Lexicon Update

The chapter discussion on Chapter Five – Blood Type has been posted on the site. Please join in our discussions of ‘Twilight’ on the message boards.


  1. nuriney says:


    I’m the 1st one to comment.

    Must go read summary.

    *scurries off*

  2. I Just read the Book and i LOVE it! I can’t wait to read the next one!

  3. cheeto says:

    It’s a great summary.. again! nice work.

  4. Bellawannabe says:

    i wasn’t sure where else to ask this…i don’t know how to register to this site! can anyone tell me how? it won’t work when i try to on the message boards. thanks.

  5. Bellawannabe says:

    sorry. it works on the message boards now. nevermind! 🙂

  6. lil_voice1 says:

    it is alright i think the others are better though

  7. jt_story says:

    Yay, can’t wait for the NEXT update…heh heh

  8. Great update

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