Chapter Twenty-Four – Vote

Chapter Number: 24

Chapter Name: Vote

Page Numbers: 522 – 547

Date of Chapter: March 22, 2007

Somewhat reluctantly, Edward carries Bella back though the woods.  Bella says that she doesn’t feel she is enough to hold Edward, yet he says her hold on him is unbreakable.  She tells him that her greatest problem is that he can leave her, but again he disagrees and says that he will never leave her.  Bella asks him, since he has agreed to stay, if she can have back her pictures, CD, and other things that went missing when Edward left.  He explains that he put them under a lose floorboard in her room.

Bella then tries to explain the voice she heard over the last few months.  Edward doesn’t like the sound of Bella risking her life just so that she can hear his voice.  At the same time, Bella reaches an epiphany about her relationship with Edward.  She realizes that he loves her, and Edward confirms that fact.  They kiss until Bella feels dizzy.  Edward tells her that she was better at surviving than he was – that he pretty much gave up and couldn’t be around his family or anyone. 

When they arrive at the Cullen home, everyone gathers around the dinning room table where Bella asks them their opinion on her becoming a vampire and avoiding the Volturi coming to threaten and harm the Cullens.  She points out that Alice promised them she would be a vampire.  Edward says it isn’t necessary because, thanks to the fact that Bella can’t be “seen” by Felix, he doesn’t think the Volturi will be able to find her. 

Taking in his point, Bella puts her mortality to the vote.  Edward and Rosalie are the only ones to vote no.  Carlisle believes it is the only way that makes sense.  Bella hugs Esme and then turns to Alice and asks her where they should go for the transformation.  Edward shouts a resounding no.  Alice says she probably doesn’t have that much control, and so Bella then turns to Carlisle.  Edward, still holding on to hope, says that it doesn’t have to be now.  He suggests that Bella at least finish high school before they do anything further.  Bella agrees to consider it.  Edward takes her home.

Once back at Bella’s house and lying in bed, Edward asks her what she wants more than anything.  Bella tells him that she wants him to be the one to change her in to a vampire.  He then begins negotiations for what that is worth to her.  He starts with five years, then three years.  Bella agrees to one year, but that is her limit.  Instead, Edward offers her a condition – that she marry him first. 

Bella explains that she doesn’t hold much faith in marriage and that her mother would freak out if she did get married.  Edward holds to his condition, even when Bella agrees to give him eighteen months instead of a year.  Their arguing wakes Charlie up, and Edward has to leave.

Charlie scolds her and demands an explanation for why she vanished.  He knows about the cliff diving and the fact that Edward is back and is very upset. He doesn’t think Edward is good for her.  Bella says that she will move out and go on her own then, even though that isn’t what she wants.  She says that she isn’t going to fight with him now about it, but that he needs to think it over and try to get used to the fact that Edward is here to stay. 

Bella apologizes to Edward for her father’s unkind words.  He says it was okay and that he deserved it.  They kiss and Edward says he will stay forever, which is all Bella is asking for. 

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Alice Cullen, Esme Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, Charlie Swan

Places Visited: The meadow, The Cullen Home, The Swan home

Memorable Quotes:
“You love me.”
~ Bella’s epiphany.

“Truly I do.”
~Edward’s response to Bella’s epiphany.

“Hell, yes!”
~Emmett’s answer to Bella’s vote.

“Well, Alice.  Where do you want to do this?”
~ Bella after the vote has been cast in favor of her becoming a vampire.

“I would want…Carlisle not to have to do it.  I would want you to change me.”
~ Bella to Edward.

“Marry me first.”
~Edward to Bella.

“Well, I’m nearly a hundred and ten.  It’s time I settled down.”
~Edward to Bella when she says she is too young for marriage.

Important Information Learned:
Bella finally understand that Edward loves her exactly as she is and that she holds him to her in an unbreakable bond. 

The entire Cullen family, except for Rosalie, agree that Bella should become a vampire. 

Rosalie would have liked to have a choice in her mortality.

Edward will be the one to change Bella into a vampire if she marries him first.

Bella has real issues about getting married and doesn’t want to go through with it.

Charlie is against Bella returning to her relationship with Edward. 

Chapter Prepared By: Alphie