The Q & A from the February 2007, BYU Symposium

As promised the Q & A from the BYU Winter Symposium has now been transcribed and verified. This was put together by JazzyGeorgie with a little help from Sarah Nicole. It is archived in our personal correspondence section for future reference.

The was also a reporter who covered the event for The Desseret News.

Coming soon, details on Stephenie’s upcoming Spain visit.


  1. i love drpepper says

    Awesome. I was waiting for something new about the movie and the book. I read Blood and Chocolate and it was really good but I saw spoilers and the previews and it didnt look like the original story. Umm sorry you guys probably dont want to know.=)

  2. i love drpepper says

    And the fourth book is coming till 2008 on my birthday=( It sucks how it takes a year for a book to come out. I hope Eclipse has a lot of pages.=)

  3. I am so so so so SO upset. I can’t go to the Eclipse Prom. My ballet exams are that same weekend, and I HAVE to take them.

    *sigh* What a downer…

    I hope everyone who does go will have fun, though, and I REALLY hope that Stephenie will post the first chapter on her website *hinthint*.

  4. WOW!! Its incredible!! Thanks a lot cause I dont want to make her the same questions in the interview for

    Thanks a lot!!! :D:D!

  5. This morning I just realized how much I love my cellphone and the RSS Feed, cus when I woke up a little green check-mark over an orange box told me the Lexicon had been updated, and I read it all while I was still in bed. Wondeful… πŸ˜›

    I absolutely loved the Q&A! I’ve read some of them before, but it was good to get a “different take on it”, I guess. πŸ™‚ And the ones I’d never read..YES! New information!!

    Great job Jazzygeorgie and Sarah Nicole!!

  6. The Q&A mentioned the Eclipse cover. I’ve looked and looked all over the internet and havn’t found a trace of it.

  7. JazzyGeorgie,
    You rock! Thanks for recording these, typing them up and sharing! πŸ™‚

  8. YAY!!!! i finely get to know something new!!!!! thanks sooooo much to the peoples that did this and i cant believe i only have to wait over 6 months to read eclipse!!!

  9. Silent h’s…………. *grrrrrrr*

    It’s saranicole. One word. Not capitalized. And no h. Zero h.

    The party and symposium were both so so fun! And I ALWAYS take notes… So no problem! I’m glad to share! πŸ™‚

  10. Did anyone notice that the Deseret news article mentioned Stephenie had signed for a 5th and 6th book in the series? I’m wondering if the author of the article was mistaken, or that’s just really new news. Was she maybe confused with the other books coming out – the Host as a trilogy?

  11. well i read Blood and Chocolate too i agree it doesnt look like the stories from the advertisments. ummmm well if you change Twilight that much. if they do ill be very mad! its a good story already.

  12. does anyone know how i can ask a question on the FAQ and have it be answered?