Epilogue: Treaty

Chapter Number: Epilogue

Chapter Name: Treaty

Page Numbers: 548 – 563

Date of Chapter: April 7, 2007

Life has pretty much returned to normal for Bella.  Edward has somehow managed to find several schools that are willing to take late applications.  Charlie, upset over everything Bella did, has grounded her.  She is allowed out for school and work.  Edward is only allowed over at certain designated times when Charlie is home.  Edward returned to school and took on the exact same schedule as Bella. 

Bella isn’t allowed to go to LaPush.  She calls Jacob at night when Edward isn’t there.  Bella feels guilty for not thinking of Jake more, but she finds it difficult to be unhappy at all now that Edward is back. 

When Billy comes in to Bella’s work and tell her that Jacob doesn’t want to talk to her, Bella accuses Jake of being rude.  Edward says it is to be expected since they are natural enemies, but Bella protests.  Edward very nearly says that he would kill Jacob, but stops himself and says that he would try very hard not to kill Jacob.  Bella is reminded briefly of Romeo and Paris. 

Edward brings her home from work to find that Jacob had brought her motorcycle to Charlie.  Edward tells her that Charlie is very angry at her for even having a motorcycle.  Bella wonders why Jacob would do such a thing to betray her.  She asks Edward if Jacob is still there, and he is.  It is her intention to deal with Jacob personally, but Edward says that Jake is there to speak to him, not Bella.

They meet up with Jacob at the edge of the woods where Edward tells Bella that Jacob’s intention was to get her grounded so that she wouldn’t be able to see Edward anymore.  Bella yells at him that she is already grounded and that is why she hasn’t been to see him.  Again, Edward reads in Jacob’s mind that he thought Bella had been avoiding him because of Edward.  Jacob snarls at Edward to stop reading his thoughts.
Edward thanks Jacob for everything he did for Bella – for keeping her alive – and offers to do anything in return for Jacob.  A simple raise of the eyebrow from Jacob and Edward knows what he wants.  He then explains that he will not leave Bella until Bella asks him to go. 

Keeping his eyes on Edward, Jacob explains that the reason he has come is to remind Edward that the treaty is very specific.  The vampires are not allowed to bite a human.  Bite, not kill.  When Bella says that it’s none of Jake’s business, he very nearly shifts into his wolf form, he’s so angry.  Edward and Jacob start to get into it when Charlie calls from the house. 

Before they part, Edward tells Jacob that they found no trace of Victoria on their side of the line.  They again begin to fight over who has the right to track Victoria and kill her when Charlie’s angry voice interrupts them.  Bella and Jacob part regretfully with nothing resolved, but Bella understands that she can get through anything so long as Edward is by her side.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Charlie Swan, Jacob Black

Places Visited: The Swan home

Memorable Quotes:
“I would try… very hard…not to do that.”
~Edward when talking about killing Jacob.

“Thank you… for keeping Bella alive.   When I… didn’t.”
~Edward to Jacob.

“I’m here until she orders me away.”
~Edward to Jacob about his relationship with Bella.

“The treaty is quite specific.  If any of them bite a human, the truce is over.  Bite, not kill.”
~Jacob to Edward.

Important Information Learned:
The Cullens have all managed to return to their former lives in Forks.

Bella is grounded for an undetermined amount of time.

Jacob thinks that Bella won’t come to see him because Edward is stopping her. 

The treaty states that a vampire can not bite a human – implying that they can not change a human without ending the truce.

Chapter Prepared By: Alphie