she doesn’t I WILL DIE!!!!!!!!! this series is my life and I read like 3 books a day thay are at least 200 pages. Not to mention that this is the BEAT SERIES IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!
    But that’s just me as long as bella gets turned into a vampire in book4 I think I will be ok.


  19. What is the title of the third book? so far I have Twilight and New Moon. What am I missing?

    ~~~~Check the FAQs on the sidebar for all information about future books.


  20. I am dieing to find out what happens next!!!! and it would be sad if she stopped at book 4!!! but if she does i am still going to charish her books for like ever!!!!

  21. I think some of the confusion came from the deseret news article. that journalist said that stephenie had signed for books five and six, but I think she must have been confused perhaps with some of the other books being worked on…

    There is such a thing as ruining a good plot by going on a lot longer than necessary. I’m grateful to Stephenie for not overpromising something that might not be the best for her characters. Of course I’m always excited to read more about all the forks folks, but there’s something to be said for books that hold a really great ending, while still leaving the rest of the characters’ lives up to readers’ imaginations. I don’t always like to have all my questions answered…

  22. Okey i would be okey if Bella would turn into a vampire like more then okey.I stay up all night think about book 3 and making up storys to the next book……So pleaseeeeeee get book 3 out befor I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I love your books please make more

  24. if she ends it with four i would so freak out!!!!!!!!! like what else would i read??

  25. Brittiune says:

    OH how I wish she keeps writing I have never read something so captivating!!!

  26. Ms obvous says:

    gosh! of all the people who said, “i would die if she doesn’t make another book!” you would think that she would! i meen we don’t want any one killing themselves! (he, he, he!) come on, give!

  27. Ms obvous says:

    P.S.-i am totaly in L-O-V-E with Edward. i keep waiting for him to come through my window at night. Heck! i even keep my room freezing! AKA- i’m way past obsest!

  28. Edward is my favorite character! I love how devoted he is. If i could ever find a boy friend like him…….. i would sooooo Marie him! I need more of him… when i read i always place myself in the main character’s place so i feel and do everything the character does. So i always place myself as Bella… I get the whole onslot of emotions. and…. I am just as addicted to Edward as she is… probably more. *blushes* anywho *clears throat* I am dieing to read the next book. I hope she hurries because i am going insain. I read the first 3 books in 6 days! I NEED MORE!

  29. I can’t wait till the 4th book i would die without it and i actually hope theres more afterwards……

  30. I totally agree. i love her book so much and i only read twilight and new moon. i cant wait to see the movie. I WOULD DIE WITHOUT THOSE BOOK!

  31. i want her to make books 5 6 7 8 and 9 hopefuly 10

  32. i did not like new moon but the others are great

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