Chapter Update

Chapter 12 has been added to the chapter section of the Lexicon.  You can hop in on the discussion over in our forums.



  1. kool:)

  2. Hey, today I found out the colest thing my parents never bothered to tell me but this winter I got really really sick like deadly sick (that’s not the cool part) but I just found out was that I was diegnosed with the spanish influenza. If that name doesn’t ring a bell (if it doesn’t you need to read Twilight again) it’s the desise or sickness( it’s not really concidered a desise any more) but that’s so awsome.

    But having it wasn’t it sucked ass. I had to go to the hospital I couldn’t eat, (without thoughing up) sleep, walk and barely move. I couldn’t even breathe without my whole body seeming like it was on fire. Ughhhh! It makes me sick just thinking about it. Poor Edward he must of had it terriblely for it to kill him. So hooray that’s another thing me and Edward have in common.

    P.S. Today I had lunch at Bella Italia. Remember where Edwrd and Bella had there first date. Who knew they had one in Scotland. This trip is awsome. I’m almost dreading go back to California.

    P.S.S. Twilight is 18£ (18 pounds) here. That’s thirty-six dollars!!!!!!

  3. I dont know where i would tell someone about this but Carlisle’s source of change was: He’s father was a vampire hunter and he died so Carlisle took over and he found out one of their hiding spot. It came out and it was to thirsty so it turned and attacked. It bit Carlisle and he hid under potatoes for the 3 day prosses without saying a word. Then he tried to kill himself but found it impossable so it took it up as a doctor..