Bridgewater, New Jersey Signing

Today I went to the signing in Bridgewater, New Jersey. Here’s a bit of an account as to what happened.

11:45 Arrive and find that they have 25 seats set up all of which are taken. Fortunately five minutes later they came up with five more chairs and I was able to scarf one up. I was then able to take this picture of the signing table.

12:15  A Twilight and New Moon quiz was handed out by the staff. Top people got a prize. I bobbled the questions on who was the first person to talk to Bella in Forks and what kind of car Edward wants to buy for her or I could have won a prize.

12:20  Store manager starting to look alarmed, about 100 people in the store now and they are still coming in. She assures us that Stephenie is on her way and has just flown into a New York airport today. They also create this red taped line for people to stand on when the signing time comes. Mentally I think "I hope she has a lot of tape, because a 20 yard standard roll is not going to do it."

12:30  Stephenie arrives and the whole place goes dead quiet. She is whisked away into the back and (from what I think I overheard) fed lunch.

12:45  Begin eavesdropping in the crowd and hear a variety of things:

             "You think she’ll like my pictures?" (Girl next to be drew a really cool Alice and even cooler Victoria picture)

             "These guys came all the way from New Hampshire." (Made mental not e to catch them for a picture later)

             "It’s not really a vampire book, it’s not really a romance book, it’s…just read it…"( girl next to be trying to explain the book to her friend who had only just started the first chapter)

             "OMG! I just read Twilight two days ago and now I’m on chapter 6 of New Moon." (girl in front of me to six of her friends who are each more excited than the next)

             "Ok, how creepy is it that there are old guys waiting on line?" (Old mean approximately 30 and I seriously consider what they must think of me)

             "So have you guys ever checked out her website?" (Lean forward to hear more)

             "Oh yeah, there is a site with forums too, I love that site." (Rely on 30 years of theatrical experience to hold character and not go huzzah! and pump my arms in the air)

1:00   Stephenie comes out and is introduced by the store manager to thunderous applause. I soon realize that I am going to have to Photoshop most of the pictures because this Boarders is pretty dimly lit and the really high shelves block a lot of the light. Note to Boarders, personal opinion, this is not a visually welcoming store. The shelves, layout, and lighting make the place look cluttered and intimidating. Plus 30 seats for over 200 at a signing and lots of high shelves so people can’t see well when they have to stand, not a great layout. The best thing about the store were the staff who were really professional and enthusiastic, someone needs to give these guys a nicer work environment. Anyway, back to the report…

1:00-1:20  Stephenie does a question and answer with the crowd. No really new information was divulged, but she expanded on some points previously mentioned around the boards at the Lexicon and MySpace.

~ She did confirm that there would be a book four and that after book four was done she’d go back and publish Midnight Sun.

~She said she has worked on Midnight Sun a bit lately and is just about up to the section where Edward takes Bella to the meadow. As soon as she said that the entire room sighed. It’s a wonder no one was knocked over from all the oxygen being expelled.

~She also mentioned that all the vampires are totally unique characters not based on anyone in real life. However, Jessica and Lauren are both based on real people. 

~She gave people advice on becoming a writer stating that you should "first write for the joy of writing and not worry about being published."

~She said that characters often did what they wanted and not what you thought they wanted.

~ The one item she regretted cutting the most from Twilight was the shopping with Alice sequence.

~She has found fanfiction to range from the good, to the strange, to the truly scary.

~She recommended The Writers Market as a helpful website for those looking to break into publishing.

1:20   Stephenie concludes the Q & A and begins sigining books. At this point since I am in the seating area, we are the first to get books signed, Stephenie finally sees me. I work my way over and am introduced by her to Elizabeth, her publicist. I take a picture with Stephenie and me where I am thrilled that I look half way human (Elizabeth is hiding behind the book case in this picture). We make plans to talk after she is done with everyone.  She said she would have mentioned me in her talk if she realized I was there. I told her I was happy to be incognito. As I walk away from the table, I am suddenly aware of people looking at me with a mixture of awe, jealousy, and curiosity. Hadn’t occurred to me that I would become part of the story. So much for incognito.

