midnight sun

You’ve got to go and read this now! Midnight Sun has the first chapter posted on Stephenie’s site. Now you can read the beginning of ‘Twilight’ from Edward’s point of view. Why are you still reading? Get over there now! Imogen ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. amanda - otherwise Bella Wannabe says:


  2. lil_voice1 says:

    i have read it ova 100 times! and my own computer won’t read it cause i don’t have Adobe!!! the parents computer has become my new home!!!
    i want more!!!!

  3. merielrose says:

    i don’t have adobe…

    lemme, tell ya, it really sucks…

    how much am i missing out on?

  4. merielrose says:

    *reading all the comment*

    i’m missing out on a lot…


    too tired to sob… i’ve been online all day reading fan fics, posting messages, etc.

    i will see if this thing called a computer will cooperate atleast once

  5. merielrose says:

    i’m continuing to rant as i wait for things to download…

    i see now why they call patience a virtue

    whoa… i’m so mellow right now

    i want edward.

    OMG! it’s almost done!

  6. OH. MY. GOSH.

    that was sooo wicked!!

    I found it in my computers class, and I jumped up and screamed. very loudly. and everyone stared at me for a looong time, but I didn’t care. I was in shock.

    Edward’s point of view is amazing!! I love him even more now……:DD But he’s sooo dark! I was a little scared there for a minute, but STILL. It was spectacular!!

    does anyone know how to print it? my printer is down and the option is grayed out….for copyright reasons, perhaps? >>

  7. OMG….I LOve It…I REad It THreE TimES…thANks SO muCH…OH yeah People please go to my site its http://sarah-twilight.blogger.com
    Send me comments on what else I need on there.

    You guys rox my sox…..Thanku thanku thanku….

  8. Fabulous! Edward is even darker than I imagined, which makes him all the more perfect…

  9. lost_in_twilight says:

    I CANT STOP READING THIS!!!!!!!!!!! I AM EVEN MORE I LOVE WITH EDWARD THAN I WAS B4!!! (is that possible?) *squeeeeealing* seriously, when i got this i started bouncing in my chair, and almost fell out.
    HES SOOOOO HOT! Stephenie is a GENIUS!!! THANK YOU STEPHENIE AND THE LEXICON! i dont know how i survived before i was introduced to Twilight. seriously.
    when is the rest being posted/published!?!?!?!?!?!? MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!! *sqeals again* *tries in vain to stop hyperventialting*

  10. Jessica says:

    absolutely brilliant nothing else to say!

  11. Ok Twilight is my second favorite book. It takes second place only to Pride and Prejudice and they are both extremely close. I’m just so happy I found this book one day and the cover drew me to it. Imagine the deprivation I would face had I not gone shopping that day and decided to go into the book store!

  12. Katrina says:

    Wow…….I absolutely love the story told by Edward’s point of view, and it was really fun reading the first chapter, although I do hate to say this, but no matter how much I want this to become a published book, I would love for her to finish the actual Twilight series, then come out with wonderful little rewritten versions and play around with different characters point of view. Wonderful source of new information revealing of hidden feelings and the understanding that is of vampires it is though, all in all, I simply loved the first chapter of Midnight Sun…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. ThwBrokenDoll says:

    i had the exact problem my adobe wouldnt work u have to update it! lol

    i read it!

    i love it!

    i love everything about twilight and edward!

    the reasin i love thisone so much is that when i read the descruption it was like describing my friend billy and that made the book that much more appealing! i lve this BOOK!

  14. WOW!!!! WOW!! OMYGODD that was brilliant :] I’ve read it about a bazillion times and i’ve showed ALL my friends!! I lovee it… though it was kinda creepy when Edward was thinking all that scary stuff… lol but it was awesomee.

  15. bella star says:

    wow. omg i finally got 2 read it! after so long! really amazing..oh poor edward…man it was harder for him than i imagned. well nevertheless i loved it!

  16. *edwardstalker* says:

    I absolutely LOVE Edward
    I NEED to read this chapter
    my computer won’t load it
    I am now going to walk slowly into my room
    and cry for the rest of the night
    I feel as if I am standing infront of him
    but there is some sort of barrier
    that won’t let me touch
    his perfect skin
    I just want to read the chapter
    is that really too much to ask for
    *bigger tear*
    *flood of tears*

  17. Why am I here? Ah yes, that’s right, Twilight.
    Love it, hate time for not being fast enough, irritated with everyone pressuring Ms. Meyers to come out with it ASAP when she’s already given so much. I’m also creeped out by how people seem to see it as simply a place where they can find new things about Edward to obsess over in a scary way, as if he belongs to someone outside of Bella. Not that I don’t love him too, I just feel (why am I defending the rights of a fictional character?) as if saying that without actually having met him in person might be a bit…crazed fan girl/stalker-esh. Just a bit.

