midnight sun

You’ve got to go and read this now! Midnight Sun has the first chapter posted on Stephenie’s site. Now you can read the beginning of ‘Twilight’ from Edward’s point of view. Why are you still reading? Get over there now! Imogen 🙂


  1. Ballerina says

    *SCREAMS* -falls down- *screams again!* Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much for letting me know. I’m in the library at school right now and my friends (who have read the book) just read the first page out loud together! This is so exciting!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH ~words cannot describe~ I actually cried.

  2. OMG!!!
    -Goes to read-

  3. Won For Me says

    Better than Twilight! Edward is so dark, so evil. Who do we write to or badger endlessly so this can be published faster?

  4. jt_story says

    -throws computer out the window-

    -kicks like a four year old in a candy store who can’t get candy-

    -kicks and screams, and cries…and cries…and screams-

    “Adobe will not install correctly on your computer-

    >=( excuse me while I go cry and pout like the fifteen-year-old baby that I am D;

  5. allnamestaken says




    I’m pretty much in love with the whole world right now. Thanks so much for this!!!

  6. AAAAAHHH!!!
    sniff sniff….(breaks down crying again)

    adobe will not work on my computer. i am sitting here, watching my computer pitifully try to upload it, and fail everytime. over and over again.
    (cries even more pathetically)
    this is a big disapointment because i personally am looking forward to midnight sun more than new moon. i really want to know what edward thinks. and now that i have the chance, my crippled computer won’t let me. excuse me while i go cry and reread twilight.
    (runs away crying like the 16 year old bookworm i am)

  7. OMG!!!!! YAY!!! I LOVE IT!!! i hope this gets made into a book!!!



  9. Violet Twilight says

    (sobbing helplessly) Why Why Why?!? Adobe will not work for me. What’s a teenager with sensitive hormones to do?!? Seriously, I am CRYING!!! I don’t do crying. I’m furious at my stupid crippled computer and so sad. Can anyone tell me what Edward is like? How different is he from the way Alphie wrote about him in her fanfic?

  10. On the off chance Adobe isn’t working because you don’t have the coreect version of it on your computer, you can download it for free here.


  11. I loved that.
    I love Stephenie.

    I want Edward. Haha.

  12. Stephenie is brilliant, please thank her for all of us. I also thank you guys, the creators of the Lexicon, for informing us of this terribly exciting event. The first chapter was mouth-wateringly good. My chest felt as if it were being squeezed closed in excitement. Ms. Meyer should publish Midnight Sun, I’m thirsty for more.

  13. Haven’t had a chance to read the whole thing yet and wasn’t sure if I would remember to comment:

    Omg. this is purely amazing! It is so cool/helpful to know what Edward was truly thinking during the book. It’s also cool to read something and then be like “haha! I remember that!” or “OOO… so that’s why…” Thank you lexicon soooo much. And thanks you Stephenie Meyers for posting up the first chappie!

  14. twilight_zoned says

    oh thanx!!!! i never would have found it or noticed it on my own lol!! thanx sooo much!


  15. nuriney says

    it was soo good.


    I wish Midnight Sun was already done and published.


  16. screams “OH MY GOD!”.
    falls into fetal position on floor.
    then stands up to read the chapter.

    yep, that pretty much sums it all up.


  17. Oh WOW.
    ok so i installed adobe reader and now it works and i am JUMPING FOR JOY!!!!
    seriously. could edward be any more appealing? i mean besides being caring and sensitive and protectvie and loving and sweet and a vampire, plus GORGEOUS, now we find out that he has a tragically misunderstood and dark side. actually he mostly is dark. which makes him all the more alluring. AAAAHHHH! SO HAPPY TO READ THIS!!!!
    thanks lexicon buddies, and of course Stephenie! you guys all rock!

  18. Tiffany says

    OMIGOSHYAY! *faints*

    That was excellent!

  19. Arabella says

    When I saw the post I just stared at it with my mouth open, took me a couple minutes to get over the shock. xD It was FANTABULOUS!

