New Moon Galley Copies

With all the hype surrounding the release of New Moon, many of the fans here at the lexicon have learned about the existence of galley copies.  I’ve also seen a few questions about how a person actually gets their hands on one of these copies.  Well, there are several ways.  If your are a book buyer or you work for a book company or a library or something along these lines, you may be fortunate to receive a copy for you to examine and determine if you would like to order the book for your store or library.  The other way to get a copy is to know someone from the publishing company, or the author, and be in good enough standing with them that they will want to give you copy as a gift. 

When we created the lexicon, we did it out of pure necessity to keep the facts straight.  We did it because we love this book and we wanted to create a place for fans to gather to have easy access to information.  We did it because we wanted to, not because someone asked us to, and we had no intention of getting a “reward” for our efforts.  However, Stephenie Meyer thought other wise, and as a gift for organizing her notes, so to speak, she was kind enough to give both Imogen and I gallies of New Moon.

Yes, you read that correctly, we have read New Moon.

We’ve had the book for about a week now, which gave us plenty of time to read it and think about it and even talk to Stephenie about it.  I’ve actually read the book twice, as there was SO much new information I simply didn’t get it all in the first read through. 

I don’t want to spoil the book for any of the fans here, but I will tell you that the book is just amazing.  First of all, it’s HUGE!  That’s always a plus, in my opinion.  Second of all, it’s very similar to Twilight in the way that it has a great deal of character development and exploration and growth at the beginning and through the middle, followed by a knock out, drag them through the mud action/adventure sequence at the end that is bound to send chills down your spine.  It’s got enough of the romance to satisfy those cravings most of us have, while at the same time it will most likely cause you to feel every emotion possible: from love to hate to friendship to loss to confusion to bewilderment to disbelief to terror and all over again.  New Moon is a wild ride that sets up the possibilities and hopes of the third book just beautifully. 

Let me assure you, fans will not be disappointed.  I can’t say that this is the book everyone thought it would be.  However, I personally think it’s better than the speculations.  There is SO much we learn about Bella and the other characters surrounding her in life that she really comes alive for me as the heroine of the story.  More than just the girl who falls in love with the vampire, but as a young woman taking some control over her destiny.  Bella learns and grows so much in the book that I found myself becoming even more attached to her. 

So whatever your doubts and fears are for the book, don’t jump to conclusions until you have read it.  And on a more personal note, please don’t swamp my e-mails with question about the plot above and beyond what I have posted here.  I simply will not give anything away.  I was thrilled to have the chance to read it early, and I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth by spilling the beans here in the lexicon and ruin the good, friendly relationship I have with Stephenie. 

Lastly, I need to comment on the status of my fan fiction The Lion and the Lamb.  Having read New Moon, there are one or two bits of information I have learned that could potentially change the way I would have written a few up coming scenes.  However, I promised Stephenie that I could continue writing my fic without incorporating the “spoilers” so long as my readers understood that point as well.  What this means is that I will continue to write my story so long as everyone understands I am keeping to my original course and NOTHING I write will be a spoiler.  NOTHING.  I will not be including any new information that any fan should consider true to fact.  The Lion and the Lamb has been and will continue to be MY personal take on the events of Twilight separate and apart from anything I have learned while reading New Moon.  If I start getting reviews that make me think otherwise, or if too many people have a problem with that, then I will be forced to abandon the fic.  I don’t want to have to give it up, but I will if there is too great an interest in spoilers.  I hope everyone can understand where I am coming from, both as a fan who doesn’t want to spoil the fun and as an author who wants to finish her plot. 

Again, allow me to reiterate that I loved New Moon.  Imogen loved New Moon.  I have no doubt that all the fans who visit the lexicon will love New Moon.  And because of this, I am on the edge of my seat for Eclipse!   



  2. wow. oh wow. that is so cool!!! i’m so excited for you! i’m really happy that its a good book!

  3. ^ of course, what else would it be? ^_^ I thank you Alphie, for telling us this. I hope that everyone understands like I do and thanks again not only for reassuring many people but for clearing up some misconceptions. This sounds awesome and I STILL cannot wait (a long but spoiler-free wait!) YAY!

