Chapter update

The long awaited chapter 13 summary is now posted. Drop by our messageboards and join in the group discussion.


  1. I’m going insane!! Waiting for New Moon!!!!!!!!

  2. OMG I KNOW!! I cannot wait. is it August or October that it’s coming out? I’m confused about that.

  3. lost_in_twilight says

    its october unfortunatley. *SIGH* or at least thats what i heard.

  4. Is it just me, or is the updates for TwilightLexicon getting slower, and shorter? -sobs- I just want New Moon, why? Why? must it be so long till it comes out? Grr.

  5. Mmm, 13 is definately my fav chapter. Nice job on the summary.

  6. wow chapter 13 is great, and what i heard i think new moon is coming at the end of september. Im waiting for chapter 14 and i think will be great as the one before. Great job!

  7. New Moon is coming out towards the end of August.

  8. OK here is my theory-it’s coming out at different times depending on where you live! LOL.

  9. well here in aussie the bookshop said the earliest is january 2007! So amazon will have to save me. i think it’s in august some time…i just want a definite date so I know!!!!! when will we know the date for sure??? The fact that it isn’t known yet worries me a bit because normally they know a couple months in advance…:S
    i can’t wait!

  10. bellawannabe says

    this chapter summary has a bunch of goofs in it. lots of stuff is inaccurate. you might wanna re-look over the chapter. i dont have time now but i could find everything if it would be easier to just revise with all the answers already. CAUSE I LOVE THE LEXICON I WOULD DO THAT! haha u guys are like my family away from family. love to the lexicon!

  11. OMG!! is it coming out in august or october?
    i want New Moon!!!

  12. I am anxiously awaiting this new book I can’t wait!

  13. i cant wait for the movie new moon

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