midnight sun

You’ve got to go and read this now! Midnight Sun has the first chapter posted on Stephenie’s site. Now you can read the beginning of ‘Twilight’ from Edward’s point of view. Why are you still reading? Get over there now! Imogen 🙂


  1. TkdGRL200 says:

    I want to read the first chapter of Eclipse online!!! somebody help meeeeeee….

  2. Urgh! No way, I may sound like a broken reccord saying this – but my computer is being utterly selfish since it fails to recognize that I DESPERATELY need to read this or else I might very well die from Edward-withdrawal. I’m in danger of going insane in my fits of rage… I must go and purchase another computer immediately, (one that has Adobe), so that I can read Edward’s perspective!

  3. Ha ha, Edward, our dearest. ^__^

    His perspective is darker, somehow more intelligent, but still just as confused as Bella was in the beginning…
    Somehow knowing his perspective makes the love between the two all the more adorable.

    It’s horrific, but also kind of funny. You can imagine him wanting to bang his head against the table trying to read Bella’s mind. XD

  4. I am so looking forward to reading this book. I read the first chapter and I LOVED it!!!!!

  5. If you wanna read chapter 3 of Midnight Sun it has been posted…cant find chapter two yet but yeah =] good chapter..
    Chapter 3 Phenomenon


    love enjny

  6. ohs and I loved it too =] I hope she finishes eclipse, and brightdown something so this cn come out =] shes almost half way done..haha how exciting =]

  7. i’m soooooooo in love with Edward that its not even funny. i’ve read twilight 4 times new moon 3 times and i’m getting eclipse! I pre ordered it ….i cant wait. i also can’t wait to read midnight sun but what i want to know most of all is why bella didn’t just say hell ya i’ll marry you when edward asked her. i would have fallen on the ground in shock then picked myself up and said yes before he could take it back. what was she thinking saying she was too young . omg i would marry him any day.=)

  8. when i fist saw twilight i was dutifully being confused and math class and got distracted by the lovely huge book
    with the pretty cover of white elegant hands holding the vibrant crimson-red apple and dismised it as a boreing murder mystery but i’m a talented reader so when i read all the interesting books in the library i HAD to explore this novel.

    I fell in love
    i’m addicted
    help me stephenie meyer; promise never to stop the twilight series cuz I LOVE all that has to so with it.


  9. does that sound snobbish?
    so sorry,excuse the bad people skills
    i luvs you all

  10. Edward Cullen is totally HOT. He is so so so gorgeous. wish that my boyfriend in the future could be as HOt as him!!

  11. I hope that Edward and Bella will get married in the end of the story!! They are such a Sweeeet couple

  12. Does anyone know what’s up with Stephenie’s website? And Eclipse was the best book by far!! I love Edward, although he could be a little jerk sometimes;) Jacob was just as bad though.

  13. omg i luv these books!! XD
    but i can’t c midnight sun *cries* X( T-T
    Y CAN’T I C IT !?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    edward and jacob r awsome!! luv them both 2
    i no, i’m horrible

    p.s. fish is my nick name, same w/ : fluffy, muffin cut,vamp(friends, i swere!! i didn’t think of it!!), and somethin else but i 4got… hehe…*sigh*

  14. When is Midnight Sun going to be published i’m so excited and i have looked everywere and i can’t figure out when it’s coming out! ugh i love that book!!!!!!!!!

  15. [VampireLover!] says:

    Ahh! When is the book going to be published!?!
    I want it sooo badd!!! Ahh!
    I want it to be published already!