Important Update on Forks Signing

I got an e-mail from Stephenie today about some major changes that have been made surrounding the Forks signing.   It seems that they heard how big the Seattle signing was and totally under estimated Stephenie’s fan base by not planning on a large crowd.  So some location shuffling has been going on. 

The Edward Lovers will now meet at 5:00 p.m. at the Tillicum Park.  There isn’t a specific address given, but they say it’s it’s supposed to be hard to miss in the middle of town and easy walking distance from the library.  It’s on Highway 101 (which is also Forks Ave.) in "downtown" Forks.  The Q&A and reading portion of the Edward party will be done there, and then everyone will walk back to the library for the signing and refreshments at 6:00 p.m.  Stephenie’s website will be updated with this information, but she asked me to post it here as well to better ensure that the word gets spread around.  Tell everyone you know who is planning on attending that the big festivities will be taking place in a new location and at an earlier time.  



  1. Lomesir22 says:

    Yes, her fanbase is a large and somewhat obsessive one. Good thing they took the hint and changed.

  2. ktkat08 says:

    If anyone is going to Forks for this signing, Tillicum Park is on the left (if you’re coming from Port Angeles) and yeah, you can’t miss it. It’s right off the highway (which is really just a little two lane road that runs straight through town).

    There were a lot of people at the Seattle signing. We waited in line for about 45 minutes to get our books signed but it was worth every second. It was awesome…and you’re right. Stephenie’s fanbase is definately obsessive!

  3. Christina says:

    Hey this is going to sound completely craxy but i read all three books and im waiting to read Breaking Dawn but theres something thats was truely magical for me stephanie’s writing made me feel like i was apart of the story it was so mystifying. There is just something about her writing that I cant shake. I was wondering if anyone felt like this when finished with the first three books. I feel like im craving her fantasy like a drug. Any way thank you for listening

    ~ Christina

  4. Christina, i too feel the same way. My best friend cant get me to shut up about the books, she hasnt read them but she thinks im a total freak for being so obsessive about them. I just got done telling her that i feel like im waiting for my next drug fix and cant get enough of her books. I’ve already read the first three books more than twice and everytime i read them i get something out of it. I feel as if im there in the books along with Bella and Edward. So, dont feel like you’re crazy i believe everyone feels like that. I’ve even got to the point where i have searched up everything about Forks, WA. I cant get enough of her website or anything that i keep reading. I’ts getting to the point to where i cant get through a whole day without thinking about Breaking Dawn and what is going to happen. I’m seriously counting down the days.

  5. Not to mention, that i had already been obsessed with vampiers, this book only made my obsession worse than before. I believe that this book was waiting for me to read it. Not to mention that i’ve passed the three books more than once in Barnes & Noble for the passed year and decided that last month was a good time to pick Twilight up and start reading it, from the first chapter i was instantly hooked. It got to the point to where i was only getting about an hour sleep befor and when i did wake up being so damn tired i the first thing on my mind was the book, and the first thing i would pick up in the morning. So, you can clearly see my obsession over the books and my love for the author.

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