Forks-Cast Now Avaliable

Alphie and Pel are very pleased to announce the creation of the Lexicon Podcast section aptly named The Forks-Casts!!  The first Forks-Cast runs about 40 mins and includes some information on how Alphie hooked Pel on the Twilight books.  We hope that you all enjoy these for the entertainment value of listening to us giggle and squee and generally act as the two crazy ladies we are.  You can find the Forks-Cast here:

For more information on how to download the material to your computer or your I-Pod, visit the Forks-Cast section of the Lexicon.



  1. You two are so much fun. ^^

  2. OMG…I listened to the whole thing…it was part hilarious part sexy part crazy…lol…I loved it, loved it, loved it….This was a really great idea…Laura and Laurie…lol…make more of these!!!! IT WAS CRAZY!!!! LOL….I LOVE IT

    Before Alphie has a coronary I should point out that she spells her name "Lori", instead of teh way "normal people" spell her name 🙂


  3. Violet Twilight says

    Oh my god, I nearly peed my pants from all the laughing I did! You guys are GREAT!! No wait, awesome, fantabulous and brilliant!! 😀

  4. LunarEc;ipse says


  5. haha i loved the podcast and that opra idea was great!!!! u guys should really try to get stephenie on the show. it was so funny and i was cracking up the whole time

  6. Hey! that was just fantastic. It was xtremely funny! When are you guys doing that again? I hope is soon! I would like to hear more about what you think is going to happen in ECLIPSE.

  7. ‘HOLY..a word I can’t say’ HAHA I love you Pel. Great job, I loved it. Can’t wait for more.

  8. Dawn whelpley says

    OMG that was great

  9. “He’s a sexy vampire”
    But it’s so true!!! LOL. Keep the awesome podcasts comin’! The first made my day. ^_^

  10. I listened to it
    I loved it!!
    What are the fanfictions, you guys have written?
    I would love love love to read them!

  11. OMG!!!! You guys are sooooo amazing!!!! You’re whole instant message/phone conversation sounded EXACTLY like what it was like when I first read the book. My two friends had both read the book and really wanted me to read it, but I didn’t want to cuz I didn’t really like Vampires. But, they forced me to read it, and I LOVED it, and actually, pretty much everything you guys said sounded EXACTLY like what I was saying to my two friends!!!! I swear, after I started reading the book, and I had gotten past Ch. 13 & 14, and I came into school and was like HOLY ….!!!!!!! EDWARD IS THE SEXIEST GUY IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah……….you guys should REALLY do another Forks-Cast!!! You both are SOOOO cool!!!!! I was laughing the WHOLE time!!!

  12. Black Angel says

    I was working at 3 am (boringly editing 300 pictures for a video… ugh) and I was, of course, bored out of my mind and half asleep. To distract myself I came in here and ran into the fork-cast. You two got me through 45 minutes of work at 3:30 in the morning and the laughs lasted me for at least another half an hour.

    So please, for the love of all things holy and censored, do more!

  13. Haha! I don’t know! I think Lori’s definition of “bother” is pretty normal… isn’t it? Oh crap… It’s not? Hehe… I did the same thing to two of my friends and my sister. And they all THANK me now. We’re all completely obsessed. We can have hours and hours and hours of Twilight/New Moon talk. Ooohh, what I wouldn’t give to be “in the know” like you two!

    Yeah, I’m also glad I’m not the only adult who’s obsessed with the books. Or the only married person obsessed with Edward… Anyway, thanks for all you do to keep us up-to-date on all the latest news! I appreciate it!


  14. vampire_chick22 says

    Aah! My computer must be too old, ’cause the podcast WON’T load! I really hope it does soon, because it sounds really great and I can’t wait to hear it! If anyone has any tips on how to get it running they would be much appreciated.

  15. That was fantastic!I loved hearing others gush and obsess about the books like I do.

    It was hilarious and entertaining and I loved it.Keep it up 🙂

  16. Lol, you guys are so much fun to listen to. Lori, I love your voice too btw. Keep it up, I can’t wait to hear more.

  17. Wow! That was fawsome and really interesting. First reactions ot things really facsinate me so it was extra exciting. I’m a huge podcast fan, (if you guys like Harry Potter be sure ot listen to Mugglecast and Pottercast), and I CAN NOT wait for the hext one. Seriously. Like tommorow would be good.

  18. Hellish Red Devil says

    Ahaha, this was fun!!! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to play on the Lexicon in quite some time (life is so hectic these days, but I try to check up on you guys at least once a week–and I will be back actively participating/moderating and all that good stuff hopefully as soon as this weekend; I haven’t forgotten the Lexicon and all its lovely people!), so this was a very nice reprieve indeed. It’s so good to hear your voices! Absolutely made my day. 🙂

  19. circesdaughter says

    Huzzah for this! It cheered me up in the middle of French homework which is the bane of my existence. Your gushing was like therapy and you sound just like my sister and I when we get together and talk about the book. So huzzah again!

  20. Lori! I love your laugh! It’s so awesome!

    “Holy — word I can’t say!” Hehehe, Pel! Yay for creative censoring!

    I really hope you two continue these! It’s so funny listening to you two talk about Twilight. 😀

  21. scuba doo says

    Sadly the link isn’t working for us to hear it 🙁