  4. OMG!!!! I’m sooo jealous!! I can’t wait for New Moon to come out! I’m like on the edge of my seat…no i’m on the floor!!

  5. Honestly, we didn’t post it to make you jealous! It’s mostly to reassure you that the book is REALLY, really good. It’s well worth the wait.

    Imogen ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I know. Don’t get me wrong, I just wish i could have read it and your reassurence and praise makes me even more anxious to read it!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ahhh!! It’s so nerve racking when you think that a book is done and finished, people have read and raved about it but it’s still not coming out for a long time! But yes, thank you for informing us of its greatness. I can’t wait!

  8. Eeeeeeeeeek!

    I can’t wait until October! I’m going to have a nervous breakdown!

    Did you know that on LiveJournal someone actually posted a review of the book a week or so ago? It was in some sort of book club-type community, I think. I *almost* read it; I covered the screen with my hands so I didn’t glimpse at anything, but I did read the comments. (Which gave nothing away, thankfully, but were surprisingly negative from what I read.) It was interesting.

    Anyhoo…. I think I’m seriously going to start counting down the days until October. I wish they had the same sort of counter for New Moon as they had for Half-Blood Prince; I would so buy one. XP

  9. Ahhh! You guys are lucky. It is true though about that whole corporation thing/meetings. My cousin shane worked for a manager at a book store so she gets free early versions. Dang why don’t Stephenie go further east?

  10. You are extremely lucky! I am just going to keep reading and reading Twilight until New Moon comes out. I hope that New Moon is like 9 million pages so it takes forever to read ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. !!!

    Good to hear that y’all enjoyed it. This is making me even more excited than I was before. Please don’t stop writing TLATL cause I love it (it looks funny abbreviated…tlatl….heh). Do you know if they’re selling ARC’s on Ebay?


  12. violet_twilight says

    Watch out!!! Here comes Noola, the green jealousy monster!!! Grrr!!! I am happy for you. Very happy in fact. and no I’m not trying to ask for a spoiler. I’m glad because I appreaciate your opinion and know that I’m not going to regret the waiting. Here I wait, like a marble statue though not as grace ful or beautiful as Edward or any vampire!!!

    Thanks a bunch to Alphie and Imogene for even sharing this information.

  13. That is so cool yet completly unfair. I really wish you had just told us that they’re gallies out and not said that you had gotten yourself a copy from Stephenie.

    You are really lucky, because for me to be THIS jellous is very hard. I hope You guys really enjoted reading it. Stephenie, get yourself a new publisher so we can get more books at one time, rather than one a year.

    Well, as I said before. I hope it is rally enjoyable, nothing can compare to Twilight. But These have to gat really nitty gritty!


  14. I just want to say that I am very happy for Alphie and Imogene and that they really do deserve to have read the book earlier than all of us….. I mean come on, They have posted this site for us only to help us wait and for more info and just for those that are plain out confused!! They work very hard and in my opinon deserve to have a little more privileges. Even though like all of you I am pulling out every last strand of my own hair intill this outstanding book comes out. I can’t wait intill I get to read New Moon!:)
    Thank you Alphie for your update and clearing everything up! I really hope that there will be no spoilers to ruin it for all of us!!
    Thank you again! Jessica

  15. *glares*…you have no idea how much i envy you guys right now…i read this whole post with my mouth wide open…extremely jealous right now!…even though i am..i’m really happy for you guys…i’m glad you enjoyed it and now that you guys say that its huge i am so excited!…i can’t wait..thanks for telling us:)

  16. vampire_chick22 says

    Wow! You guys are sooo lucky that you got to read New Moon, I’m so jealous!! But you really did deserve it! Ugh, I wish I could get my hands on a galley copy. I’m glad you guys really enjoyed the book, and thanks for telling us that you’ve read it! I understand that you can’t give any spoilers but now I won’t be able to do anything else tonight except jump up and down waiting for New Moon, now I really won’t be able to wait knowing that some people have already read New Moon!! I guess I’ll just have to read Twilight a billion times until New Moon comes out!

