Espana 2007

Stephenie is now traveling to Spain in time for the premier of the Spanish version of New Moon, Luna Nueva. According to Javier(A.K.A. Edward Cullen on our message boards), the head of the Spanish version of the Twilight Lexicon, here is her schedule:

Monday and Tuesday:

Stephenie is going to have interviews with the journalists from the newspapers and TV.

Tuesday Morning/Afternoon:

Javier gets to interview her Tuesday morning and possibly eat lunch with her that day too.


New Moon Presentation at the FNAC the Callao branch in Madrid (bookstore) at 19:30(7:30pm). The fans are meeting at the "Plazoleta de Callao" at 17:00(5:00pm) so we can arrive as a group.


Party at La Casa del Libro the Alcalá branch in Madrid. It will start around 17:00-17:30(5:00-5:30pm). Javier’s group is preparing a lot of fun games ( I can’t reveal what they have in mind but it’s terrific!) After, Stephenie will sign books from the fans.

That night there is the dinner between Stephenie Meyer and the fans who win the question contest Alfaguara(the Spanish publishers) ran.



In other news, New Moon is number one on the New York Times best seller list this week. The book has never left the list since it premiered, 26 weeks and counting. The paperback version of Twilight is in its 25th week on the bestseller list, currently in the number position.



  1. ohh if she is already in spain… WHY CAN´T SHE COME TO GERMANY?!?!?!?!?!?!
    *cry* ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

  3. Hey does anyone know when new moon comes out in australia? i only read it once my frend ordered but i wanted the proper cover so i didn’t.. so does anyone know when it comes out in australia please say..?

  4. Weee!

    YEah, She is here, she is here!! WEEEE! Im fascinated Im going to meet her…haha…

    We will do a lot of fotographs and chronicles of her first visit to Europe :D! Promess!

  5. I was so excited to see New Moon made it to the top of the NYT Best Sellers list I wanted to see for myself. But when I looked I didnt see it anywhere on the list! Very disapointing.

    It’s there under the children’s section.


  6. I wish I could follow her there… I love Spain. Beautiful beaches.

    wow, 26 weeks!!

  7. Terrific and web contest in the same phrase?!
    I´m so scared….”Ed” be good!

    I´m so nervous!!! hehehe.

  8. OMG!! I wish I could be there! If only, If only…. Good luck to her! I’m so excited for you Stephenie!!! (lucky) hehe

  9. Hellish Red Devil says

    This is all very exciting for everyone involved, I’m sure. 😀

  10. i love drpepper says

    testing one, two, three?

  11. i love drpepper says

    yay it worked!! I can leave comments now!!!!! have fun you guys!!!! wish I was going to go. I hate you guys, the ones who are going to meet Stephenie 😉 just kidding I’m not a hater. Have FUN, FUN, FUN.

  12. la tua cantante says

    SHE S HER SHE S HERE HERE HRE!! and i actually goung to meet her!!!!!! aaa
    if i don t die of excitement first of course…

  13. Me encanta que venga a España!!! sera bienvenida!!!!:D aunque no venga a mi ciudad (Valencia):(

    adios besos

  14. rakeliya:
    ostras!!!no me lo puedo creer estoy mas emocionada que nadie! justo el dia en el que lo publican me acabo d enterar de que lo sacaban..llevaba media año esperandolo..lo malo es de marbella y no podre conocerla ni pedirle un autografo ni nada..y tambien me he enterado de que steven strait hara de jasper cullen en la pelicula..tengo unas ganas de verla impresionantes..pero priemro me leere el libro otra vez..XD..bueno si alguien tiene informacion sobre el libro la autora o cualquier cosa..agregarme a

  15. I know when New Moon comes out in Australia… i checked out a book shop and they said they are ordering it… but wont be out til… JUNE or JULY this year!…. its probably June… but still… thats a reaaaaaaaaalllllllllllly loooooooong waiiiiiit!!!!

    i think im gonna cry!


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