  18. ok first of all um i want it now i am soooo happy yet mad bc i want more and i cant have more until its out but im happy it will be coming out i love edward so much i never thought he would have such a dark side i love him even more that i know his dark side and yeah i loved twilight but i think i will enjoy midnightsun just the same i am so so so so so happy right now im almost in tears i cried over twilight bc i got into it and some one took it away and then when i got it back i was so happy that i cried and when i heard about the movie and the other books especially this i was shaking and almost in tears bc these books make me sooo happy and i just want more thank you so much stephanie meyer and all who have helped all this be possible

  19. when exactly do u think midnightsun will be out?

  20. *jaw drops*

    A book from the view of Edward?!?! That’s too good to be true.

    I hope it comes out sooner than New Moon, b’cause I’ve already run out of summer reading material, and I’m not even done with finals!

    Can’t Wait,

  21. merielrose says:

    someone ask mrs. meyer for chapter two… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. That was GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just LOVED that!!
    And I also LOVE (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!) Edward!!!
    Please get that book in stores as soon as posible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-) Also I can’t wait for
    your other books. Can you please put chapter two on your
    website (please)? I loved the first chapter (and Edward)!
    Your books are great!!!:-)!!!!!!!!!!

  23. The first chaptter was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t imagane what the whole book will
    be like~ okay it’s going to be AWESOME~I wish
    time wasn’t so slow!!!!!Edward’s point of veiw of Twilight!!!!!!!!! That’s got to be good ~no not good, GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m SOOOOOOO happy!!!!!!!!!! I
    LOVED Twilight,
    I wonder if Midnight Sun will be better!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Stephenie Meyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE Twilight and I know I’ll LOVE Midnight Sun,
    New Moon, and the other books!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I calmed down.But it still
    rocks!I’m sooooooo happy!
    I can’t wait.but I will.

    Thank you Stephenie Meyer!

    I LOVE U!!!!
    I am in a very loving mood right now.
    *takes deep breath*
    I am absolutely infatuated with this book.

    J’adore Midnight Sun. I can’t wait for the rest of it to be finished !!!

    JFTR, Edward is MINE!!! NOBODY ELSE CAN HAVE HIM!!! UNLESS I SAID SO!!! because my word is law, and i

  26. Loves It! says:

    Edwards point of view is so much more interesting!
    i cant wait for her to finish eclipse and then she can work on Midnight Sun for all us huge fans!
    does anyone no how to contace Stephenie so i can bug her to hurry ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. omg!!!!! i absolutly love the books i feel like it’s an adiction. i can’t wait to c wat actor they use in the movie. the first chapter of midnight sun was amazing! i think bella would b a bit frightened by edward if she knew wat edward had been thinking of at the time!

    i can’t wait till bella is a vampire or wat her abilities will b.

  28. EdwardLover says:

    Oh My Gosh!
    I couldn’t beleive that it was possible, but it is! Twilight, from (the completely awesome, and GORGEOUS) Edward’s point of veiw! *SCREAMS* I am absolutely IN LOVE with Edward!!! I didn’t think that Stephanie could come up with anything better than Twlight and New Moon….but boy was I wrong! Midnight Sun……just the first chapter had me practically bouncing in my seat! Edward has a sside that is just so…..dark and evil. But that just makes me love him even more!Midnight HAS to come out soon….before I……well, i don’t know exactly what I’ld do if it doesn’t come out soon, but it would be very drastic! The one other thing I must say is…….”EDWARD, YOU HAD BETTER BITE BELLA SOON!” I can’t wait…..hopefully, it will happen in Eclipse!!!!!! I can’t even imagine what Bella’s “powers” will be! Ahhh…..*faints*…..I don’t think I can wait!!!


  30. I really loved Twilight and New Moon. While i was reading the last few chapters of New Moon, I was actually crying. Just how Edward tells Bella how much He loves her and that the reason he wanted to die was because he thought Bella killed herself. It just had me crying. even thinking of it now makes me want to cry. And i really want to know what happens to Jacob [ if him and bella will still be freinds ] and the thing that i really want to know is if Carlisle or Edward will bite her. AND WILL SHE MARRY HIM!!? oh my gosh! I JUST CANT WAIT!!

    I really cant wait for the next books to come out. I love you Stephanie! I heart Twilight and New Moon and I’m sure I’ll love the next books just as much!!!

  31. Ms. Meyer,

    i didnt get to read the whole first chapter of Midnight Sun, but what i read so far is Great! just knowing what edward thinks really helps me understand alot of Twilight.

    but what i really want to know is.. will there be another book after Midnight sun? i want to know if bella becomes a vampire and if she marries edward! there are so many unanswered questions!

    and by the way, i loved new moon! i cried so many times! i cried when bella was running tward edward when she was desperatly trying to get to edward in Italy at noon! and i cried when they were sitting in her room in the middle of the night and Edward tells bella how much he loves her and that he wanted to die because he thought Bella was dead! oh my gosh! i was crying! im getting teary eyed just thinking of it! But really, i cant wait to know what happens in Midnight Sun and I just want to know what happens to Bella as a Vampire!

