Chapter One – First Sight

Chapter Two – Open Book

Chapter Three – Phenomenon

Chapter Four – Invitations

Chapter Five – Blood Type

Chapter Six – Scary Stories

Chapter Seven – Nightmare

Chapter Eight – Port Angeles

Chapter Nine – Theory

Chapter Ten – Interrogations

Chapter Eleven – Complications

Chapter Twelve – Balancing

Chapter Thirteen – Confessions

Chapter Fourteen – Mind Over Matter

Chapter Fifteen – The Cullens

Chapter Sixteen – Carlisle

Chapter Seventeen – The Game

Chapter Eighteen – The Hunt

Chapter Nineteen – Goodbyes

Chapter Twenty – Impatience

Chapter Twenty-One – Phone Call

Chapter Twenty-Two – Hide-and-Seek

Chapter Twenty-Three – The Angel

Chapter Twenty-Four – An Impasse

Epilogue: An Occasion


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Hannah is a recently married literary obsessive who spends as much time living in imaginary worlds as she does in work or up a mountain, (where she would spend all of her time if given half a chance). When not living in a tent in the middle of mountainous regions, scrambling over rocky terrain or haranguing children in the classroom, Hannah can be found hunched over a computer or a notebook creating wildly varied and entertaining, (to herself anyway), literature of her own.