  20. Raezyn101 says

    How many times must I saw ‘wow’!?! It was absolutely amazing! Edward is so~o dark, and yet, not! Perfect timing! Perfect day..right before my b-day..I see this!! Thank you Stephenie! Thanks Lexicon! You guys rule the world!

  21. Lomesir22 says

    *gasps and dies* *goes to reread it for the third time*

  22. Amazing!!! Edward’s side of the story certainly does have a lot more going on!!! Thank you, Stephenie Meyer for such a wonderful new universe to explore!!!

  23. ummmm dont remember says

    i cant read it!!!
    its downloadin that thing
    but it feels like its been doin it for hours on end. … ( 1 minute really)


  24. jt_story says


  25. ummmm dont remember says

    i still cant read it!!

  26. Danielle says

    Wow….. i have to say that when i first picked up twighlight, i had my doubts. but halfway through page one i was sucked in. that was one of the best books i have ever read. when i figured out about the whole fan fic thing, i immediately spent a whole saturday night reading all of the posted chapters on Alphie’s “Lion and the Lamb” (which was extremly good by the way, if you havent read that one i sugest you do it NOW) i never pictured Edward so dark and evil a creature until i read it, but you can already tell just from the first chapter that he dosnt want to be that way. when i finished Stephanie’s chapter, i had to remind my self to breathe. in a very selfish way, i do wish she had posted all of it, but i think it will be 10 times better as a published book, and i hope it comes out soon!

  27. OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Jessica says

    I AM TOTALLY SPEACHLESS!!! That was sooo……there’s not even a word in the English lanuage to discribe how amazing that was!!!
    WOW…. I couldn’t have imagined Midnight Sun being that good!!!
    I actually cried when I check the lexicon for updates and saw that Stephenie had posted her piece of art on her website!!! I read it fast I think I will have to read it 100 more times to get to read the whole story. WOW I don’t know what to say!!!!!
    I don’t think anyone relized how it must have felt for Edward to be in that classroom with Bella for that neverending hour. My thought was actually burning when I was reading for some reason! It was like I could feel really how hard it was for him.
    Stephenie Meyer I LOVE you! I know this sounds odd but you changed the way I live my life, The way I think and the way I feel…..Thank you for all of your hard work and for inspiring me to work hard at what I love too. I can not even begin how you make me feel. WOW!!
    Midnight Sun was so wonderful, I don’t think anyone in this world could have discribed something so difficult to describe and make it seem effortless ( I am not saying it was!!!!) Congrats on all of your success.
    Thank you also to all of the busy bodies here at the Lexion!!! I love you all!!!
    Yours truly,

  29. OMG LOVED IT!!! So good, but it kills me when I see Edward saying he hates her when I know that they will be DEEPLY in love…by the end of the book. OMG…that was sooo good. I think I needed that. That will hold me through till October, and if not, I guess I can always beg…right?? Hehe!! So, I liked it alot, was that the full chapter? Cuz I know Mrs. Meyer likes to write A LOT, and that was only 20 pages. Maybe she is starting small, I don’t know!! I LOVE IT ANYWAYS!!!

    thank you Lexicon for telling us, I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we are SO thankful you are here!! Thanks again.


  30. Danielle says

    It was AMAZING!!!! I want to read more!!! Haha…wow….reading what Edward was thinking is definitely a nice change. He’s so awesome….I still in love with him, even if he’s fighting the monster with in! Thanks Stephenie!!!!

  31. cindy_b907 says

    OMG!!!!!!! That was too intense. I was literally tense when I read it! I finally relaxed when I read the last line. I was practically on the edge of my seat and that never happened when I read Twilight. ACK!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for it to be published!!!!!!!! 😀

  32. Hellish Red Devil says

    I am even more in love with Edward than I was before, if that’s possible. The darker the better, huh? 😉 I loved it, of course!

