Technical problems

Right now the messages boards are going up and down, and when they are up an error message pops up when you post. We know about it, but it might be awhile before it gets fixed since our tech guru is a bit under the weather at the moment.

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  1. lil_voice1 says:

    that would explain why i cant get into the message boards!!!!! i hope it gets fixed soon or my life is going to crumble!!!!!

  2. i love drpepper says:

    yeah that explains it!!=)hope there wont be any more difficulties.

  3. Yay! For once it isn’t just my computer having issues!

  4. LoL oh k i thought my computer was being stupid, well hope they get running again soon

  5. sorry but i can’t get on the message boards. is there a problem?

  6. Counting Sheep says:

    Aw, darn it, now it won’t work even if I refresh the page 10 times. 🙁 I just thought it was this traffic/server problem before, because back in the summer there were a lot of people on the forums and it was hard to get in.

  7. Aggggrrrr…
    I can´t open it anymore… (cry)!
    Wouldn´t ever have thought this would be so bad to me!!!
    I neeeeeeeeed to go in…!
    PLEASE, PLEASE let it be on again quickly…

  8. la tua cantante says:

    snif, snif snif,, i ll try to survive till it gets fixed,

  9. Darksied9 says:


  10. la tua cantante says:

    THEY RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  11. SUPER!

  12. MissBelle says:

    Ah, finally!!
    I was starting to get desperate, thinking what in the world I’d do without the Lexicon… xD
    YAY, we’re back!!!

  13. Awww.. they arent working for me… I tried on my school computer, my computer and the one at the library…I am so sad:(:(:(:(

  14. edwardluver131 says:

    hi melissa!

  15. Bella_4_Edward says:

    That would explain why I’ve been banned from the message boards, hopefully.

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