Where has Stephenie been?

Lately whenever we post news, we get a ton of comments that ask, "When is Stephenie coming to…(insert name of city here)?" So I thought I’d post a little map to show exactly where she has been.

Just a reminder, folks, Stephenie only has three upcoming engagements before the release of Eclipse: The BYU Event, The Spain Tour, and The Eclipse Prom.  There is no further info available at this time on the Spain Tour or Eclipse Prom, but when we know, you’ll know.

Als, Stephenie is busy writing Breaking Dawn and editing The Host, so she is not really able to tour right now. Plus, remember that Stephenie goes where Little Brown tells her to. So if you want her to visit a certain location, begging Stephenie doesn’t help. The tour schedule is not released until just before the novel which is currently slated for fall 2007.

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  1. I am assuming that the areas that are red are the states she will visit soon. I am exciting because if my assumption is correct, she will be coming to Illinois, and I will then get to go to a signing!

    ~~~No, you’ve assumed wrong.  The lable on the map says where has Stephenie BEEN, not where is she going to be.  These are places she has already visited.  We get too many people asking when she is going to come to a location near them only to find out she has already been to that area and the person just missed it. 


  2. lil_voice1 says:

    why can’t live in america*whining*!!!!!!!! im just about to cry!!!! its not fair (who ever is going i am VERY VERY Jealous!!!!) my parents said theyre not sending me to america or spain *wails*!!!!! someone bug little brown and co. to send stephenie to australia…….

  3. Good idea to put up that map! Maybe you won’t have to answer the same question 90 times then… 😉

    The red are probably the one’s she’s been to, especially since she only has three upcoming events before Eclipse is released, Katie.. 🙂

    I guess, as Stephenie gets popular in Europe to, you’ll have to post a European map and color in the countries she’s been to there as well….! 😛

  4. sarah flynn says:

    Okay, so i’m planning to go to the Eclipse Prom. However, I have to raise two thousand dollars to afford the airline. (I Live in MA). So I was just wondering, before I spend my entire college fund (haha) do you need to purchase tickets or anything in advance?? Please Please Please Let me know!


    We have no details other than the date, May 5, 2006

  5. Does anyone know if she is coming back to Seattle. She should, since she based basicaly the entire book there (well in Forks, but same difference)…Plz tell me yes…


    She will not know her tour schedule until Eclipse comes out.

  6. i love drpepper says:

    I do think you have to tell Pel or someone youare going because the place where the thing is being held is small or something. I hope Im not mistaken for the I Love Edward Party.=(



    Nope that was the I Love Edward Party we have no details on E-prom details.

  7. i love drpepper says:

    wait is the red the parts she hasnt come to yet. Im not sure so um you kinda shoulda put a guide thing.


    Read the title, it’s where Stephenie has been.

  8. The red states are the states she’s been to. I know it’s not much, but Stephenie has no control over where she’s traveled.

  9. i love drpepper says:


  10. la tua cantante says:

    just out of curiosityçwho arranges her schedule? her agent or something like that? i just wanted to know..


    Her publicist (Elizabeth) facilitates the details of getting from place to place, but I believe it is the corporate management that decides what those places are.



  11. I hope Stephenie is able to come to a signing in Atlanta when Eclipse comes out.

  12. We cant forget she has a husband AND 3 boys as well ….

    I’d go bonkers 😛

  13. When was she in New York? I bet she wasn’t in the area I live though. New York has three parts…


    several Manhattan stops, brooklyn, and perhaps Long Island.

  14. Bellaluvsed says:

    NAyone KNow WHERE the Eclipse Prom Will Be? What is she doing coming to that state next to NC? WHERE WILL SHE BE? *foams at mouth at prospect of meeting steph* WHEEEEEEEEN??? PLEASE PM ME WITH INFO!!!!



    Read the post at the top all you atre asking about is there.

  15. i love drpepper says:

    have you guys checked out hte Bella Penombra???pretty cool. more update dhtan stephenies website.

  16. i love drpepper says:
  17. i love drpepper says:
  18. …you see the whole south is suffering, haha. Well I’ll just sit tight and wait…

  19. It sucks that Canada is just a grey area.. Oh well, someday. Good idea to have the map, Lori and Laura..

    I called you by your REAL names! I think this is the start of something.. haha 🙂

  20. hope she comes to okc!!!!!

  21. Kentucky? When was she in KY? And a better question how didn’t I know about this?

  22. What about Canada? Canadian people need Stephenie Meyer too.

  23. I missed her in CA but I realy want to see the auther of this awesome series plus i want to hear the first chapter of the new book! I can’t wait till fall to buy and read the book.

  24. ah;


    man, i missed her signing in washington;

    oh darn!

    hmmm….maybe she`ll visit oregon, or idaho???

    i guess i`ll have to wqait my turn;

  25. england?!?!!? come to england!!!!

  26. [[...-->Mary says:

    I´m spanish.
    I´m thirteen years old.
    I love “twilight” and I don´t know when it leaves on sale “eclipse”.
    You can help me? thank you very much.
    kisses Mary.

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