Rockwood Pavillion~I love edward party and signing update

KyGirl who is connected with the store hosting the event has shared the following information with us:


At this point, we no longer have open spots for the pre-booksigning "I Love Edward Cullen" party.

This is just for the PARTY (again, we had to cut it off at a certain point for planning, ordering food, and for space considerations) and not for the booksigning itself. If you want to call, we can definitely add your name to a waiting list in case someone cancels.

The BOOKSIGNING is not in any way impacted by this and the more the merrier! We’ve had up to 4000 people in the store for booksignings, so please don’t worry about space running out for that! I don’t want to cause any confusion.

So, to recap:
Pre-event party = full but we can take names in case anyone cancels.
Booksigning = bring it on! Tons of room and let’s fill the store!

Thanks and we are counting down the days. I can’t believe that it is almost here! I’ve put together almost all of the TWILIGHT and NEW MOON playlists on a cd for us to play that night!

Travel safe for those who are coming. . . .

Ky Girl


  1. I really want to go to an “I Love Edward Cullen” Party!! Why cant they have one in Toronto where I live?! Damnnn….

  2. why can’t they have a book signing in columbus,ohio

  3. consider yourselves lucky that she’s even NEAR your area. i have to travel for like 5 hours for this party since i’m in michigan….she’s not coming anywhere near even Chicago, which i would have settled for!

  4. is there a party for her september 25th signing?? because i’d really love to meet her and talk to her. and are there really usually 400 people at these events. how can we possibly be guarenteed our books signed and even the small exchange of words?


    ps please dont just send me an auto mail. as u can tell,i lik to be noticed not just overlooked as another fan.

  5. I’m goin g to the book signing on the 22nd at 9:00, but I couldn’t go to the I Love Edward Cullen Party. I was very sad, it was already full. I have also put together the Twilight and New Moon playlists. I can’t wait until the booksigning. Only a week away!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

  6. Em Cullen

    Re:full party

    I have one extra spot in my group, one girl got grounded. you could always try to sneak in with us! lol 😉

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