1:30  I track down the girls who came all the way from New Hampshire to have their books signed. They also looked like they brought books from all their friends too. I introduced myself saying, "Hi. I help run one of Stephenie’s fan sites. I heard you came all the way from New Hampshire, is it ok if I take your picture and put it up on our website?" Well the Moms who were with them were thrilled, the girls were more thrilled. And then one of the girls says, "Wait, which site?" I managed to respond, "The Twilight L-". I never finished the word "Lexicon". All of a sudden her eyes were like saucers (I have to say I’ve heard that expression before, today was the first time I ever actually witnessed that type of expression) and this girl says, "OH MY GOD! ARE YOU ALPHIE?" I smiled and said "no, I’m the other admin, Pelirroja"  I explained what my online name meant and pointed to the red hair. One of the moms then asks if I will take a picture with the girls, I was surprised but I said sure.  They all kept saying how nice Stephenie was to all her fans and wanted to know if she was always like than and I said yes.

1:40  I go back in the store and take a series of pictures so I can show just how many people are on the signing line. Remember, a good 20 minutes has passed and the line is still this long. It’s a little hard to see heads over the five foot tall and in some cases seven foot tall bookcases and narrow aisles, but you get the idea.

1:45-2:15 I stand off to the side and decide to call Alphie on my cell and share the experience with her. We discuss a variety of Lexicon business and she says to me, "You know, in November last year when you were here in Nashville if anyone had told you almost a year later you’d be at this book signing and planning a major signing event in Nashville…" All I can say folks is my definition of surreal keeps getting replaced.  Believe me, a year ago, I would have laughed in the face of anyone who suggested that this is what would have been doing today.

2:15  As I continue to talk to Alphie I watch Elizabeth and Stephenie attempt to maneuver the heart shaped balloons surrounding the display. They try to put their faces in the middle of them for a picture that some delighted fan was going to take. Well, all I can say is, the balloons won. Bella plays badminton better than Stephenie and Elizabeth juggle balloons. In fact Bella looks downright coordinated next to Stephenie and Elizabeth or are seriously being clobbered by a bunch of balloons. My only regret is that since I was still on the phone with Alphie my camera was not at the ready.

2:20  I finally get to talk to Stephenie for a few minutes and we make plans for the next day. I go shopping in the mall and Stephenie’s ride whisks her off for some much needed rest at her hotel.



  1. mental_mentos says

    DUDE! I sat directly in front of you! We kept asking who else was from the lexicon but no one responded!

    I didn’t hear that part. Were you the group that part of you were sitting in the back row and part just in front of that?


  2. Aww now I’m even MORE excited than ever before to meet Stephenie Meyer, and even you if you’ll be there, next week at the National Book Festival. Will it be that crowded there too? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I would really love to talk to Stephenie in person, perhaps get a photo…I sincerely hope that I’ll have a chance *worries*

    Ahh, I see how she must have regretted cutting out that scene. That scene also explains the unworn clothes on top of the turn out stereo in her closet, after Bella wakes up and notices them. If some people never read the outtake, the signficance of the clothes wouldn’t make sense. More importantly, readers didn’t get to see the fashion side of Alice without this scene. Alice also mentions how exciting hunting is in comparison to the convience of regular food in this scene, and I think that was an interesting angle of conversation. Unfortunately, Alice and Bella didn’t get to have another nice chit chat about vampire hunting again *hmm*

    Ahh, the meadow scene itself! *sighs wistfully* I’m now looking forward to reading Midnight Sun even more than ever *lol* I think I “get” Edward’s character, but reading a whole book in his POV would be so cool, to truly walk in his shoes with no doubts of what he’s really thinking :).

    Again, it would be really cool if we members from the Lexicon could identify ourselves to Stephenie, so she could associate some of our faces with the usernames. I know that would be a lot of faces to remember, but it would be nice to know, if she ever read my posts (in the perfect universe she would of course :P), who is actually saying all of this. If not, thanks anyway for doing such good work for the Lexicon and for Stephenie :D.

  3. My husband has worked for a couple of different Borders stores now, and while they are wonderful stores in a lot of ways, they are notoriously bad when it comes to hosting popular events–the spaces are always too small, and the layout is never exactly convenient. Good for you for snagging a seat!

    Thanks for the in-depth recap and the photos. It must have been hard to keep quiet while listening to all the conversations going on around you.

