Chapter Update

I’ve just posted chapter 18 in the discussion area.  Join us over at the message boards for more participation.



  1. Hoooooray, i’m gonna read it now

  2. I’ve just finished reading New Moon. Its an amazing piece of art.. I can’t wait to see whats nexttttttttt…

  3. I love those books and I just read New Moon in English because I can’t wait until it’s published in German (I am German)

  4. I got my friend hooked on the Twilight series and we both sped through New Moon and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to make it another year until that next one comes out! ahhhhhh!

  5. i cant wait for the next book, twilight and new moon were absolutely fabulous but i read them too fast and now im stuck waiting and pulling out my hair!!!!!!!!

  6. i luv this series!!! i so want my parents to buy them for me. I so know how stephenie feels when she said she feel in love wit bella and edward…. i really can’t wait till the next book out and i’ll be screaming in frustration till it’s out!!!:) Please finish the books!!!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONE!!!

  7. Why does bella reject edward???????????????????

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