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By random chance, I visited Stephenie’s website today and learned that the Library of Congress National Book Festival has posted a webcast of our wonderful author for all to see.  You can find the information for the webcast at the official site of the book festival.  For all of you that have complained that you haven’t "seen" Stephenie because she hasn’t come to your home state, now is your chance! 

I’ve had the chance to watch the video and here are some of the highlights:

When asked about the Twilight movie, Steph explained that she will know for certain in April what Mavrick plans to do with it.  So we will have to check back in a few months for an update.

Edward’s favorite color is blue…when Bella is wearing it.

She started Midnight Sun becasue so many of us fan fic writers were getting Edward all wrong in our fics!  Hopefully she will publish the book after book four comes out.

There will definately be four books in the series.  She could write five or six, but it all depends if she feels the story and characters are still exciting and fresh.

She said she is the "world’s wussiest vampire author" and that she hates horror.  She said that she had very little knowledge of vampires or werewolves and for that reason she made up her own ideas about their abilities based on what seemed logical and scientific.  That’s why Edward doesn’t have fangs!

She wouldn’t rewrite New Moon from Edward’s PoV becasue it would be too painful.  She might do chapter three just to be fair to him.

New Moon is not a title about werewolves.  It means it the darkest time in Bella’s life.  There is no light.

The cover of New Moon means…that she didn’t get to pick the cover!  LOL!  She said it’s pretty, but that she is disconnected from it.

When asked about her favorite character, she restated that Bella is like a daughter and that she is in love with Edward.  She went on to say that she doesn’t love Rosalie or Jasper.  She respects them, but they aren’t really good friends.

The reason why she included the Volturi was that she wanted to show traditional vampires and how different they are from the Cullens.

There are lots of more things to learn from watching the webcast, but these were the ones I found the most interesting.  I sometimes think that the fans here at the lexicon are the smartest and more knowledgable fans around, but there are some things to learn from watching the video.  I hope you all enjoy it!



  1. Wow, that’s awesome. I loved that! It’s like being at a signing.. 😆

  2. Does anyone know where (pesonal correspondence, her site) Stephenie Meyer talked about how the fans had misinterpreted Edward in their fanfics. I remember reading this somewhere, but I cannot remember where.

    Hmm… she didn’t get to pick her cover. Now I understand that while it does look good with the first book cover it does not match the book contents itself.

    Also the site seems to be acting up or is it just me?

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  4. “…she is in love with Edward”


  5. stephanie says:

    too bad she’s not coming to europe any time soon =(

  6. “She went on to say that she doesn’t love Rosalie or Jasper”

    lol whaaaaat? i thought she said a little while ago “i looove me some Jasper” lol darn!

  7. AAAH! What did you guys use to watch it? It won’t play on Explorer or Windows Media.

  8. It won’t play for me either. Could it be because I have a mac? =.= I hope not. Is there a program I can download? Anyone know?

  9. vampire_chick22 says:

    You can try playing it on realplayer if you’re able to get it. Hope you guys can listen to it; it’s really worth it! Now I feel a little better that I won’t be seeing Stephenie in a while…

  10. Oh, god I had felt so HORRIBLE about missing the lecture…but now, I feel so happy that I didn’t completely miss it. Of course, watching her speak is nothing like being in her presence- that’s all too amazing- but this was a pleasant substitute :). Also, I’m glad I didn’t get to miss this precious information- now I only wish I had had the chance to ask some of my own questions! *sighs*

    I found that on many accounts I agreed with what Stephenie said. I really think I “get” Edward, but that first chapter was truly awe-inspiring. If one chapter brought me to my knees, I shudder to think at what a whole book would do *lol*

    Ahh and the fact that she might give us chapter 3- the agony of Edward’s decision will be so totally heart-wrenching, to quote your story Alphie, it’d be “glorious and frightening” at the same time. I’m grateful she did Rosalie’s call at least- that gave me a lot more insight into Edward’s pain, and the dynamic effects it had on the book *sighs sadly*

    His favorite color being blue didn’t surprise me- I remembered how he complimented Bella on how she looks in blue. But I remember in your story that “pink was fast becoming my [Edward’s] favorite color” *lol* Of course, that’s your story, not Meyer’s, but I still think that’s funny :P.

    I love how Stephenie could see the world of vampires and werewolves with such bright, unbiased eyes. Now, as I write my own novel I’m trying to do the same- not letting the wonderland Stephenie has created bias my own eyes *sighs* Again, thank you for reminding us of the webcast, I really appreciated it more than I can say in words :D.

  11. Hellish Red Devil says:

    Ugh, the webcast is being all screwy for me (blasted computer)–I’ll try it again tomorrow if I get the chance to. Thanks for the summary, though, Alphie!

  12. I CANT WATCH IT!!!! i tried itunes, windows media and explorer
    and dumb realplayer isnt loading!!!! 😥
    does anyone know if there is any other program i can use? please!?

  13. This is sooo cool. Everyone else seems normal compared to the way Edward was described. I love this book!

  14. right now i`m just happy to know that they might make Twilight into a movie;
    even if they don`t, i think i`ll live 😉

  15. scuba doo says:

    I really hope that Stephenie gets Midnight Sun published…I’ve read the 264 pages on her site several times and I love learning more about Edward and the Cullen’s when they are away from Bella. Please publish it!! 🙂

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