Buttons and Icons!

We’ve uploaded the first batch of official buttons and icons and avatars for everyone to choose from.  They can be found in the links section of the site.  There are two sets, so make sure you use the correct item for whichever purpose you are wanting them for. 

The first set is for actually linking back to the lexicon from your own website or LJ or whatever.  These all use the official lexicon picture of Edward and/or Bella and cannot be used as a personal icon or avatar by anyone but the staff of the lexicon. 

The second set of pics is up for grabs by anyone who should desire to use them for any purpose they see fit.  Use them in siggies or as avatars or however else you want to show off your support for the lexicon.

Many thanks go to rgfawkes for putting them together for us.



  1. WOW! cool thanks!

  2. they look really good.

  3. Loverly.

  4. I’m one for constructive criticism. They’re a bit- um… plain.


    There are more avatars/icons made by MichL87 found here https://www.twilightlexicon.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=138. As for the ones we’ve posted, we wanted non-actor based ones. We also went for the "less is more" approach.


  5. ArdaSilverlace says

    We’ll be getting more eventually, right? I think all of the creative minds here at the Lexicon could create some wicked stuff. I’d make some of my own, only I’m rubbish at computer graphics.
    But this is a good start. 🙂
    Arda S.

  6. Katherine says

    They’re so… morbid and scary… I really love it.

  7. alice_is_my_homegirl52995 says

    Thanks! I’ve been so confused on where to find those!

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