  32. i can’t wait until midnight sun comes out! my friends and i read twilight and new moon and love them! i cannot wait fot it!!!!!!!!! they’re the best books i ever read!

  33. I LOVE THIS!!!!! My friends and I love Edward and Jasper and Emmett and Jacob! *Screams with pleasure* Especially Edward *Sighs* These are the best books i’ve ever read (and i’ve read A LOT of books) I think i’ve read Twilight 15 times and New Moon about 10 times. MY friends and i want so bad to go to the Eclipse Prom in Phoenix but we can’t get enough money. We check the website all the time for updates. I CAN’T WAIT FOR MIDNIGHT SUN OR ECLIPSE!!!!!!! It’s seems like an eternity but i know it’ll be worth the wait.
    Poor Bella, Poor Edward, Poor Jacob POOR EVERYONE!!!!!
    I’m in love with the vampires but the werewolves need some love too.


  35. I love Twilight and New Moon and I can’t wait till Eclipse and Midnight sun comes out i can’t wait to read them and from what I read on Midnight sun it sounds really good like the other two books.

  36. Lovely Lisa says:



    I can’t believe it, that was just so amazingly beautiful!! I love knowing what Edward is thinking!! I want to know what he is thinking during chapter 3…. hmmmmmm.. i wonder…. well, I REALLY hope this gets finished and published SOON!! I loved it, and I love you Stephanie!! Thanks for writing it, and thanks twilight lexion people for posting it!! WOW! thanks!!

  37. Does anyone know when Midnight Sun comes out!?!

    OMG I cant WAIT!!!!!!

  38. Beautiful_Angel says:

    I cant read it… It wont let me…. (crying)..

  39. OMG -screams-I cant wait for the rest of the book to come out -sighs- it was SSSSOOOOOOOOO GOOD:)

  40. I AM IN LLLLOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE (LOVE) WITH EDWARD -SIGHS- when does eclipse come out when and where is the eclipse prom I just have to go if not I wil DIE!!!!!!!!! ANYWAY I need to know wat EDWARD was thinking and feeling while they were in the medow!!!!!!!! somebody please tell me how to get in to the ECLIPSE PROM Ineed to know!!!!!!!!!!!! savanah

  41. I LOVE EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVANAH

  42. It’s soooo cool, huh???
    Edward is the sweetest guy!!!!!
    Every guy should be like Edward!!!!!

    And Alice is the second best person in this book!!!! (After Edward, sure!!!!^^)

    Bella is cute but a lil bit….. uhm no plan, she is the third best person in this book!!!!

    When I’ve read the book I fell in love with all these charakters.
    I felt like I was real there…
    Bellas emotions ….
    It was only great to read this book

    But Edward is the best charakter!!!!
    I love Edward!!!!!!
    He’s so sweet and handsome (I imagine….^^) and so on….

    Stephenie Meyer is brilliant

    I love Stephenie for writing these unbelievable books!!!!!!
    She’s so great!!!!!!!!!

    2.ALICE &

    bye…^^ LY

  43. ballawannabe!!!! says:

    i love stephenie meyer and edward. it is taking for ever when is the 3rd book coming out. i can’t wait anymore ๐Ÿ™

  44. bella and edward fan says:

    I love it.
    I am from Germany and New Moon is in my language “Biss zur Mittagsstunde” it is nor really translate it has got a other title in Germany!
    New Moon came on 14. February 2007 out (nice date or ^^) and I read it in 2 days. It was sooooooo amizing and then I read Midnight sun and now I am really sad, that I read it all so fast!
    I love Edward!!!

    I want more ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. When is Midnight Sun coming out?

  46. The third one is coming out this fall sadly ๐Ÿ™

  47. wow! She HAS to publish this! Who wouldnt? I love it and i only just started reading twlight but yeah, its awesome. ANd i just readt the first draft outline of Edwards version and man, was that awesome!!

  48. okay so does anyone know how i could get a copy of the first chapter of midnight sun because i have gone on 7 different computers and failed to read it yet…how much longer do i have to wait serioulsy….so can anyone send me a copy….please im dying not knowing wat edwards thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. courtney says:

    i love it i love it i love it i love it!!!!!!!
    but i want to read more!!!!! i have gotten over the shock of reading the first chapter… it was so amazing…. but now i am mad haha…. i want to read the rest of the book in his few…. is this book going to be published and if so when when when when!!!!!

  50. Well I think im one of the only guys to fall for the twilight series and omg these are some of the best books I have ever read and now reading it from Edwards point of view is going to kick major butt… But yeah i want to read Eclipse really badly I really want to know whats going to happen *tear* I wonder when Midnight sun will come out… I can’t wait!