Stephenie at BYU

As many of you know, Stephenie had a speaking engagement at her alma mater, Brigham Young University (BYU), this past weekend. She and two other authors spoke about their individual novels as well as the writing and editing process.

There was also an I Love Edward Party at a local library spearheaded by Lexiconers Twix and Ellabelle with some additional help from Jazzygeorgie. Twix has posted an account over at LiveJournal that is public, so anyone can read it.

Coming soon, details from the Q & A session…


  1. Oh the Joy!

    I had so much fun!

    I sleep with my Ed Award every night. No really. I do.

  2. I had a great time. I’m showing off my pictures to everyone that has read these books. They are all jealous of my experience. I look forward to my next one!

  3. YAY!! A new Q&A!!! I’m so excited!!! =)

  4. lil_voice1 says

    finally a new Q & A’s!!!!!*starts dancing and singing REALLY loud mainly going “theres gonna be a new questions and answers” over and over and “yay!!!!!”*

  5. o0xsmoochesx0o says

    I can’t believe I missed this!!
    I had no idea it was going on!
    I live..10 miles away from BYU!

    Oh man..I’m distraught!

  6. I wish I could’ve been there…but the EProm is closer every day!

    Can’t wait for the new Q&A. They always seem to have some good fodder food for the fanfic writers.

  7. danobanano says

    Fantastic Party!
    Thanks Twix for the live journal its fun to relive the memories.
    Congrats to Twix, Ellabelle and Jazziegeorgie for your new rankings.

  8. i love drpepper says

    new Q&A’s YAy. when will eclipse have a book cover?

  9. saranicole says

    Stephenie’s going to reveal the cover of Eclipse at E-Prom, but she just got it pretty recently, so she knows what it looks like. She said she likes it better than the cover of New Moon, but not as well as the cover of Twilight (that will be in the Q&A)… But Stephenie LOVES the cover of Twilight, so I think it would be pretty hard to top.

    Jazziegeorgie and I just finished typing all of the Q&A stuff up from the party and the symposium, as well as a summary of the events there (as far as Stephenie is concerned)… we’re just editing now. There were a lot of really good questions!

    It was so fun! I had SUCH a blast! And elisabeth–you do NOT sleep with your Edaward… it’s PLASTER! It would BREAK! ๐Ÿ™‚ I miss you guys! ๐Ÿ™

  10. well im not alowd to buy things online but ill give a look

  11. im all alone i wish i ad edward here beside me

  12. Auide Coupe says

    My brother goes to BYU and he got me a signed copy of twilight for my baptisim day [6 years ago on the 18th of Febuary] I love so much:) Plus i love your handwriting. . . Im trying to copy it and i am failing miserably ๐Ÿ™