Bridgewater, New Jersey Signing

Today I went to the signing in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Here’s a bit of an account as to what happened.

11:45 Arrive and find that they have 25 seats set up all of which are taken. Fortunately five minutes later they came up with five more chairs and I was able to scarf one up. I was then able to take this picture of the signing table.

12:15  A Twilight and New Moon quiz was handed out by the staff. Top people got a prize. I bobbled the questions on who was the first person to talk to Bella in Forks and what kind of car Edward wants to buy for her or I could have won a prize.

12:20  Store manager starting to look alarmed, about 100 people in the store now and they are still coming in. She assures us that Stephenie is on her way and has just flown into a New York airport today. They also create this red taped line for people to stand on when the signing time comes. Mentally I think "I hope she has a lot of tape, because a 20 yard standard roll is not going to do it."

12:30  Stephenie arrives and the whole place goes dead quiet. She is whisked away into the back and (from what I think I overheard) fed lunch.

12:45  Begin eavesdropping in the crowd and hear a variety of things:

             "You think she’ll like my pictures?" (Girl next to be drew a really cool Alice and even cooler Victoria picture)

             "These guys came all the way from New Hampshire." (Made mental not e to catch them for a picture later)

             "It’s not really a vampire book, it’s not really a romance book, it’s…just read it…"( girl next to be trying to explain the book to her friend who had only just started the first chapter)

             "OMG! I just read Twilight two days ago and now I’m on chapter 6 of New Moon." (girl in front of me to six of her friends who are each more excited than the next)

             "Ok, how creepy is it that there are old guys waiting on line?" (Old mean approximately 30 and I seriously consider what they must think of me)

             "So have you guys ever checked out her website?" (Lean forward to hear more)

             "Oh yeah, there is a site with forums too, I love that site." (Rely on 30 years of theatrical experience to hold character and not go huzzah! and pump my arms in the air)

1:00   Stephenie comes out and is introduced by the store manager to thunderous applause. I soon realize that I am going to have to Photoshop most of the pictures because this Boarders is pretty dimly lit and the really high shelves block a lot of the light. Note to Boarders, personal opinion, this is not a visually welcoming store. The shelves, layout, and lighting make the place look cluttered and intimidating. Plus 30 seats for over 200 at a signing and lots of high shelves so people can’t see well when they have to stand, not a great layout. The best thing about the store were the staff who were really professional and enthusiastic, someone needs to give these guys a nicer work environment. Anyway, back to the report…

1:00-1:20  Stephenie does a question and answer with the crowd. No really new information was divulged, but she expanded on some points previously mentioned around the boards at the Lexicon and MySpace.

~ She did confirm that there would be a book four and that after book four was done she’d go back and publish Midnight Sun.

~She said she has worked on Midnight Sun a bit lately and is just about up to the section where Edward takes Bella to the meadow. As soon as she said that the entire room sighed. It’s a wonder no one was knocked over from all the oxygen being expelled.

~She also mentioned that all the vampires are totally unique characters not based on anyone in real life. However, Jessica and Lauren are both based on real people. 

~She gave people advice on becoming a writer stating that you should "first write for the joy of writing and not worry about being published."

~She said that characters often did what they wanted and not what you thought they wanted.

~ The one item she regretted cutting the most from Twilight was the shopping with Alice sequence.

~She has found fanfiction to range from the good, to the strange, to the truly scary.

~She recommended The Writers Market as a helpful website for those looking to break into publishing.

1:20   Stephenie concludes the Q & A and begins sigining books. At this point since I am in the seating area, we are the first to get books signed, Stephenie finally sees me. I work my way over and am introduced by her to Elizabeth, her publicist. I take a picture with Stephenie and me where I am thrilled that I look half way human (Elizabeth is hiding behind the book case in this picture). We make plans to talk after she is done with everyone.  She said she would have mentioned me in her talk if she realized I was there. I told her I was happy to be incognito. As I walk away from the table, I am suddenly aware of people looking at me with a mixture of awe, jealousy, and curiosity. Hadn’t occurred to me that I would become part of the story. So much for incognito.

1:30  I track down the girls who came all the way from New Hampshire to have their books signed. They also looked like they brought books from all their friends too. I introduced myself saying, "Hi. I help run one of Stephenie’s fan sites. I heard you came all the way from New Hampshire, is it ok if I take your picture and put it up on our website?" Well the Moms who were with them were thrilled, the girls were more thrilled. And then one of the girls says, "Wait, which site?" I managed to respond, "The Twilight L-". I never finished the word "Lexicon". All of a sudden her eyes were like saucers (I have to say I’ve heard that expression before, today was the first time I ever actually witnessed that type of expression) and this girl says, "OH MY GOD! ARE YOU ALPHIE?" I smiled and said "no, I’m the other admin, Pelirroja"  I explained what my online name meant and pointed to the red hair. One of the moms then asks if I will take a picture with the girls, I was surprised but I said sure.  They all kept saying how nice Stephenie was to all her fans and wanted to know if she was always like than and I said yes.

