Eclipse Prom

Pel and I have had a crazy amount of e-mails about prom and I thought I should post this here to let you all know that there is no new information.  All we know is that it will take place the first weekend in May and that it will be some where in the large city of Phoenix, AZ.  We have no specifics on hotels, time, loaction… nothing.  There just isn’t anything more to tell right now.  PLEASE do not book your flights or hotels yet.  We can’t make you any promises as to location or time and I would hate for someone to get a room on the opposite side of town from where the event will take place.  Just hang tight.  As soon as Stephenie has ANY information, I will let every one know what’s going on. 



  1. Thanks for the update!~

  2. I am trying to find out more, but there is nothing new alright! I love her books and will die if i don’t go. if anyone finds ANYTHING, PLEASE tell me by leaving it here on the web sites!!!!!!

    I Want To Go There!!!! Love, crissy

  3. hey~ i juz found yr web after i fell in love with Twilight. many of my frenz also love the book. i am now readin New Moon. (its from a library) i’d like to ask if i am able to find the book in s’pore??? i’d lyk to purchase it but hopefully at a reasonable price =) thanx for creatin this web.

  4. =]

  5. maaan, i wanna go so badly! but i’m in chicago, and i can’t take off more than 5 days a semester or i fail all of my classes. i hate my school. I WANNA GO TO ECLIPSE PROM!

  6. I wish I could go!!!

  7. Becca_Twilightlover says:

    Anyone live near Montreal? We could arrange a car pool?

  8. Prom is going to be so awesome! Don’t worry guys…as soon as everything is “approved” you’ll know ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. What exactly is going to be happening there and how long is it?

  10. nicole arnold says:

    hey guys i just discovered Twilight and fell in love immediately. i can’t wait for prom! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. twilightmoon says:

    OMG I think my mom actually caved in. I’m probably going!!! wewt!! I am sooo excited, but more info needs to be put up:( but I supposes I can wait it’s roughly 4 months away.:) YAY!!

  12. i cannot wait i am already looking for my dress i just need more information=)

  13. for those of us that cant be there.will you post the cover and first chapter up for everyone to read.and i am dying to read eclipse can you release it any faster.please write back if you can.your number one fan.^_^

  14. i wanted 2 no it we need to by tickets?!?!

  15. Steph will post the cover and chapter on her site after prom I’m sure…Im sorry I cant give any of you info right now…but dont worry all in time!

  16. yeah, if anyone gets more info let us know. my aunt lives in pheonix and my parents are letting me go. i just have no clue where , what time, ect.

  17. OMG OMG OMG! i sooooo can not wait till prom comes out! like no joke! im goin to die if i have to wait any longer! ughhhh!!!!! i didnt even kno there was goin to be anything else after new moon, til today 1/19/07 yea! im retarded! im soo excited to read the rest of the sequals… but if any of you know a site i can go and pre- order it I WOULD SO LUV U FOR EVER!

  18. okkk im new
    i just started reading the books.
    but i finished both!
    and i love them!
    and i cant wait for eclipse to come out!
    but ne way
    wat is going to happen at the eclipse prom.
    i live in arizona so i want tooo gooo soo
    but ya
    so wat is gonna happen at the eclipse prom???

  19. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I so totally love Twilight and New Moon they are both awsome i can’t wait for the prom. I might be able to go but i’m too far away! I live in MO. this sucks. I need more info to be able to go so if anyone knows anything will they post it up here? Is there a certian age you need to be to go?

  20. EClover93 says:

    I REALLY wish i could go…….I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!

  21. EClover93 says:

    i LOVE
    – NEW MOON
    – EDWARD!!!!!!!!

  22. EClover93 says:

    i cannot wait for eclipse to come out. i love these books sooo much that i forced my sister to read them because i talk about them sooo much. I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!

  23. I can’t wait!! I love the books soooooo much. It is driving my mad that I have to wait for the next book. I hope I can go to the prom. =)

  24. shelby
    i am form maine and i am going to the eclipse prom with my 5 friends and we are the #1 twilight lovers so when you get this can you give me information on where the prom is going to be held i can twait and I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. can i get someones screen name who lives close to maine maybe we can hook up

  26. what do we wear to the prom (semi formal dress, prom dress, etc.)

  27. Hi Everyone! I love the books, and I was really excited when I heard about the prom. But my mom won’t let me go. I live in Nebraska, an dmy mom can’t drive me. UGH!!! However, if Stephenie comes anywhere near Nebraska while promoting New Moon, I’ll have to beg my mom to let me go. I don’t think I can wait any longer to meet Stephenie.

  28. Correction: In my last post I meant to say “while promoting Eclipse” NOT “while promoting New Moon” Sorry about that!

  29. I was wondering is this an actual prom? becausesome of the comments say i am looking for a dress. Also what is happening at teh eclipse prom? Thanks~!

  30. Oh and also can we pre-order eclipse?

  31. the prom is may 4-7 2007 in phoneix AZ in the usa
    me and my friends are looking for more stuff so i will tell you what i know!

  32. Hey!! I am so excited for the prom!! But i cant find anything about it!! i feel like i am totally clue less! does anyone else feel that way? Or is it just me and my stupid computer skills! hehehe

  33. BittyBabe says:

    Hey!! I went to the BYU Midwinter symposium and all stephenie said about it is that she will read the first chapter of eclipse and show us the cover and that is was going to be like on may 5, and that she really is really excited to wear a big wedding gown. Ya… but anyway thats all i know.. But the symposium was really fun.. Stephenie was so awesome!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. BittyBabe says:


  35. hey. my mom said i could go to phoenix for the prom, but all i know is that its may 5th near the changing hands bookstore. is there any new info? let me know. thanks.

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