Take a Walk In My Shoes Winners Are Announced

The results are in, and you are all in for a major treat. Some of our winners(several of whom are Lexicon members) have already uploaded their work. Others will be posting shortly. Without further ado, here they are~

1st Place Taxi, The Cliff

2nd Place Tainted Tea, Mascara Is Evil

3rd Place Thestral Rider, Bella

1st Lomesir, Philosophy

2nd Karli in Wonderland, Vision

3rd  Silly Bella, I’ll Vote No

Because we had so many fic entries, we also wanted to recognize three runners-up.

Be My Escape, The Final Act

Genealogygirl, A Conversation

Seraphyn, Angela’s Eye’s


So come on down to Twilight Fanfic and Fanart and see what quality items we have to offer to tide you over until Eclipse comes out. We feature only the best authors and artists because if you’re not able to have a new story from Stephenie Meyer, you at least want to read something that’s good!



    some amazing stuff – love it love it love it!!

  2. Ohyeah. Awesomeness. says:

    Oooh. This will definitely tide me over until Eclipse comes out.

    Congratulations to the winners! 8)

  3. Guys,

    Yall really did AWESOME!i I was blown away just looking at some brief pics.


  4. Conratulations Guys!!!

    They’re all AMAZING! I love it!

  5. How come some of the fanarts are not actually posted on the site itself?




    Two of the three are currently up, I ‘m assuming because it is a holiday weekend Tainted Tea may be out of town and not have even relized she won yet. Pel

  6. Oh, wow. That art is amazing. I absolutely love it all! Congratulations to the very talented winners! :]

  7. feeding fashion says:

    how come i can’t view the entries?
    i would like to see how SPECTACULAR they are. :]]

  8. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Wow, this is some really amazing work! Congrats, guys!

  9. where do i go to see the winners work? im confused! help!

    tati~ana~ lol

  10. thats so cool

  11. Google is the best search engine

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