Technical problems and an Update

Hi All,

Thanks to Darkseid our technical woes have been fixed. A huge round of applause is in order since he litlerally got up from his sick bed to fix it.

We also combined the Quench Your Thirst and Book Beyond Expectations Forums. Once Eclipse releases in fall 2007 we’ll create an Eclipse forum, but for now all book related discussions are in basically the one place.

Welcome to all our newcomers. It seems that Twilight and New Moon were under many a Christmas tree and we have had a huge influx of members. If you haven’t yet introduced yourself in the New Kid in Town forum please do. We like to get to know you, plus it helps identify real people from Spam accounts.

A lot of people don’t realize that we have information other than the forums. Many frequently asked questions can be found in the character bios  and personal correspondence listed on the main page  Try checking out those locations for information.

Another great feature is our search feature found at the top of the forum page. Use the search to see if the topic you want to start already exists.  The mods hate locking topics, so do a little detective work and it won’t get locked.

Have funn all, and see you around the boards!

Alphie and Pel

PS. We tried to email this to everyone but for some reason now the email isn’t working.


  1. Thanks Darkseid!

  2. VampirePrincess says:

    Well, maybe it’s just me, but that debug mode/critical error went away, then came back when I try to log in. I type in my udername, password, and hit login and the debug message appears. Is it my computer or the server?

  3. i love drpepper says:

    on the twilight fanfiction I cant leave comments. Why is that???=(

  4. lil_voice1 says:

    YAY!!!! i can finally get into the forums!!!!! thanks Dakseid!!!!

  5. xXdreamxofxvampiresXx says:

    YAY!!! so happy to be back on *claps enthusiastically* lol *laughs at spelling*

  6. I´ve got a question, but not to this:
    The chat doesen´t work, or better, I can´t create a new acount. Am I the only one or are there others who have the same problem?
    Can someone help me please ?

  7. Thanks Darkseid!!!

  8. Thanks Darkseid!!!
    Our lives are based on the Lexicon, and now you’re our hero!! ^__^
    (hah, exaggeration much?)
    I love those forums, and I thank you guys for keeipng it up and runnin’ =3
    Keep up the good work!


  9. WOW I love your web & your books… I alreadly read Twilight & New Moon… I can’t wait till your next one comes out… Eclipse right… I just love Vampires I can’t seem to stop reading about them… I looked up on the enternet about them & found a websit that says stuff about real Vampires saying that they really are real, but I don’t know… there could be real ones out there somewere…Maybe… What do you think?

  10. Cara Taylor AKA bella64920 says:

    love this place. so much fun. love the books. love the chat. love the whole kit and caboodle. keep it going.

  11. Snaps for Darkseid!

    *snap snap*

  12. xXdreamxofxvampiresXx says:

    NO!!!!!!!! it’s back! lol

  13. In Love With Forever says:

    Uh oh, the page is coming back up again. I can’t get into the boards to post this on the previous thread that we created for this. All I know is that the page is the exact same as the critical error screen that popped up earlier this week. Is anyone else having this problem again?

  14. The Green Queen says:

    Well, good job on solving the old problem, but now I can’t go onto the board because of another debug page just like “In Love With Forever” said.

  15. la tua cantante says:

    it s gone again

    snif snif sni

  16. It’s gone again! *tear*

    SAD! It´s gone again… 🙁

  18. ohh why is it goneeee… 🙁 *snif* whhhhyyy i don´t want that…^^

  19. Grahhhhhh the evil white page o’ death returneth!

    Hats off the to Lexicon techie crew… I’d have snatched all my hair out by the roots.

  20. *hyperventilating* the evil white page with black letters that say something about debugging are incomprehensible! come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

  21. darkfairy13 says:

    EVIL WHITE PAGE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. OFF THE subject but who wants MTV to make twilight the movie ???
    i dont

  23. ahhhhhhhhh I DONT WANT MTV makes the MOVIE!!
    they might put chad michael murey to play edward and lindsey lohan to play bella -shiver-
    I want WB to make it
    Maybe then they can put Henry Cavill as Edward and Emily Browning to play Bella


  24. i love drpepper says:

    i really dont care who makes it as long as someone makes it. however I will so not watch it if they make Chad into Edward and lindsey lohan into bella. or hilary duff into bella either.=(

  25. bluh i agree. How about putting people who actually eat in the movie?

