Seattle Signing June 30, 2006

It’s come to our attention that there may be some confusion as to the exact location of the bookstore where the Seattle signing will take place. Here is the official website of the store concerned I would use this as the source for determining directions, parking, etc. The time of the signing is 7:00pm.


  1. Hey everyone. My husband and I are headed to Seattle this weekend from St. Louis for the signing party on Friday. Is anyone else coming from far away? If anyone lives in Seattle and is attending is there anything important we should know about your city?

  2. I live in Oak Harbor Wa which is on Widbey Island up close by Canada…And I am soooooo Excited!!! I have been to Seattle before and all you reallt need to know is that it gets a little crazy when you gewt there the first time!!! My mom takes us there every once and a while and she normally gets lost, so if I were you I would keep your eyes open and pay attention to where you are going because if you make a wrong turn it may turn out that you are back onto the highway. But besides that it’s pretty good.

    Oh and thank you very much for posting this!! It helped a lot with the confusion about where it is!! Thanks Jessica

  3. the signing will be great…..too bad PA is too far away : ( someday i’ll plan my vacation so I can go to one. in the meantime, the first chapter of new moon is going to be posted Saturday!!!! woot woot! i am SO pumped! 🙂