We have a few things to add today.  First off, proving that she hasn’t fallen off the Earth, Imogen has sent in the information on Forks High School.  You’ll also notice that a new section has been added to the Lexicon about Werewolf Mythology.  Imogen will be updating that section once a week or so until she’s satisfied.  Check back for updates.

Also, one of our users here at the Lexicon has provided us with a general FAQ about the publishing world.  Her name is LakeGirl and she works in the publishing industry, so her information is very valuable.  We want to thank her for adding this very helpful section to the Lexicon.

Lastly, I want to make it clear that i do know there is a problem with the message boards and I am working on it.  It’s an issue with the host server, which I don’t have much control over.  But I assure you that I am trying to get it back up so you can all have your daily dose of fun.  In the mean time, you are always welcome in the chat room.


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