  33. hahahaha he seems a bit like me

  34. WHY?????????

    I want to read this soooo bad
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    *Sobs Pitifully*

    It’s not fair!

  35. Danielle says

    This chapter is utterly amazing.
    I really hope Midnight Sun can get published sometime
    in the near (okay maybe not so near) future.
    The chapter was enchanting, and I’m sure it’ll be even better as a published book.
    I, for one, am definitely looking forward to getting to know Edward as much as we already know Bella.
    Stephenie definitely did an awesome job in this, even if it wasn’t supposed to turn into a whole book ;].

  36. its awsome i love edwards dark side!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I think everyone here would agree with me when i say that Stephanie is a very talented writer. The chapter was amazing!!!! It was much better than i expected it to be because it was the retelling of the same story(which i’ve read a billion and one times). But now you are able to get a better feel for Edward and that is of course a good thing!! Will Mrs. Meyer continue to post new chapters on her website??? God I hope so!!! 🙂

  38. midnight burning says

    IT’S INCREADIBLE!!!!! OMG!!!! i really hope it is published becuase IIIIIII would snach it up (me having such a huge infatuation with EEDDWWWAAAARRRDDD!!!!) I COMPLETELY AGREE THAT STEPHENIE IS AN AMAZINGLY TALENTED WRITER!!!!!! and yes, i am going to go into a coma and not come out if she doesn’t keep posting CHAPTERS ON HER SITE!!!! although, i will probably go into a coma just from hypervnilating ……… GOD I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!! *hypervnilates and goes into a coma*

  39. shylois says

    omg omg. . . i can not wait til midnight sun is published. . i’ll stop breathing til then

  40. violet_twilight says

    Now that adobe works (after a few tries) I read the chapter in one go. I don’t really know why but now that I really know Edward and how dark he is, I am seriously turned on.

    What makes a bad boy (in this case MAN) such a turn on? Can anyone please tell me?!? I have to know!!!

  41. violet_twilight says

    seriously I need to know. BAD.

  42. OMG!!! JASPER IS SOOOO SEXY. OMG!!! He is just sooo dangerous. I love the part when they were in lunch

    ~*EDWARD IS MAD SEXY WHEN HE’S MAD, SAD, BORED, etc.. he’s just all around sexy*~

    Thank You for writing this book Stephenie =0)

  43. Edward's luver says

    I cant beleve he reacted that way towards me in the book omg. . i feel so special j/k its amazing tho how u (stephenie meyer )could write in edwards perspective . . its really a work of genius :)P

  44. midnight burning says

    iiiii… *chokes and struggles for air*… neeed… *gasp*….


  45. angelalice says

    Wow, wow, wow!!!

    That was just brilliant. The whole thing was so alive in my imagination

    Just wow

  46. Michelle says

    For some reason, I do and don’t want the book to be published. Reason why I don’t *every1 must be thinking i’m delusional, lol* is because if she posts it on her site, then it would take a lot faster for us to read it since the publishing process takes up to 2 years and she’s not even done w/ the book! But I do because I want a nice pretty cover of Midnight Sun next to my Twilight and it would be a lot more enjoyable experience so I can tote around the book instead of printing off all the pages!


    When do we get chapter 2.. and the rest of the books?!

  48. Ahh! I was checking the lexicon in the computer lab at school and I got to the part in the science room, and then we had to go back to class! Ack! I had to wait the rest of the day to read it! But it was sooooo good! I cannot wait for Midnight Sun or New Moon to come out! Yay! Stephenie Meyer is so awesome! p.s.- does anyone know how to buy an I *heart* edward cullen t shirt off of stephenie’s website?? i cant figure out how!

  49. I was at a friend’s house when I found out about it and about had a heart-attack out of joy. But then my friends computer didn’t work!! I had to wait all weekend! But I loved it!!!!! OMG. After reading I had to reread the first chapter of Twilight and add in Edward’s part! I really hope it be published!!!!!

  50. zomg.
    that was amazing !!!
    i love edward >_