Status Update

I want to appologize for the unfortunate outage this evening. I have managed to restore the DNS services that have caused the errors to make the site semi-stable again.  For the next few hours you may still notice some issues with the site not responding as quickly as it should but that will go away quickly.  If there is a DNS expert out there that might be able to help me out with some ReverseDNS issues, please send me an e-mail and I will be forever in your debt (okay maybe not forever).  Once again, sorry for the issues.



  1. No, I’m not a DNS expert and I don’t know anyone who is – so I’m not commenting about that – though I wish I did.

    I just noticed the icons and avatars on the ‘links’ page. I wanted one to use for MSN and Aim but none of them are the correct size for that. And altough I quite like ones featuring the volvo the ones with the dresses have colors that clash slightly. I have made my own MSN and Aim icons to advertise the Lexicon for myself. I’m happy to donate them if you want some.

  2. I can help with the DNS issue after 12:00(noon) Eastern Friday.

  3. violet_twilight says:

    I’m not a dns expert but i’ll see what I can do about it. I might be able to find a person.

  4. ArdaSilverlace says:

    Sadly, I’m not a DNS expert – I don’t even know what DNS stands for. But I hope we find one soon, because I was in agony without the dear Lexicon up.

  5. jt_story says:

    DNS sorry, don’t know what it is, but hey, good luck.

  6. Lomesir22 says:

    DNS stands for Domain Name Server/Service, correct? I’ll see if one of my contacts knows anything about it.

  7. I know a few people…maybe I could con one of them to help.

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