Nashville Round One

Hello everyone!

Pel and I are recovering from a wonderful evening of fun with the whole gang here in Nashville.  We started the evening by having everyone put on name tags with their screen name and real name.  Someone swiped mine and I’m curious to know who it was!  We also gave everyone an Edward button as a gift as well as a post card with the Lexcion picture that Pel and I signed…and some even got Steph to sign theirs.  Then we ordered pizza, which is a whole story in and of itself that I will save for the podcast!  And then Stephenie arrived.

I’m not sure how many people were actually surprised by Stephenie’s arrival, but I know at least two people were.  We tried to keep it quiet, but I know it leaked out in chat.  She came in and instead of squeals of delight, she was met with an almost stunned silence.  I thought it was funny, but soon everyone was talking again and sitting at her feet in rapt attention just waiting for a spoiler! 

We played several trivia games, all of which you can find posted on the message boards.  Here are several pictures of everyone taking the tests and mingling about.  Silly Bella won the general Twilight quiz and took home an Edward Lover teddy bear.  Freesia won the Lexicon History test and took home a Lexicon calandar.  And Tayls won the fan fiction test and took home an Edward magnet.

Now we have to dash off to church.  We will fill you in on the rest of the details when we got home as well as post more pictures.  So far it’s been a BLAST!




  1. … First comment? Wow.

    That sounds like so much fun! And it’s sweet you gave out prizes.

  2. Those are some high quality pictures! 😛 Man, I wish I could’ve gone! But I don’t live close to Nashville at all! *angst*

  3. I was looking at the pictures, and I’m just wondering… did Stephenie get her hair cut? it looked shorter than in other pictures I’ve seen.

    I’m so jealous at everyone that was able to go, but I’m happy yall had a great time!! =)

  4. I wonnnn!!! Libby and I both tied for that, but she gave the prize to me when she won the second contest. =]

  5. WHY!?! WHY!?!? WHY!?!? I was 30 MINUTES away, but noo…..

  6. i love Twilight, New Moon. they are awsome!

  7. *forever twilight* says:

    WOW. i had soo much fun!! and there is still Monday!!!

  8. Hahaha. Thanks, Pel and Alphie for the pictures! =D I so wish I could have been there. My parents didn’t exactly sympathize, though. ;D I am so excited to see the rest of the pictures and everyone else’s stash. I hope you all had an amazing time! Again, thanks for sharing!

  9. I adore your books Twilight and New Moon sooooo much I cant wait to see when the movie comes out it will be soooooooooooo awesome your books are so sweet and romantic yet full of action and a little comedy if anything you could blow Harry Potter off the Earth I cant wait for Eclipse im dying from the anticipation of what is to come

  10. Hahaha those pictures are all blurry. Oh man, I am logged onto the internet in our hotel room, and let me tell you – I want to CRY at the thought of leaving!

    It’s like a big family reunion…

    Anywhore, I’ll have lots of goodies uploaded when I get home (On Tuesday night) because I’m too lazy right now.

    And oh man tomorrow is going to be AWESOME!!

  11. hey Stephenie
    i just have to tell you that ever since i finished the book twilight i can’t get enough of it…i literally read it over and over again…but now that i noe thers goin to be sequals i can rest my eyes, edward and bella have truelly changed me, i never use to read books before, now im a bookworm!!! and im proud of it! i thank God for creating a creative and romantic writer like you, coz widout u…i would not have fallen inlove with books (ur especially) i guess in every girls heart they are waiting for their very own Edward Eullen (aahhhh) to come to their rescue. Genius i tell u, absolute GENIUS!!!!!!!
    P.S Edward is gorgeous!!!!

  12. Oh boy! It is Monday, Nov. 20th at last! My crew and I will be back tonight. (Although, looking at the pictures, maybe I should say my COVEN and I!) We will also be bringing 2 more who weren’t at the Lexicon Party. I will also try to have my sketch of Edward as a Boy Scout. For now, we gotta make it through SCHOOL today! See you all later!

  13. Nightmare (Dawn) says:

    sorry I haven’t been on in a long time but I am glad to here what is going on i have been deeply depressed about my friend that was in a car accident and is now fighting for her life so say a word for her. I can’t wait for the next book!

  14. Wow sounds like you guys had lots of fun! I just got done reading Twilight for the sixth time and I bought the book on Oct.1st. These books are really amazing and I wish I could meet Stephanie. Sadly, I live no where near Nashville or I would definately have been there. Hope everyone has lots of fun today, take lots of pics!

  15. I am so jealous! I wish i could have went But if there is one next year I am so there! Glad everyone had a blast.

  16. Sat. night was fantastic–thanks so much for setting it up! I’m glad there’s still tonight to look forward to; it’ll be fun to see everyone again~

  17. ashleycouture says:

    I so wanted to be there… i am so jealous… it sounds like you guys had a great time… i hope the signing is just as fun. I really hope that next year she will come back to the seattle and forks area.. i will deffinatly get to go to that…

  18. i wish i could have gone. there is always next year.

  19. dear chantelle,

    thank you for saying all that, u totally took the word out of my mouth, theres this boy at school who has a BIG crush on me! he even gave me a diamond necklace for x-mas, but hes not edward cullen so im not really giving him the time of day, if thats a kindof-nice way to put it, we’re friends though. and my best friend is named chantelle, spelled the same way 2! plz keep messaging it’d be cool to get ur e-mail, no im not a predetor, i think their so scary! thats the only thing that scares me most in the whole world!


  20. Google is the best search engine

  21. GroovyBambi says:

    DOes anyone know if Stephenie ever tours in the Southeast? That party looked like sooo much fun! I wish I could’ve been there! *sigh*

  22. wow wish i could have been thier. But i cant take the test or see the pictures

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