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Thank you to everyone who has left a message about the New Moon review.  We appreciate the support to keep the lexicon spoiler free.  I know that sounds off given the amount of information we host here that isn’t in the books, but we really do want to keep the plot a secret. 

We have a few new bits of information for you to catch up on.  First off, the Chapter Four summary is posted and I will work on discussion questions for the message boards.

Next we have the information up on the Cullen House.  Some really cool bits are in there,  Take a look!

And we have added information to PC8 as we have been asking Stephenie several questions along the way. 



  1. cool im 1st comment! I love all the PC’s they have with her!

  2. cindy_b907 says

    🙂 😀 😀 Thank you so much for all the information!!!!!

  3. is there a way to get any onfo on the movie?? i mean i have been to stephenies site but nothing has changed?? has anything happened?

    ~ The only place to get info on the movie is at Stephenie’s site.  If ever she tells me something, I will certainly let everyone here know.  As for now, just keep your fingers crossed.


  4. Wow those were really Great….. I loved the Cullen house! It was very good. It also had a lot of details thankz!

  5. You made a great work with the Cullen house! I’d love to have a house like that.

  6. brittany says

    twilight was my #1 fav. book ever and my friend and i love to pretend and change our selves into characters from twilight. myself as rosaline and my friend as bella. i love it!

  7. Christy says

    You did great work with the cullen house…………..ummmm this is kind of off topic but are u changing the layout soon.

  8. Hey…
    I was wondering about the Edward’s version of Twilight. Wasn’t there a story out of his view gonna come? This is really important to me! Thank you !!!

  9. stephanie says

    I have a question. If a vampire’s hair does not grow, wouldnt that mean it would eventually all fall out and vampires would be bald?

  10. jt_story says

    Sorry but I tried sending this to Stephenie and nothing yet, so I have a question.

    alice can see the future correct? Well couldn’t she have warned Edward about Bella coming? Hm? Gah, it’s always bugged me x)

  11. cindy_b907 says

    If anyone has any questions, then maybe you should go to the Twilight MySpace which you will surely find a lot of info there! You can post a question or find the answer there. Going to Stephenie’s website would also be helpful too. The link to Twilight MySpace is under the ‘links’ section here at the Twilight Lexicon. Sorry if I’m sounding authoritive or anything, just trying to help out. 🙂

  12. omg!! i loooooooooove TWILIGHT!!!
    i think i obsessed but thats ok…right?
    i think that for the movie Cascada’s everytime we touch would go really well with it!!!
    what do u think?

  13. hello,

    i just read the Twilight missing scence. It’s fantastic! It’s so funny. I love it.


  14. The description of the Cullen house helped me to picture their lifestyle easier. I’m looking forward to the new book more than I thought physically possible, so I decided to plot out settings better beforehand. I have mixed feelings about Midnight Sun, but after reading the excerpt I’m much more comfortable. Keep up the good work! Rock on Stephenie!

  15. i love all the personal correspondences! gahh…
    i want moreee! LOL.

  16. Bellatrix says

    hey, I found two songs that I personally think would go great in the movie. One is Night Air by: Teddy Geiger, for when Bella runs away to Pheonix. The other one is absolutly perfect for the part when Bella and Edward are ignoring each other while secretly stealing glances at the other person. It is called “Over My Head” by the The Fray. Look them up an listen to them both they are perfect!!!!

  17. i just dont see it since vampires have super sonic hearing couldnt have alice or jasper have heard her talking to james on the phone or alice could have seen it?

  18. Your post Twilight Lexicon » Additions to the lexicon was very interesting when I found it over google on Saturday by my search for teddy geiger site I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

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