1:40  I go back in the store and take a series of pictures so I can show just how many people are on the signing line. Remember, a good 20 minutes has passed and the line is still this long. It’s a little hard to see heads over the five foot tall and in some cases seven foot tall bookcases and narrow aisles, but you get the idea.

1:45-2:15 I stand off to the side and decide to call Alphie on my cell and share the experience with her. We discuss a variety of Lexicon business and she says to me, "You know, in November last year when you were here in Nashville if anyone had told you almost a year later you’d be at this book signing and planning a major signing event in Nashville…" All I can say folks is my definition of surreal keeps getting replaced.  Believe me, a year ago, I would have laughed in the face of anyone who suggested that this is what would have been doing today.

2:15  As I continue to talk to Alphie I watch Elizabeth and Stephenie attempt to maneuver the heart shaped balloons surrounding the display. They try to put their faces in the middle of them for a picture that some delighted fan was going to take. Well, all I can say is, the balloons won. Bella plays badminton better than Stephenie and Elizabeth juggle balloons. In fact Bella looks downright coordinated next to Stephenie and Elizabeth or are seriously being clobbered by a bunch of balloons. My only regret is that since I was still on the phone with Alphie my camera was not at the ready.

2:20  I finally get to talk to Stephenie for a few minutes and we make plans for the next day. I go shopping in the mall and Stephenie’s ride whisks her off for some much needed rest at her hotel.



  1. Yea… she’s still working on Midnight Sun from what I’ve read!! But since she has to continue editing Eclipse and is working on Breaking Dawn(the fourth book). But shes pretty much half-way through the book-or so i hear-. OMG i heard shes been to Florida before but i never got to go to a signing!! It really sux!*pouts lower lip*…..but i know what u mean by ‘not reading syndrom’ i dont want to enjoy anymore books to tel u the truth…..but before i read Twilight a second time i got involved to this other series, adult, its my moms collection…shes a reader fanatic too. but not lately..if u like romance, action, drama, vampire stories these are perfect-not 100%, but close- to kill the craving for the Twilight series. It’s VERY adult. My mom told me to skip over a few scenes and stuff but i think they are very good. They dont have the same definition of vampires and werewolfs. Like vampires became legal in the U.S. THEY HAD TO DO SOMETHING VERY WRONG IN ORDER FOR AN EXECUTIONER TO KILL THEM. sAME FOR WEREWOLFS. oops…sorry didnt mean all caps…anyways its The Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. P.S. dont read that series out of order…anyway…hope i could help….. 🙂

  2. Oh and the name of the first book is…Guilty Pleasures
    Twilight rox!! 🙂

    pce ppl 🙂

  3. Oh i was re-reading my responce i 4got to mention they are very funny too…lots of comedy….or sarcastic remarks…same thing..right? lol

  4. this collection is amazing I mean its the best series I have ever read..I would have too say that stephine inspired me she is such a talented writer I hope I will be as acessful as she is and that I cant wait to read Eclipes………………WOW

  5. wow….lots of people ^ ^ i cant not wait till midnight sun and eclipse comes out!!!!!!!!! im so excited im reading eragon to try and get myself to calm down about it but its not working!!!! T_T well anyway i really wish i could go to one of her book signings i wonder if she’ll ever go to ohio some time…..*shrug* oh well…..but anyway i cant wait til the series is continued!!!!! and cant wait to read misnight sun since im a huge edward fan!!

  6. I swear I just had a heart attack when I read this! Because:

    A: My best friend Melanie is the one who drew the Alice and Victoria pictures (go see! –there’s an Edward up there too)

    B: I am one of the *six overly excited girls* (well, just being mentioned made me happy) my friend Lauren had just started reading the books.

    I sat right in front of you and didn’t see you (of course, the incognito thing). I was wearing a brown hat… if it helps. Oh, and taping the entire thing on my digital camera. Haha, if you need a transcript… well, that’s illegal. I think.

    Anyways, glad to know New Jersey wasn’t forgotten!

