New Moon updates here and at Stephenie’s site

As of Friday, September 8, 2006 (and since we have global members this means midnight Eastern  Time USA) information regarding New Moon can be posted in any thread on any forum.  Until that time, keep all New Moon related comments in the New Moon forum.

A variety of posts that now exist in the New Moon forum will be moved to the character discussion and Quench Your Thirst Forums.

Sept. 8 gives people who can’t acquire the book until the September 6th official release date two days to read it.

We will also begin making changes to the main sections of the Lexicon at that time.  Character bios, timelines, and so on will include New Moon information.

If you have any questions regarding the policy, PM Alphie or Pelirroja

Also, if you have not yet noticed, Stephenie has posted several interesting things over in the New Moon section of her website.  There are lots of out takes from the original draft of New Moon as well as two extra pieces.  One piece is a quick over view of the story from Jacob’s PoV and another is a missing moment in New Moon as Edward experiences it.  Get ready to cry girls.  This stuff is REALLY great!



  1. Awww… that sucks… I won’t be able to get the book untill October. great

  2. vampire_blood says:

    yay!! out takes and extras!! YAY!!

  3. I loved the outakes and extras! They are so cool! Great, now I have no Edward Bella books until Eclipse! I just can’t get enough!

  4. I can’t visit the site often now since “new moon” will only be available in October in my country!!

  5. omg. i love this series! please never let it end!! now i just have to wait untill eclipse 😮 /

  6. wow the extras and outakes are great i loved them but im still not done with jacobs story.

  7. I’m from holland and I’ve read Twilight. I really, really LOVE it. But when can I buy “New Moon” in a bookstore in Holland??
    I hope very soon, becaus I can’t wait.

  8. OHH MY GOSH!! THEY all are SO amazing! If you haven’t read the outtakes yet….GO NOW! I LOVE THEM! And I think they are soo cool! 😀 lol well thanks for letting me know they where there LEXICON! I loved the Jacob one!! MY FAVORITE!!

  9. Ohh my gosh words can not express how much i loved these books…i cant wait until the next one comes out! I love her writing..and from a girl that reads alot this has to be one of my favorite books series!!! i wish there was an edward in the world:-/ haha

  10. omg the outtakes are so amazing i just love the one from edwards point of view
    at the end i was like so wat happens does he die and then i realized i already knew wat happened lol

  11. Yay for extras! I love ‘Rosalie’s News’ … sooo … heartbreaking … anyway I hope Stephenie does a ‘Midnight Sun’ version for New Moon … those of you who read it know what I mean …

  12. Now I have to say that I really love the series, and I just want to say thanks to my friend Hil who loaned me the books, but I really wish she would stop talking about it. She doesn’t seem to understand that there is more to life than Edward Cullen! She seriously believes that he’s just going to show up at her door and sweep her off her feet. First of all HE DOESN”T EXIST, second there is no such thing as a guy who cares that much. Anyone who has had any experience with guys knows this, this is the reason people write so often about true love and the perfect guy. So all the rest of us can have a bit of hope that someone like that really does exist. Of course it would be really nice if she could talk about something other than Edward, because I’ve heard of boy crazy but this is rediculous. So anyway no offense to any Edward fans, I’m one too, but there is just a point when you can go too far.

  13. Thank you to the people that reccomended this book.I wish I could pay you back

  14. I know how all of u feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m in luv with these books[literally]!!!!!!!!! I wish they would never never never never end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hey guys whay up? Well guess what…………. iI pre-ordered Eclipse yay!!!!!!!!!!! but love Edward Anthony Masen Cullen!!!!!!

  16. i ♥ Edward!!!!!!!!!

  17. dude,
    do you guys have any predictions for Breaking Dawn

    i think that the book will start out with Bella becoming a vampire and the book will be about live as a newborn, i don´t think stephanie can hold the chang in for much longer.

  18. Bella+Edward says:

    Thnx a bunch!

  19. Bella+Edward says:

    Bella better start hating Edward or I’ll kill her. I also hope Edward changes her, cuz he might not. Does any1 no Charlie’s reaction to Edward’s proposal?

  20. Bella+Edward says:

    *I mean hating Jacob

  21. Renee Punch says:

    hey every one especiallly stephenie meyer i am just an average fan with a starnge but hopeful request.

    i was wondering, seeing that you are in the middle of writing the midnight sun (edwards version of twilight) novel.
    Are you doing it for all four books?
    I hope so i would enjoy reading the books through the vampires we fell in love with to learn more about them from a different perspective..
    And another question well more of hopeful enlightment.
    I hope that midnight sun comes out on dvd as it would be different to have two movies from differnet sides where u learn more bout the characters. i want to learn more bout the vampires how they react to the situation more than wat bella only saw or heard….

    I have read the draft of midnight sun from the original stephanie meyer website and love what is ther so far i want to know more ….

    Thanks again …
    Renee Punch 😀

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