  4. Hello, I just wanted to say that I have read both books in less than 48 hours, (very serious) I have never been so apart of a book like this before. You are a fabulous writer, and I want you to know how honoured I am to be sending you this. I CANNOT wait for the 3rd book, PLEASE keep them comming!!!! Again the most amazing books ive ever read and ill be at the book store the day you release the 3rd book!!! Please drop me a line:)

    Love and be well

    Ontario, Canada

  5. Loren Rose/Camille says

    omg! Did you see an indian boy and a girl? that was my sister , and her boyfriend. I made her go ,and she wanted to go too. I just bugged her everyday to remind her. ugh I wanted to go so badly!! ballet school. grrr eventhough I love it. haha. but I asked my sister to give steph a letter from me since I couldn’t be there, and I had to write that letter like a month ago. It sounds like a lot of fun. I wish I could go to a signing. ๐Ÿ™

    I think she was sitting just to my left. This quote is her ""It’s not really a vampire book, it’s not really a romance book, it’s…just read it…"( girl next to me trying to explain the book to her friend who had only just started the first chapter)" she was trying to explain the book to a girl who was a friend of hers and was wearing the most hysterical shirt that said "Good things come in little Packis"


  6. Wow that sounded like so much fun! Lol how in the world were you able to keep quiet? I would have been going crazy trying not to tell people! But anyway I’m not suprised that those girls from New Hampshire wanted to take pictures with you. All you guys have done AMAZING on this site so keep up the awesome work!

  7. Hellish Red Devil says

    What an awesome-sounding day, Pel! I can’t believe you managed to stay incognito for so long! Man, what I would give to go to one of these signings–I have yet to meet anyone from the Lexicon in person! (Insert disgruntled fuming here.)

    Oh, and I like your hair. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. OH my GOD!!! I cant belive you get yo meet her…I love readin and this book was some experience, I cant belive she is such a great writer because I have having trouble finding good book but I couldnt stop reading once I started…In two weeks I already read Twilight twice and both times I love it, and I read New Moon in two days, TWO days!!! I have never read so fasta, but the thing was that it is a book one has to read it catches you….. Well I am so jealous that you got to meet her…I am from El Paso Texas, and I dont she will ever get to come here, nobody does but I love you page and everything you have done to it, because it shows that you care…..

  9. You all are very lucky to have the chance to meet Stephenie Meyer. I live in germany and therefore it will be impossible to meet her ๐Ÿ™ unhappily.

  10. Loren Rose/Camille says

    wait pel. i just reread my comment, I meant her boy friend was indian. she’s not. I could see one of her friends wearing a shirt like that though. haha

  11. Wow…I was there too and I saw you talking on the phone to Alphie. That is soo cool. Meeting Stephenie Meyer was amazing, I’m so glad I got the chance to.

  12. BalancingConfessions says

    I heard this story! I heard this story! Bahahaha.

    “No. I’m the other one.” HAHA.

  13. I was at the book signing in Cincinnati and it was AMAZING!!!! She said pretty much the same thing about not wanting to cut out the shopping with Alice section. She didn’t mention anything about Midnight Sun, but I’m glad she did at yours!!! I am soooo excited now!!! I also got my picture takin with her. It was soooo AMAZING!!!!!! I will never forget that night!!!

    Here’s the picture of Stephenie and me.


  14. Awwww the pic didn’t work. Oh well…… was AMAZING!!!!

  15. i went to the signing in ft. thomas, kentucky. i was really surprised to read she was going to ft. thomas, it’s such a small city. but my friend and i went and it was really cool. the q&a was held in a small room and it was a very intimate setting. apparently the group before ours had had so many questions they had to cut them short, but our group barely had anything to ask. haha.

    but it was still reallyreally cool ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Silver Lining says

    How exciting. Thanks for the post.

    I’m off to meet Stephenie in Princeton on Wednesday…are you coming down for that signing too?

    And I had to laugh at your comment re: 30 being “old.” I’d like to hear what those girls would think of my age too!

    All the best to you.

  17. hey alphie, i was behind you in brigwater sining books, i wasnt sure you where, but i reconize you, it was great of course it took me like 4 hours to come back home but it was woth it ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~~  It wasn’t me.  It was Pel that was at the book signing.  Pel has the read hair and is tall an thin.  I’m shorter and fatter with blonder hair.  Sorry!  I would have LOVED to be there though!

  18. and one more thing i was the one who ask stephanie for the four book ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Dawn Whelpley says

    I can’t beleave it I live all the way in Oklahoma all of you are very lucky that got to have Stephenie do a book signing were you are *crys*

  20. OMG that sounds like sooooo much fun! I love that fact that you took a picture with the girls! lol! I must have one in Nashville!! *gasp* NASHVILLE IS SOOO CLOSE!!!

