New Account Validation

As many of you have noticed lately we’ve been hit by a ton of spam. What was once a twice a week nuisance, turned into a 50+ post a day nightmare.

In order to combat this successfully, we have taken the security step of having all new accounts be subject to administrator approval. What this means is if you register for an account, it may take up to 72 hours to approve your account.

Don’t worry, once we determine that you are not a spammer, we will approve you.



  1. Ouch. That sucks. I’m really glad I made my account a while ago. I don’t think I could have stood waiting another day without obsessing over Twilight when I made it. I would have gone crazy.

  2. lil_voice1 says:

    thank goodness the spam was starting annoying the heck out of me!!!(it was stopping me from getting my daily dose of twilight mania!!!)

  3. that is a good thing but know i have problems even getting in help?

    Try again now. I think I fixed teh problem.


  4. ravengirl23 says:

    thank goodness

  5. wow. I just missed that! I registered this account 3 days ago…

  6. IsabellaSwan says:

    *phew* I just registered a few days ago.. that means i’m safe right?

  7. The Leading Lady says:

    -happiness- I do want to nor will I ever want to hear about free naughty sites again.

    -gives the admins cookies-

  8. xXdreamxofxvampiresXx says:

    yay!!! i kept getting side tracked during that. i mean, really… go do that on myspace or somethin…

  9. finally im in !!!!!!!! “jumps of happyness” 🙂 thankyou 🙂

  10. BittyBabe says:

    i still cant find out how to get an account can anyone help me!!!

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