Come one – come all!  The Lexicon Chat is now open for business.  Come and "meet" your friends in the Twilight world…and you never know when of if Stephenie will stop by. 




  1. Hey hello 🙂

  2. twilight is soooooo great!! I love this novel so much!

  3. this is soooo awesome thank you soooo much alphiee! and pel! OMG! im finally getting to meet so many of my cool twilight friends!

  4. This is the greatest! Thank you soo much!

    I love this chat room, mainly because I got “Stephenied” last night. XP That was great!

  5. Moonlight_Sonata says

    ok I can’t get into it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everytime I try it says "CANNOT CONECT TO SERVER. TRY AGAIN LATER" what does this mean? Will I ever get in? And what the heck does it mean by"your profile"?? I am lost and confused! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!! SOMEBODY!!!!! ANYBOSY!!!!

    You don’t have to fill out the profile thing you can leave it blank. i just checked the chat room and it is working. As far as i know it’s been fine for the last three days.


  6. is it august yet?
    *bits lip*
    Ugh this is gonna be a long 2 months!

  7. i just finished reading twilight and im totally hooked!!!
    this IS going to be a long 2 months! *sigh*

  8. Love the chat room! It’s awesome!
    And yes it is going to be a LONG
    two months.Why is time so slow?!

  9. jenny opiela says


  10. i can’t get in the chat room

  11. hey i love twilight so much. i read it 5 times.

  12. Has anyone read NEW MOON.

  13. I love *Twilight*! There has only been a few books that caught my attention and *Twilight* has definetly caught my attention! Its a great book and it was very entertaining… I can’t wait until i buy New Moon then i must wait for Eclipse… *sigh* the pain of have to… 😀


  15. himynameisjustin

  16. i know right

  17. whatrayy

  18. i read the hole book

  19. iwillbebackseeyu

  20. i luv twiligth but the chatroom is ok but not so good.