Stephenie’s Site Updated!

Hello everyone! 

I’ve been out of town for two days and just walked in the door to see that Stephenie has made a huge update at her site with loads of interesting things that you all will want to read.  First off, she updated her NEWS section with a whole mess of stories and photos from her New Moon tour.  I’m sure several of you will find yourself squealing in delight when you see that you are pictured at her web site. 

She has also updated the New Moon section with the story behind New Moon as well as some Frequently Asked Questions that many of you have asked on the message boards.  Lots of info there!   Be warned – if you haven’t read New Moon, clicking on these links will totally spoil the book for you.  So please, don’t look at them if you haven’t finished the book yet.

As a side note, I got back the list of questions that we all asked Stephenie just as I was about to head out for my mini trip.  Because of the New Moon FAQ that is now posted at Stephenie’s site, some of our questions are already answered.  I will, however, post the remaining questions and answers tomorrow or Monday.  It all depends on how I’m feeling.  (I’m coming down with something and Pel has a broken finger.  So you are at the mercy of the administrative team’s poor health right now!)



  1. WOOT! I’m in one of those pictures. =) And referred to by name AHAHA.
    Dang pink.

    PINKFEST 2006!

    I’m thinking shirts:
    PINKFEST 2006
    Official Participant

  2. HAHA BREE. =]


  3. mental_mentos says:

    YAY! I was in one of the pics too. But alas, not mentioned by name. Hope you guys (Alphie and Pel) will feel better soon! Being sick and/or broken is no fun at all.

  4. b&eforever says:

    OMG she said she was happy to come to Texas yay

  5. Em Cullen says:

    Yay, I’m in one of the pics too. My name isn’t mentioned either. Oh well, it’s still very cool!!!

    Alphie and Pel, I hope you feel better soon!!!

  6. BREE!!! I want a shirt! Please?????

    We should all wear them to the signing! That would so be the hotness!

    I’m not mentioned by name, but I am mentioned! Yay Floridians in Nashville!!! 😉

  7. well im not in one of the pictures. i live on the other side of the world which sucks, u know, for me. although i could probably photoshop one. although that would b very very lame. i LOVE those t-shirts though. most of them anyway.

    xxx maddie

  8. awww I I’m not in any because I live in Oklahoma *cries*

  9. hope you both feel better soon …and post the questions ..i want them…alot lol

    get well sickness/injuries suck

  10. Hi! Im new here n im a bit confused…

    Is it just me, or did Stephenie say in her update that she was coming to Florida?! Cause if she is…OMG i would be so excited!!!!

    Maybe i interpreted it wrong but i really hope im right!!!!!

  11. WinterHeart says:

    hey is it true that there might be a movie for twilight because it would be awsome i love the books the New Moon and twilight and can’t wait for the next book Eclipse to come out

  12. Lomesir22 says:

    ^^ Fun times. The signings look like great fun. I can’t wait for Stephenie’s answers!

  13. Lyn – She mentioned “Floridians.” I don’t know about Florida – I haven’t heard anythng of her touring there.

    And the movie is currently being optioned, WinterHeart.

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  16. anna lucia says:

    got to work on project!!

  17. anna lucia 2 says:

    well we shouldnt use up all the blogging space

  18. anna lucia 2 says:

    i have to work on it to


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  21. So will the questions and answers be posted on the personal correspondence page? I cannot wait!!!! Hope you get feeling better soon, Alphie.

  22. genealogygirl says:

    Have the questions and answered been posted somewhere? I can’t find them, and I guess I’m a week old on this news in any case.

  23. omg i can’t believe this is happening don’t mind me i just love tis place! ^^

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