    • twilightsbigestfanever123 says

      yeah i know how you feel im counting down till it comes out, let me know if you get a chance to read new moon. The whole series are really the best books i have ever read. I have to say breaking dawns my fav, eclipes and new moon are at a tie. and twilight is some were in the mix though i cant decide :0)

  17. Congratulations Alphie and Imogen! If anyone deserves to get gallies of New Moon, it’s you two! I’m glad to hear that it’s great (and incredibly thick, too! lol), and I can’t wait till it’s fully released. Thanks for letting us all in on it, without having to use spoilers. Just the fact that I now know it lives up to its expectations most of them, at least, according to you) is enough to hold me off till October. Thanks again! =)

  18. Alphie & Imogen!
    That’s spectacular! Of course, who wouldn’t be jealous, but I really think that (from what I’ve seen/read on your websites–I kind of feel like I know you guys–is that weird?!) you are the perfect people to have this information. I’m enjoying the anticipation and wait until October and it’s just comforting to know that New Moon will be outstanding. Alphie, please please continue your story. I’m so enjoying it! And not one of us would want you to betray Stephenie’s confidence. And, in my eyes, she is now the coolest writer ever!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!

  19. Hellish Red Devil says

    Wow, that’s so awesome! If anyone deserved it, it would be you two, definitely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. WOW!!!!That is sooooooo cooool!!!!I am really happy for u and just so u know i love the fact that u are not puttin up any info bout new moon…..

  21. cindy_b907 says

    Yeah, great!! Um, I think I’m dying of extreme jealousy but I’ll get over it in about six months *October*. Yeah, that’s going to take a while… But hey, I’m glad that you guys got to read it and I do believe that you guys definitely are right in reading it since you created this very helpful and informative site to which we would never have w/o you guys!!! Thanks for telling us. That’s nice.

  22. Alda Rethe says

    Ooooh. Lucky duckies!

    I’m glad you’re not rubbing it in our faces though. That you are the first two fans to read New Moon, I mean. It must take tons of self restraint!

    Like anybody else here, I can’t WAIT till October. I wish I were a vampire. It would make it seem like October flew by in seconds. ๐Ÿ™‚


  23. *jealous*

    O well.

    AT least I know its good.

    I get ARC’s of some books.

    You guys are SO lucky.

    Thanks for telling us tho.
    I was sort of wondering if it would be as good as Twilight




    Lucky you


  24. Aww man why can’t WE get this copy of the book too? T_T tis no fair at all.

  25. lol


    I know.

    But they really worked so hard.

    Someones selling an ARC off ebay

  26. OMG!!!!!!!!! you are sooooooooo lucky to have read it!!!!!

  27. extremely jealous!

  28. Cassandra says

    I’m really excited to see that the next book is as good or

    even better than the first one. Now what am I going to do

    with all this free time………..?

  29. Lomesir22 says

    Wow! I’m so happy for you guys! You deserve it. ^^

  30. You are so lucky!!!! I envy you so bad!!! I’ve been dying to read New Moon forever! And I’m kicking myself now because the paperback version of Twilight will be coming out soon with a chapter of New Moon and I bought the hardcover not long ago!!!! Now I’m going to have to get the paper back to get the first chapter!!!! T-T Anyway, I’m really happy that your going to keep writing The Lion and the Lamb, that is such an awsome story, you got Edward done great!!!!! I can’t wait to read more!!!! I hope to read a book from you one day ^-^ That would be awsome because you are so good!!!!
    Well g2g,

  31. You are so lucky. I am so jealous. Happy for you, yes, but very, very jealous. But now, I’m more excited about the book!

