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A few days ago I was made aware of a book seller site that had a synopsis of New Moon listed that contained a few spoilers.  I called Stephenie and asked her what her opinion was.  Basically, what we determined was this.  There is nothing we can do about it since this is an official site and not some fan that’s gone crazy and posted the whole plot on a live journal or something.  Do you see the difference?  This is an honest site that is promoting the book and offering it for sale.  However, since I knew it was there, I keep my eyes out for anyone posting a link on our message boards. Well, it’s happened.  The link is posted and should you feel so inclined you can go and read a quick summary of New Moon that has a few spoilers in it. 

I have nothing against reading a spoiler that comes from such an official place.  Heaven knows that I had the last two Harry Potter books completely spoiled for me, so I can’t very well tell you not to go and read these things.  However, my concern as an admin of such a busy site is this – there are quite a few fans who are trying to stay spoiler free.  Should you want to make a comment about the spoilers in a post or in the chat room, I’m asking everyone to be very aware of others and make sure your comment is "safe."  Be careful with your subject lines in your posts.  Warn users that should they click on your post, they will read a spoiler.  Don’t put something in the subject line about the plot.  I’ve edited one post that did just that and gave them the benefit of the doubt since they hadn’t been warned.  Consider this your official warning.  Any posts that contain spoilers in the subject line will be deleted. 

Use the message boards at your own risk from now on.  If you really want to stay totally spoiler free, don’t click on anything that mentions New Moon.   We will be monitoring the posts to make sure all the spoilers are properly labeled.  From now on, it would be wise for all conversation pertaining to New Moon to stay in the already existing threads.

I’m sorry if this sounds like I’m being overly administrative about things.  I want everyone to have a fun time on the boards, but I need to protect the few users that want New Moon to be a surprise.  Thanks for your help in keeping the message boards as friendly as possible!




  1. *nods* It’s alright, Alphie; I completely agree.

    I was one of those people… but I gave in and read the synopsis. Heh. I couldn’t force myself to stay away any longer.

    Now I want it even MORE. *sob*

  2. librarychick64 says

    You are right, Alphie, to let the link stay and let people read it at their own risks. Such synopses, and reviews, even, are legitimate ways to promote a book, and will never be able to be spoiler-free. If everyone agrees to warn others about their New Moon post and spoilers, those who want to read the book without any preconceived notions should be able to do just that!

  3. Thanks for posting this. For me and for other people. I really want New Moon to be a surprise for me and now I know I should be careful in the chatrooms and message boards! Thanks again Alphie!!


  4. Elisabeth says

    Hey I have a question. What is the link? I want to read the synopsis. I don’t mind spoilers.


    I don’t have it handy, but if you click into our message boards you’ll see the link in the Quench Your Thirst forum.

  5. Veronica says

    but where’s the link?! I wanna know!

  6. Hey everybody!
    First off I know my site posted above isn’t completly Twilight based *sighs* BUT (!) I am going to make a website just for it. Yay me! I know their are like a gazillian other sights for anything Twilight related, but I’m still excited. Sorry to get so off topic… Where are this spoilers that I think so fondly of?!

    Ta Ta For Now
    Shelby Cullen- Forever, and Always (Hey s girl can dream can’t she…)
    A.K.A. (on fanficion.net) AShyLittleMoonlight Moment

  7. Well I guees my site isn’t posted above… sry (*thinks to self- maybe you have to click on my name….

  8. Ayrea Ashton says

    Alphie, I just wanted to tell you that I’m really glad you put this up to warn everyone. I understand that some people like finding all the info they can even if it’s a spoiler, including myself, but others don’t. Thanks.

  9. where are the spoilers!!!?

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