  7. hi… i really love the twilight series oops i mean the first one. i havent read the 2nd one yet becuz its at transit from another library and its been a week or two……and really usaully i hate sci-fi books .until mi friend (anime freak) totally convinced me to read it. tats when (POW) i started reading it every single day. and the other thing is im a christian … so not supposed to read these sort of books…about the vampires and such monsters. i think its ok if i just read it for fun right? well….i totally send mi thx to stephenie for writing such great books…and when u get to meet her pel. just tell her for me (PLEASE) i want her to continually writing from there. y stop at midnight sun? when u can use your imagination to expand some more of that spark in more of her books. well make sure u tell stephenie that tis is from a big fan of hers (12 years old) from new york (queens) and attending the hawthorne middle school 74^^
    ~~~~~ c yas and ill be looking forward to read all of the books you’ve been writing>

  8. hey,



    i really liked the 2 books that are out and i am waiting impatiently for the next one

    :crosses her arms and mocks the screen:

  9. Google is the best search engine

  10. BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!

  11. defiently in mine!!!! lol im re reading twilight and new moon over and over again until eclipse comes out *circles around and around the floor waiting impatiently*

  12. Auide Coupe says

    Omigosh. . I love stephenie Meyer! im a mormon too and when i was reading this book my bishop came up to me and raised his eyebrows all questioningly [is that a word? it is now!] [[well it was duting Young Womens so i guess he had an excuse]] and after he read that she was a BYU graduate he wrote down the title to have his daughter read it. You totally rock!!!! [My big bro is at byu rite now and loving it.]

  13. OmG ! I cant beleave Stephenie did a Thing in Utah and I missid it! ( Tears) I Hope she do’s another one SOOON ! ( Preferably close by) I Hope I can Meat Stephenie ! My like dream is to be a writer ( I’m currintly writing a chap book) and illistrater! I’m a mormen too and I hope to go to BYU Idaho! Auide Coupe I had the same experence with my mom only he interagated me and the book lol you should have seen her face when my librarean said Stephanie was a mormen and graguated from BYU she let me buy the book from are book far and i read it in a DAY yes you read right a DAY!!!! I love these books and I can not wait for the moive to come out and the third book!
    ***** Cowgirl
    p.s my freind told me about the movie thing do you guys no if its true????

  14. lol I just read some other coments and I had to reply hello no one could ever play any of the caricters in these books the way there explaind in the movie !!!!!!!!!!!! dos that make sence? and i think its totoly cool when guys say they like these books ( Unless there skary people and then I just avoid them) ha ha not verry nice but oh well

  15. i LOVE Twilight and New Moon i’ve read them multiple times and i read try to read them in one setting… I’m stoked to hear about getting to Edward’s thoughts upon meeting Bella!!! I’m hooked!!!

  16. i so totally loved all her books she rocks

  17. i love Twilight, and i am working on New Moon right now! i luv Edward Cullen. My friends say that i am kinda weird thinking that Edward is hot, but i just figure… screw them! he’s hot and i don’t care what anyone says! lol. can’t wait to read the next book, and there had better be a movie coming out sometime!


  18. Bling girl says

    NO!!!!! NO MOVIE!!! That would just ruin everyones sense of imaganation!! Movies always suck after the book/books had been made because you rather stick with what the people, the places the…WHATEVER, thats in your head or else you won’t appeal to it anymore……………if you know what i mean…Ahem, right back to the real world…

  19. cheyenne shaw says

    ive read almost all these books and i think they are amazing i only need to read eclips and whatever other book she publishes

  20. me too i cant wait for eclipse to come! i have to know what happens soon or im going to explode with the over-whelming curiosity!!!!! does anyone know how to email stephenie meyer??!! because i cant figure it out and i have so much to say to her she could just hand all the pages to her publisher and make it into a book!

  21. oh i think these books are so amazing and that what ever happens in the next book she should really make more books like twilight and new moon i cant wait to see who she chooses

  22. i think that they HAVE to make miore books because i dont think that i can live without them im so glad that she made these seires and i wish that she could keep making them for ever

  23. I LOVED the twilight saga. They were just so perfect. i thought that no book/s could replace the Harry Potter series but surprislingly they did. I have read all the books, Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn to come out. I hope that she will have Edward and Bella continue to be a couple till the end. Don’t get me wrong i would love for Jacob to be happy but not with Bella. She belongs with Edward as a married vampire couple. But i’m not worried because SM wont let down her fans. I mean everybody wants Bella to be with Edward; and i mean EVERYBODY. They agree when i say that jacob was selfish. He don’t deserve Bella, she deserves Edward. DON’T LET ME DOWN SM.

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  25. Hi
    I just listened to the Forks-casts and i’m trying to look at the pictures that are linked above but when i click on it, i am redirected to a page that says 404 not found…anybody else have this problem? anyone know how to fix it?