  26. how about they dont make the movie because no matter what actors they put noone will ever compare to Edward or even any of the other vampires…Im fully against a movie being made!!

  27. true true. Twilight is something you have to read.

  28. i so dissagree with you guys sbout not making the movie Im ean.

  29. twilightmoon says:

    Lissy , I had the same problem, you have to right click at the top of the page and click allow pop ups, and then you can make a new thing.

  30. Bal (Nikki) says:

    AHHH. This has NOTHING to do with this issue, but Alphie, I FINALLY FINALLY FINISHED JACOB IN ONE SITTING. Oh gosh duehjdns AHHH GIDEON AND LEGNA NEXT AHHH.


    Okay, I’m done xD

    I just thought I’d let you know that I finally finished it after all this time.

    Anymore amazing books you would like to bestoy upon me?! Hahaha.

  31. Bal (Nikki) says:

    Bestow* Oh jeez, it really feels like 2:30 in the morning now. xD

  32. i love drpepper says:

    what book were you reading?

  33. lil_voice1 says:

    is it just me or does the message boards keep going up and down???? cos im ready to throw my computer out into the rain….(its raining here…) at the moment i just a scream and shouting fest at my computer (WHY AREN’T YOU WORKING YOU STUPID COMPUTER!!!!!!! thats the most common… lucky my parents are here or id be committed…) but its driving me insane!!!!!

  34. lil_voice1 says:

    WAH!!!!! its not working im almost in tears here someone please fix it!!!!!

  35. I don’t know what’s wrong but i can’t see the messages boards there is always this white site (debug mode) no matter which computer i use…

  36. oh no it´s doing it again… or actually it´s doing nothing…

    *without comment*

  38. No message boards. 🙁

  39. I can’t even log in!! it says that my username is wrong? but i even checked my email that twilight lexicon sent me, and i was using my correct password and username. i can’t get to the message boards either!!!

  40. la tua cantante says:

    snif snif this is making me veeeeeeeeeeeeery sad, i hope somebody knows how to fix it soon.. snif snig

  41. OMG! sooo frustrated! i can’t even log in!!!!!!!

  42. wishin i was Bella says:

    OMG i just finished reading Twilight and i just ordered New Moon. It looks so good and i was reading the ending of Twilight, then i screamed at the book. The problem was that i was left hanging. The preveiw to New Moon also left me hanging. Geez sooo mad here. well awesomest book ever ttly well yall ttyl =)

  43. So ostentatious says:

    I am getting the error message again. At first I could reload the page and it would work but now I can’t even get to the main forum page.

  44. Why….why has the white page of death returned? I thought it was sucessfully banished…


    My brother hust looked at that and just gave me a look that said “Sissy’s crazy…..”

    I will morn until the purple page of life return.



  45. cabingurl says:

    I am getting the error message again! 1/22/07

  46. *sniffle* but i wanted to go to the message boards…

  47. I was away all weekend, and when I finally get back, the boards are down. I hope it’s not a very big problem, cus then I feel sorry for the poor “techy-guy”.. I really hope it’s up soon, cus I miss it..!

  48. I tried to get on a while ago and it worked, and now the henious white page of technological scribbles is back! It makes my brain hurt. When will the acursed white page of doom be exiled so the beutiful purple page of happiness and all that is good and Edward return? Sorry ’bout that… it’s late…. 😛

  49. edwardluver131 says:

    My computer is still saying there is a technical error, and my friend’s does, too. Did it crash again? I can’t get onto the message boards, and I haven’t been there for like, two weeks! I’m dying here! Please help!

  50. I guess the message boards don’t like me, because they wont work.

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