    Oh!! And Stephenie will publish Midnight Sun! OMG I nearly died when I read that! It makes me the happiest person, no joke!!

    Thanks for sharing the experience Pel!

  21. It sounds like you had a great time, Pel. =]

    I really wish Stephenie would come to Europe already! Haha.

  22. I can’t wait until Oct 30th when she is back in Scottsdale!! She is my sister’s husband’s second cousin – WHOA! My sister hasn’t actually ever met her in the 6 years she’s been married, but it is fun none the less…
    my sister is in massage school and is ‘ditching’ the 31st to spend Halloween with her family, so she will still not be meeting this cousin ๐Ÿ™

  23. sorry it wasnt you alphie, but im happy to know i saw pelirroja there too ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. vampire_chick22 says

    Wow, Pel, you’re so lucky to have seen Stephenie at a signing! I know she has no control over where she goes, but I really wish she would come to Canada, I mean if I were older I would just drive myself to any of her signings, but right now I’m just stuck up here. ๐Ÿ™ I hope I’ll get to meet her soon, though.

  25. My sister is half way through New Moon and has decided to ditch two nights of massage school LOL Girl’s night out here we come!!!

  26. lol. A question struck me as I read the review – were there ANY males present in the crowd, or was it fully female? Just curious. haha.

    There were about three guys


  27. I was at the Bridgewater signing too. Although, I just made it 5 minutes before Stephenie Meyer arrived. My dad was driving me from PA, and he got lost several times. You did a great job with the pictures, and explaining everything that happened. I’ve also got some pics from the booksigning on my blog. At the end, I managed to grab one of the red heart balloons, were I then proceded to write I love Edward Cullen on it in black sharpie marker. It was wonderful meeting the author Stephenie Meyer.

  28. Dawn Whelpley says

    Soon I hope there will be a signing here in Oklahoma I will drive for miles just to have her sign my books.

  29. I hate anyone who met right now… cos i’ll never get to meet her– i live in Australia.

  30. Dawn Whelpley says

    sorry to here that you live it Australia Alexa.
    what is it like there

  31. Dawn Whelpley says

    I have to ask! Stephenie did you change any of the names of the chapters in New moon? because I have the advanced readers copy.

  32. sadly i live in canada, and stephanie is not coming here!
    also, this post was from days ago!! i am desperate for some new twilight news!!!

  33. librarychick64 says


    I am so envious! I so wish I could have been there! It looks like it was a great time, except for the overcrowding.

    What did you and Stephenie do on Sunday?? (I am mucho envious!)


  34. OMG this is totally off topic but i seriously picture Isabella aka bella as jude from instant star. I dont know but Mthats how i picture her. i am anxiously wating for twilight movie

  35. mental_mentos says

    heh heh… just saw your comment. No there were like 3 girls to your right who were with the two girls in front of them. I was sitting between some old lady and a crazy blonde (who happens to be my best friend)

  36. i love vampire romances!
    i recommend vampire kisses, and the sequel kissing coffins

    id love to actually meet stephenie. i chose her for an author report for school.

  37. I was at the Washington DC signing today- I didn’t think to take pictures of the crowd, but I took a picture of the area of the signing itself (at the festival) and two pictures of Stephanie :D. However, I didn’t come in time for Stephane’s lecture- I arrived at around 3:15, and the lecture ended at 3 PM :(. Will there by chance also be a recount of what Stephanie said at the lecture at the Lexicon? I didn’t think to ask Stephanie- she was VERY busy signing, and I was too speechless to say anyhing more sensible than how much I can’t stop thinking about Edward and Bella *lol* I do hope I’d have a chance at talking to her personally one day- even though she only replied to me that she can’t stop thinking about them either, I could easily see what a pleasant, caring person she is *sighs* (besides the fact that she’s such a talented writer, on top of that! *lol*)

    I didn’t see you at today’s signing, but I admit I was mostly focused on trying to see Stephanie (and it was impossible to until it was my turn because the line was so long, as to be expected :P). In any case, as I said before, thank you for your account of that signing :).

    Also, I was wondering- what happened to the forum? *confuzzled* I tried to submit a post when I realized it wouldn’t work at all, even after I refreshed :(.

  38. Alexa I’m with you. I live in Australia too. Stephaine if you read these comments come to Australia for Alexa and me!!!!

