Chapter 19 Summary ~ Goodbyes

The Chapter 19 Summary is up. Stop by our message boards and join in the discussion.

~ Pelirroja


  1. O thanks I’ll go read it now~!

  2. OMGsh The twilight series books (even tho there r only 2) Are the best books ive ever readin my entire life! I realy hope that this series goes on for a long time! stepenie meyer you are my new favorite author! u rock at writing! As soon as i get to school every day my friends are freaking out about the books and we always discuss them! i’m comming to your book signing when you come to houston! i CANT WAIT!

  3. mental_mentos says:

    New fan much?

    Anyway I love these chapter updates because I can look back on the quotes and important facts to remember and maybe even catch something crucial that I missed (though I doubt I missed much) Sorry I haven’t been around much… senior year is so much fun… but at least I can take a break and go to the signing later this week!

  4. Twilight and New Moon are the best books I’ve ever read. They grab your attention on the first page. I can’t wait till Eclispse and Midnight Sun come out. I hope that the series just keeps going and going, because they are the BEST!!!!!!

  5. YjuRah With the bases loaded you struck us out with that aswner!

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