Update from Spain!!

Imogen is in Spain with the folks from Crepusculo-es and has been kind enough to give as a run down of the Q&A session they had with Stephenie.  You can find it listed in our PC section.  From what I understand, the Crepusculo-es folks will have transcript of an audio version of this posted at their site as soon as they can manage.  But for now you can read about it here.  She’s also made a blog entry about her time in Spain so far.  How jealous am I?

Imogen also has taken some pictures of the event Have a look here as well as some of the beautiful sights of the area


  1. la tua cantante says

    OOHH that s me bouncing!! LOL my gosh it was a FUN day, it was so amazing i can t still believe i met her SHE S SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TERRIBLY KAIND AND COOL AND ALL TH GOOD ADJECTIVES YOU CA THINK OF!!!!!!!!!

    can t wait to see her again


    It has been incredible!! WAAA!! I cant believeit xD xD!!

    Thanks for everything Imogen ^^.

    See you tomorrow ;)!

  3. In the PC, one of the series by Ann Rice was referred to as “the one with the witches in it”; it is actually called The Lives of the Mayfair Witches. I would know, since I own it :P. I can exactly see why Stephenie wouldn’t have liked it: it has all the grisly aspects that would make any sensible reader call Ann Rice the modern Poe :P. And even more so! Not that I didn’t like the books…but this isn’t the place to rant about it. The point being, you can edit in the official title into the Q&A, if you want to be exact :).

    I found the Q&A VERY intriguing, especially the part about Stephenie’s future projects. A very funny coincidence is that Stephenie’s novel idea about the mermaids reminds me of a fanfiction called Ocean’s Tears–except that is a Twilight AU, where the vampires are mermaids, and DRINK blood from humans rather than eat humans. But only the idea reminds me of it; I don’t doubt Stephenie will spin out another tale waxing utter, bedazzling originality :).

    I especially appreciated Stephenie’s explanation on how it’s possible to retain human memories…I think it would help many fanfiction writers to know that :P. It would also explain how Emmett was able to explain his life’s story to Bella in the Twilight outtake; he obviously was cognizant enough to TRY to remember those details. Unlike Edward :(.

    The pictures were also exceptionally lovely…and to a significant extent, reminded me of Volterra. It has the same “feel”, in the design of the old building and those elegant arches. Picture number five reminded me of Volterra the most…and I won’t be redundant and explain why: any decent Twilight fan could discern that for his or herself (probably herself…since we lack more MALE Twilight fans :P).

    Thank you Imogen for providing us with the account of your trip so far, so complete in words and pictures…and when I say, I wish I were there, I really mean it ;).

  4. Mermaids! I love mermaids (name Mayde from mere-mayde), and I can’t wait to read that book when it gets written/published.

  5. would LOVE to know exactly where/what we’re seeing in the outside shots; i never knew spain was so gorgeous!!! it looks like an outside arena?

    Unless I am mistaken, the Plaza in the photos is the Plaza Mayor, the most famous central square in Madrid. I think the Cervantes monument is in one end of that square, but I haven;t been to Spain in about five years and my memory is rusty. The green countryside is not Spain, I think it’s Wales from a previous trip of Imogen’s.


  6. Holy crap. Mermaids. I knew there was a reason I loved Stephenie.

    And I am quite the jealous gal. It looks like y’all had fun! (Of course, hehe)

  7. oh boy does that sound fun! Spain looks so beautiful! Thats another place i will have to add to my list of places to visit now! Glad you guys are havin fun. ( :

  8. i love drpepper says

    Spain looks so so so so so so so beautiful. Mermaids? Wait I have to read the Q&A’s

  9. i love drpepper says

    nice idea!!cant wait for the mermaid background odf the book.xDahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy.

  10. Glad you like all the stuff. I’ve added on a ‘what the pics are of’ commentary to the bottom of the photo page, but I’m limited to 20 uploads a day. I’ve got lots more already from the first day.

    Pel’s right – on Flickr, it’s just the top 5 that are to do with the Stephenie visit. The older ones are of Tintagel in Cornwall, when I visited there. I’m just uploading things where I can because of space issues.

    Book signing at FNAC tonight, so more from me later.

    Imogen ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. shes going to italy in April NOOOO!!! she has to go in september so i can met her *bursts in to tears cos this sucks!!!* please can she come to australia soon or italy in september cos i would die to meet her!!!!!! by the way i am VERY jealous of anyone who has met her…..*death glares to those people…*

  12. I appreciated the Q&A so much! I practically live for those! and the one I appreciated the most, was the werewolf one, about the genes. It proved my old self (as in several months ago) very wrong, cus in the beginning I had my mind set on “it’s not in the genes” ๐Ÿ™„

    Saying I’m jealous doesn’t even begin to cover it… Ah well. I’m glad you guys are having fun and enjoying yourselves!

    And I hope Stephenie’s jet-lag isn’t too bad.. ๐Ÿ˜• Mine was awful last time..!

  13. I heard Steph signed for books 5 and 6?!?!




  14. i love drpepper says

    I was reading People and there was this article about the new guy in Desperate Houswives and the guy looked like a good Jasper.His name is Josh Henderson.=)

  15. I remember going to Spain once. I just wish I could have gone when Stephenie was there!

  16. Hellish Red Devil says

    Tyler Posey, mermaids, superheroes, and Spain for the win!

    Wonderful notes, Imogen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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