    I wish I could of met her. *sigh*

  39. OMG! my head is in that picture!!! hahahaha

  40. omg! im in more of them! im the curly haired freak in the fornt row! hahahahah

  41. Pure Simplicity says

    I was there also!!!! On the floor right by where you sat (I think) anddd I went to the mall after also!!! Strange.

  42. I can’t beleive Stephanie came to Utah and i did not go see her. I REALLY need to know when she’s coming back. I swear, every girl in my high school with good taste is reading her books.
    PLUS she’s LDS! How freakin awesome is that? So am I, and it makes me feel kinda connected, because I have never really had anything in common with someone who writes such awesome stuff.
    And I love that she is keeping her books clean, even though there is enormous pressure not to, especially with a romance novel. PLEASE KEEP THEM CLEAN Stephanie!

    Anyway, i thought I would ramble on since I have never really submitted anything in a fansite forum. Hmmm anything else?? I did have a cool dream I was a vampire… but I was despairing because I thought I couldn’t be a Mormon and a vampire… so that was sad.

    O, and I love who she chose to be Edward (if she could chose) I love the Count of Monte Cristo.

    Ok, so I’m done. I love her books, and my chest aches everytime I think of how long I have to wait until her next one, when I read Twilight and New Moon in like three days.

  43. I was the seond person in that place that got my book freind was first. I love these Books!

  44. Oh my goodness! Stephenie Meyer, I love you!! Your books are the BEST!!! I thought some people also might be interested to know the person who turned me on to these books is irrevocably male (C.-you rock!)! At first I was just listening to him tell me about the book he was reading (Twilight), because I thought he was cute and interesting, and looking for something to talk to him about, but then I became genuinely interested, and now I am a vampire lover! Who knew? I read New Moon in 4 hours, no skipping. I am going to DIE waiting for Eclipse!!

    Sara Lynn, I totally agree! Whoever that guy’s name is from Monte Cristo would be PERFECT as Edward! A little different than I pictured him in MY head, but I doubt THAT guy exists. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Very excitedly waiting for movie as well! Panabaker intrigued me for Bella…but she might be a little too…whatever. LOL. Who knows what I was thinking?

    *sigh* I need some new info on the next book or the movie, I go through news withdrawal about once a week! Alexa…at least you don’t have to suffer so close to her! I live much closer than Australia, but she never comes close enough for me to afford to get there. ๐Ÿ™ Australia is awesome though, I got to go for 3 weeks last fall! I think I’ve babbled enough! ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. OMG i just finished new moon this morning….i read a bit to much considering 2 hours i finished 4 chapters so its over now *weep* iv got nothing to read youv got to keep up the great writing its really fun reading your books! ^_^ iv got a question im hoping youll answer….are you going to write the whole seprate book for edwards point of veiw of the story…i wasnt expecting him to think bella was so annoying! it was kind of surprising! i hope you make a book out of that idea it would get me to the bookstore in no time flat haha

  46. you have got to come out with eclipse soon! and are they going to make a movie or not?

  47. OMG!!! I am so jealous of all of you ppls who have read New Moon!! Or who got to meet Stephenie!! I can’t afford a copy of New Moon right now, otherwise I would have it. I live in a small town, so there’s only one person who even has it, but she’s a major brat and won’t let me borrow it, even though I would cherish it as if it were mine!!!

    So unfair.

    I wish she would come to Wisconsin. I’d probably beg my mum for hours to take me until she finally did!

    I find it weird that guys read the books. The guys at my school freak out if they even hear about things like that, let alone read it.

    Dah, who else so wishes Ed was real?????

    Done ranting now… I think…

  48. *laughs* i didnt get to meet stephenie cause i live in ohio i wish shed come to ohio lol im hoping she comes out with eclipse soon cause im all out of books to read now and i dont want to start on another book at all cause this is like the best series ever! i cant put it down!

  49. Hey, that sucks…I’m from Germany and how are the chances that Stephenie Meyer would come here??? How sad…..but I tell you, it’s the same with me, I can’t enjoy any other books after reading Twilight and New moon!!! But after a time I can’t stand this ‘not reading syndrom’ so I just try some books….
    I don’t know how to survive the time while waiting for Eclipse… ๐Ÿ˜€
    Well I have to say I’m somewhat jealous….I would do very, VERY much to go to signing of Stephenie Meyer….I love her writing style!!!!

  50. ^ ^ im re reading twilight since i dont want to start another book til eclipse comes out! and im still not sure if she made a book for midnight sun… does anyone know?

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