  32. midnight burning says

    OMG!!! you are SO lucky!!!! wow… my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw that u already got to read it!!!!!!! i CANNOT WAIT until OCTOBER!!!…….accually… i liver in a small tourist town with only one small book store, and my friend (that owns it) said that it probably wouldnt come out untill SEPTEMBER!! ARRGGG! SHOOT ME!!! *sigh*…. somebody save me… EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =P

  33. OMG!!! you guys are sooooooooooo LUCKY!!! ive read twilight like four times in the past week, and im getting REALLY REALLY impatient about new moon! i cant wait for the paperback so i can see the 1st chapter. what exactly is a ‘galley copy’? is it just the same as the published version, but early? ugh… w/e it is, YOU ARE SOO LUCKY!! but you guys deserve it… T_T. i CANT WAIT untill october!

  34. Snowboardchick says

    Hope you had a good read. Can’t wait for October to role around. Will content myself with The Lion and the Lamb if you decide to continue it.

  35. LUCKY!!
    i’m going to have to read twilight and all the out takes over and over until New Moon comes out. While i want to know what happens i’m glad you guys aren’t saying anything that would give it away because that means i’ll have something to look forward to in the semi-near future. Besides, you guys deserve to get it first

  36. Ask around libraries and online librarians. One woman is lending hers.

  37. ooooo im soo jealous *pouts* ill just have to wait i guess. anyway just to let everyone know there is a count down thing on myspace for New Moon. PLEASE…… keep writing the lion and the lamb your a really good writer.

  38. ArdaSilverlace says

    Oh, luckies! Lol, no wonder there hasn’t been a Lexicon news update in about a week – you two were blissfully lost in the fantastical world of New Moon! I don’t blame you in the least. ^-^

    And although I am extremely envious, I think you two definately deserve it. And I’m tickled pick that New Moon is just as good (and even better!) than you both imagined! It makes me anticipate October all the more!


  39. OMGOSH!! is right!!!!!!! that is sooo cool that you got to read and thank you for cooling m (our, i guess every fans feeliings lol) about the upcoming new moon and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE KEEP WRITING THE LION AND THE LAMB! i love it! lol

    Bailey Brigance

  40. (eeeeeeee that made nme sound like some little annoying fan girl lol sorry, but seriously you’re a wonderful writer and i really enjoy reading the lion and the lamb)

    Bailey Brigacne

  41. holy cow…..soooo envious!!!!!
    you guys are soo lucky.
    but you deserve it, you do an amazing job at the lexicon

  42. I am so unbelievably jealous.

  43. Bella Wannabe says

    OMG! I can’t wait till the book comes out! this is soooo exciting. I hope im like the first one in line when the book comes out in October!!!!
    ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :d

  44. lil_voice1 says

    That is SOOOO not fair!!! I can not wait till New Moon is Out because i am such a Twilight Fan!!! Tell Me more about New Moon!!! I am sooo excited and Jealous. i am propbalby going to go insane with all the waiting!!!

  45. alexandria says

    I’M SO GONA CRY. THAT IS NOT FAIR! i wnt to read new moon so bad. maybe i should i should start a web sit like this. i cant belive you grt to read it 1st. i tell you it not fair. by th way your fic is so good. please countiue it .

  46. Aimee and Teresa says

    HEY OMG!!! im so happy because you said that New Moon is gonna be awesome so i cant wait even more! omg me and aimee are obsessed with this book and we werejumping up and down in our seats hwne we saw this in math calss!!!! I cant wait til october!

  47. hi you guys, iร‚ยดm from germany, so first i want to say sorry if i write somesthing wrong… i must say that i really really enjoyed this book. i read very much and this was the best book iร‚ยดve ever red!!!
    you guys in america and in other countries are so lucky because in germany moonlight is going to come out a year later then in america! oh, iร‚ยดm so sad!so have fun with new moon!

  48. OMG. I went up to my mom and, literaly, in one breath, screamed
    She then asked me calmly to explain who ‘Alphie’ was ane why ‘it’ was ‘they’ve’. My mom deserves a metal XD


    … LUCKY

  49. OMG!!!!! IM SO EXCITED IM GOING INTO THE FETAL POSITION ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Lomesir22 says

    They’re calling it ‘Moonlight’ in Germany? COOL.

    50 comments. w00t.

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