Week Five, and the run continues

New Moon is holding its position on the New York Times Bestseller List  in the number one position again this week. That makes five weeks total on the list. To read the NY Times web site you have to create a free account there.

Week One:       Five

Week Two:       One

Week Three:   One

Week Four:      One

Week Five:      One



  1. Congrats, Stephenie!

  2. Congratulations Stephenie!!!!!

    I’m SOOO proud of you, and I am extremely happy that New Moon is doing so well! C-ya Friday at the book signing!!!!


  4. Oh Ya!! Let’s go for 6 weeks! lol

  5. I’m so happy!!!! I’m going to your signing in Huston!!! I have bolth you books in hardback!!!

  6. Hellish Red Devil says

    Wow, that’s amazing! WOOT!!! Congrats!

  7. Holy crap! That’s so awesome!!! It completely deserves though! Congrats!

  8. will there be anouther book after New Moon? hi I live in Yukon, Ok I am 17 and I have read both of your books and puchased one of them Twilight I was given the other
    I review books for my library here and New Moon was the one I previewed it was great. I liked it sooo much they gave it to me it was one of the NOT FOR SALE ones could I send it to you and have you sine it for me?

  9. Whoo! That’s awsome!!!! I want to cry right now though because I live in Ohio, and Stephenie is comin’ to Cincinnati and I have to work!!!! WAHHHHH!!!!!!! Can anybody persuade her to come visit Fayetteville, Ohio??? LOL Congrats Stephenie!

  10. Dawn Whelpley says

    could you come to yukon, ok, its realy nice down here.
    it’s just know getting down to 80 degrees in the mid afternoon and 70 at night it’s great here realy you should come and see Oklahoma.

  11. congratulations Stephenie, you deffinitly deserve it. i wish you could come to Calgary, Canada for a book signing. lets go for 6 weeks!.

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